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Balugatan Union of Nations, WIP

The Balugatan Union of Nations


Motto "Quaeso, hoc est de mea asinum Dildo"



Capital: Lsær (de facto)
Largest City:

Official Language:

National Language:


- President:
- Vice President:
- Speaker of the House:
- Chief Justice:

- Upper House:
-Lower House:

Establishment: from (INSERT OTHER NATION)

Land Area: mile²
Water Area: km²
Water %:

Highest Point:
Lowest Point:

GDP (nominal):
GDP (nominal) per capita:

Human Development Index (NS Version):


Time Zone:

Drives on the:

Calling code:

Internet TLD:

Balugatan Union of Nations

The PRETITLE of NATION commonly called NATION, is a GOVERNMENT TYPE in LOCATION. It is bordered on the north by OTHER-NATION, on the south by OTHER-NATION, by the east by OTHER-NATION and on the west by OTHER-NATION. NATION covers LAND AREA square kilometers and has has an estimated population of POPULATION. NATION comprises of NUMBER SUBDIVISIONS and NUMBER TERRITORIES.


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Historical Background:
The Balugatan Union of Nations exists as an organization after the Great Nuclear Holocaust War of 2022 A.D. (dramatically named, despite the use of only 10 nuclear bombs in total, and the total destruction of "Hands Island") occurred between the Nations of Kalaascovy and Rohendia (with some minor mercenary help from the nation of Politzania who supplied both nations) resulting in a total stalemate between the two sides after the use of "Tactical Nukes" made the sole battlefield (Hands Island) the two nations fought on, inhospitable. This stalemate was further complicated when any and all attempts to do a naval invasion against the other nations was impossible due to both nations having strong defenses against naval invasions. The usage of LinkTactical Nukes in this war compared to more traditional LinkStrategic Nukes came after a supposed "text message" from the Former Leader of Rohendia, Hajime Abe asking to limit the nuclear weapons to a tactical use, arrived just moments before the Kalaascovy Emergency War Council, Chief Syndic Daral Voltaz's phone as it was preparing to launch nuclear weapons against Rohendia's Capital.

After a deadly stalemate which lasted for 2 years with neither side getting any movement without the other side nuking the living hell out of the battlefield, the two sides made an armistice. Drawings for a treaty were made in the Nation of Lsær, a rather minor player in Regional politics up to this point, having existed under 100 years compared to other nations in the region.
With the Treaty of Lsær being signed, the following conditions were placed between the two sides:

  • All current conflict between the two nations is it immediately cease

  • Both sides will revoke claims over "Hands Island" (which at this point was an irradiated wasteland thanks to the war)

  • The Formal Recognition of Matriarchal Theocratic State of Lsær by the Syndicalist Union of Kalaascovy. This is due to Lsær having previously broken away from the Kroměřov Empire (the predecessor state of Kalaascovy) during the Kroměřov Civil War and Kalaascovy claiming it as part of its territory

  • The Creation of the United World Unarming (UWU) Treaty, which would eventually create the Balugtan Union of Nations when other nations agreed to sign it years after the War

  • Restoration of Pre-Great Nuclear Holocaust War Trade and Diplomatic Ties

  • The agreement that both sides will reduce their military size, however both will be allowed to keep and expand their current nuclear stockpile

  • The Agreement that all future wars between the two nations, if involving Nuclear Weapons, will use Nukes in a Tactical way, instead of Strategic way in order to reduce civilian deaths

The United World Unarming Treaty:

Creation of the Balugatan Union of Nations:
With the first signing of the United World Unarming (UWU) Treaty by Nova duroe several other nations agreed to sign the UWU Treaty, however the Treaty included issues that conflicted with several neighboring nations as it made all Border Disputes required to end immediately (originally only intended to effect Kalaascovy and Balugata, this rule would cause trouble if other nations joined). As such, a restructuring of the Treaty was held in Nuuscow, Kalaascovy to reform the treaty known as "The Grand Summit of Balugata". The UWU Treaty was eventually thrown out in place of the Balugatan Union of Nations, which has remained in place since that Summit.

The Flag of the United World Unarming (UWU) Treaty

A Syndic from Kalaascovy "throws out" the UWU Treaty

Kaiser, Edward Richtofen, from the Empire of the Rhein observer the treaty, as his nation has close ties in the region

Diplomat, Spondoluccini Ferguson XVI, from Rohendia smiles at the creation of the Balugatan Union of Nations

The Organization Today:
The Organization today strives to insure peace and prosperity in Balugata, and acts to deter and conflict between those who are in it. There are however, members of Balugata who have refused to join the Organization, being met with harsh economic punishments to try and force these nations to "play nice". All members of the Region are allowed (and encouraged) to have nuclear defense, if they use them for Tactical or Deterrence Reasons should war take place. Members are highly encouraged to never "shoot first" with their nuclear arsenals, or face risking expulsion from the Organization, this however does not apply to conventional warfare and any member state may declare war without penalty (against a non-member). B.U.N. laws regarding conscription are that member states must have Limited Conscription or Lower, while Observer Nations are permitted "Service by Requirement" during their peacetime. Punishments for war between Member states is that aggressors will be expelled from the organization. The Aggression is not always the nation which officially declares war first, and can be in fact a nation attempting to "bait" a declaration of war by constantly provoking another member.
In times of crisis, and if there is invasions by foreign threats, Emergency Clauses (see "Emergency Clauses of the Balugatan Union of Nations" for details) may be invoked which all members are forced to comply with if the very existence of Balugata is at risk, these clauses do not apply to Observer States.
The Red Helmets:
The Red Helmets are a joint-national "peacekeeping" force that members of the B.U.N. are encouraged to assist in. They assist in disaster relief, search and rescues, and other various missions designed to keep the peace in Balugata. They are the unifying force between many member nations, and act as a way to ensure peace and prosperity remains in Balugata
Emergency Clauses of the Balugatan Union of Nations
Several Emergency Clauses during the Grand Summit in Nuuscow were created, suggested, and approved possible implementation in times of dire crisis. The following are declassified and classified Clauses that may be invoked in the B.U.N. if needed. Their nation of Origin is stated, along with their effects on the region

  • Anti-Recolonization Clause (Kalaascovy) - If Old World Nations Attempt to "Recolonize" Nations of Balugata, regardless of their membership in the B.U.N., all members are encouraged to unify against the foe and protect their fellow Balugatan Member Nations

  • Alien Invasion Clause (Rohendia) - In the event an Alien Species tries to invade Balugata, all nations are required to Federalize under one Army and One Flag in order to defend Balugata against said alien invasion until said invasion is over. All members must do so at the earliest possibility, or face expulsion from the B.U.N. (and potentially be annihilated by the alien invaders).

  • Classified (requires other nations to suggest clauses)