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History of Kalaascovi Leaders

Note: A Mandatory Federal Election must occur in Kalaaascovy every 6 years on December, this does not stop General Elections from occurring within those 6 Years.

Generalissimus Kuutak Lennov (1917-1924), Retires from military (Chief Syndic Position created)

==Treaty of Kalaascovi Unification (1924)==

Chief Syndic Kuutak Lennov (1924-1932), Died from Stroke

Chief Syndic [Second Leader]

==Emergency War Powers Act of 1938==

[Third Leader]

[Fourth Leader]

[Fifth Leader]

Chief Syndic Yuri Wysocki (1950-1956), Hunting Accident


Chief Syndic Jean Paul-Georgé Ringoux (1960-1964), Retires due to "Masturbation Scandal"

Chief Syndic [Leader] (1964-1968), Lost Election

Chief Syndic Jean Paul-Georgé Ringoux (1968-1970), Suicide Attempt

Chief Syndic [Leader] (1970-1977), Lost Election

Chief Syndic Jean Paul-Georgé Ringoux (Jun. 1977-1980), Assassination

Chief Syndic [Leader] (1980-1983),

Chief Syndic Eric Church (1983-1985), Died of AIDS

Chief Syndic Fredrick Smith (1985-1994), Lost Election


Chief Syndic Joseph Pearson (2002-2003), Position Abolished

==Liberalization Reforms of 2003==

President Joseph Pearson (2003-2005), Lost Election

President Jacobzoon Slowenov (2005-2008), Position Abolished

==Repeal of the Liberalization Reforms of 2003 (2008)==

Chief Syndic Jacobzoon Slowenov (2008-2010), Position Abolished

==Kalaascovy Constitutional Overhaul (2010)==

Supreme Syndic Jacobzoon Slowenov (2010-2016), Retired

Supreme Syndic [Leader] (2016-2018), Lost Election

Supreme Syndic [Leader] (2018-2019), Assassinated by 3 people

Supreme Syndic Daral Voltaz (2019-2029), Lost Election

Supreme Syndic Cynthia Ono, first female leader of Kalaascovy (2029-2036), Lost General Election

==December 2040, Election==

Supreme Syndic Vladimir Kielson (2036-December 2040), Lost Election

Supreme Syndic Seamus Jonathon (2039-2040), Heart attack made incapacitated over reading Treaty of Datlof

Supreme Syndic Vladimir Kielson (2040), Seamus Jonathon revived

Supreme Syndic Seamus Jonathon (2040), Seppuku for Dishonor to Kalaascovy (shotgun to back of the head)

==Treaty of Datlof (2040)==

President Charles von Viscount (2040-2042), Assassinated

Generalissimus Francisco Feldra (2042-2043), Assassinated

Generalissimus Wilbert Wilson (2043), Assassinated

Generalissimus Samson Salvador (2043), Assassinated

Generalissimus Zoey Zanzibar (2043), Assassinated

Generalissimus Adolf Anderson (2043), Assassinated

Generalissimus Barney Benson (2043), Assassinated

The Watcher (2043-2045), Presumed Dead

==Kalaascovy Reformation Act (2045)==

Supreme Syndic Vladimir Kielson (2045), Incapacitated due to assassination attempt

Supreme Syndic James Mannson (2045- Feb 2046), War Powers Act of 1938 used

Supreme Syndic Johnathon Gaylord (Feb 2046), Retired

Chief Syndic Jack Calhoun (Feb 2046-April 2046), Lost General Election

Chief Syndic Harry Steel (April 2046-Present)

==December 2046, Election==