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President Mistress Bird: The Woman Behind the Desk

by Spirit N. Spector, Geisthaven Oracle

Our beloved Mistress Bird has led the Kagetorian government since the foundation of our nation, but who is the woman behind the desk? Many Kagetorians may not know her history and how she became such a high-profile and revered figure in the history of Kagetori. We here at the Geisthaven Oracle have compiled a list of the most important things that we have found out in researching Mistress Bird in-depth. We also hope to clear some misconceptions and clarify some rumors about her with this information, as we believe the truth may be more interesting than the fiction, no matter how good the political fiction writers in Kagetori tend to be.

Before foundation - Before she was the President of our Federal Republic, Mistress Bird was a soldier in the Temet Nosce insurgency, growing to become the leader of Corvid Squadron. She was a noted sniper, not for her kill count, but because of how efficient she was at taking out high-value targets in the former Antithetican tyranny. One of her fellows in Corvid Squadron was Sophia Mendes, later Merchant-General of Lower Wardanian. There isn't much information about how close they were, but sources were able to confirm that despite the diverging ideals of Kagetori and Lower Wardanian, Sophia remains the one person Mistress Bird contacts, and the trust between them is the predominant reason why the two wildly-different nations remain staunch allies. Rumors continue to circulate that they were once lovers before the Kagetorian War, and many political-fiction writers give them a vitriolically sexual relationship, but the Geisthaven Oracle was not able to confirm any rumors or ascertain whether their diplomatic meetings are anything but.

The Kagetorian War and the foundation of Kagetori - When the Temet Nosce insurgency changed focus to liberating what would become Kagetori, Mistress Bird was at the forefront. While no longer a part of Corvid Squadron, she led the greater forces by rhetoric and by rifle yet again. She also assisted in the drafting of the Kagetori Constitution, and when the first elections were held, she was overwhelmingly chosen by the newly-minted Kagetori people as the first President, an office she has since held. Since then, she has been more of a diplomat than a soldier, focusing her efforts on improving the lives of her citizens and bolstering the burgeoning industries.

Her diplomatic relationships - As previously mentioned, little is known about how close Mistress Bird and Merchant-General Sophia Mendes of Lower Wardanian are, though rumors and erotic novels circulate. Recently confirmed, though was a romantic as well as diplomatic connection to the former Prettiest One of Kallista, Eris XXIII. Before the Establishment coup in Kallista, Eris governed her nation with similar ideals to that of our President, so it is unsurprising that they would have grown close. Also well-known is a close friendship with the Horusian Chaos' leader Horus; despite the many political-fiction novels suggesting otherwise, the two have openly confirmed that they are very good friends, and that any romantic partnerships would be unlikely due to Horus' incompatible sexual orientation. On the other hand, Mistress Bird has made little secret about the fact that she and the leader of the Saint Jonas Republic have been lovers in the past, and many speculate that they still are. Undeniably, they are also incredibly close allies, and the President has called upon them for aid in numerous diplomatic situations, including the recent attempted coup at Youma Island.

Her proclaimed vision for Kagetori - Though she may have once been a soldier, her administration has largely been more concerned with peace and prosperity, upholding ideals of socialist democracy. The President herself is not religious, but she has repeatedly preferred to defend religious freedom. What is known about her personal philosophy is that she is a believer in self-awareness, fairness, and balance. A noted psychologist who has studied Mistress Bird's policies since her election has noted a pattern of behavior that seems to be a desire to make restitution for her former life as a soldier. Mistress Bird herself has never addressed this except to say, "I just want to do for others what I would want them to do for me, is all. Has that not been a common refrain from philosophers throughout history, after all?"

President Mistress Bird has been many things over the years, but the one consistency has been that she has been a leader. Be it at war or at peace, on the battlefield or in the halls of government, at home or abroad, our president has earned the respect she holds both inside and outside of the Kagetori borders.