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The Great Revolution of Kroměřov (1917-1923)

Church bells rang in Novosiaat, the capital of the Central Regions, signifying that the Royal Family was due to visit. The Central Regions, formerly the backbone of the Empire of Kroměřov, fell on hard times due to the ongoing Imperial Depression. In order to make things cheaper, an Imperial Decree was made relocating many factories in the Central Regions to the Imperial District as it was considered too expensive to ship the goods from there. However, this Decree brought about much hardship as many people were unable to move to the new location as no subsidies were given for transport. As such, the Central Regions had a sharp increase in unemployment, strengthened by the ongoing Depression. Novosiaat, once the most loyal of cities to the crown, had become the most rebellious cities within the Empire, with constant strikes and revolts being frequent. The Emperor hoping that him visiting might make the city return its loyalty, was greatly mistaken. The Emperor's arrival only flamed tensions, enraged the crowd, the city was hostile to the Emperor and they showed it without reserve. This lack of loyalty was considered a sign to a small local group, calling themselves the Novosiaat Workers' Council (more commonly known as the Novosiaat council), which let public outcry and protests throughout the Emperor's visit. With his no tolerance rule, Imperial Guards (the most elite of the Empire's forces) were sent to crush the protests, only legitimizing the Novosiaat Council. This event would eventually lead to the Great Revolution of Kroměřov just 6 years later.

The Great Revolution, or as it's sometimes called the Kroměřov Civil War, began with the Novosiaat Council gaining power in the Novosiaat Parliament with a large majority between itself and other anti-imperial parties. As such, the local administrator of the region called the election null and sent the local Imperial Regiment of the Central Regions to attack the Parliament building and lay siege to it. This event backfired, as many of the troops defected to the Novosiaat Council. After the Administrator requested for backup, the Novosiaat Council decided now was the time to strike against the Empire. With a lofty amount of local support, a large scale rebellion took place in the city of Novosiaat which quickly spread to neighbor provinces within the Central Regions. The Novosiaat Workers' Council leader, Kuutak Lennov proposed a law to the Novosiaat Parliament, to declare the Kroměřov Monarchy traitors, and the nation of Kroměřov illegitimate. The vote passed unanimously as many loyalist factions had fled the city of were forced to vote yes. The Great Revolution of Kroměřov had begun that day, and a long and bloody civil war would follow for the next 6 years.

However, the Revolution brought about many new names that would forever be known in the history books of Kalaascovy:
Kuutak Lennov, the father of the Great Revolution and first leader of Kalaascovy
Salik Troldosnic, military mastermind and savior of the Great Revolution
Soori Dalin, internal party organizer
Qito Drenninov, the great admiral who lead the invasion against the Capital of Kroměřov
Seamus Jonathon, another great admiral who destroyed the main fleet