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Jocospite Civil War

The Second Jocospite Civil War (Part 1) Historical Archive

This Is a complete record of all RMB posts, and context, for the event now known as the First Part of the Second Jocospite Civil War

So. The Civil War was kicked off with the destruction of Central Rift Command*, a bunker containing the leaders of many nations, and the at the time viceroy, Sir Walter Memmon, along with the whole of the Imperial Family, and the whole of the Supreme Council. Jocospor was left devoid of a leader, causing 3 factions to break out. The first of these was Leopold Gerber, Governor of Hess. He took control of the Palace early on, and claimed direct control of the Empire. He crowned himself HSM Leopold I, and would, in the end, become the new Emperor. The second faction to emerge was led by Alicia Kemps-Fawler, the CEO of the Imperial Bank of Jocospor, and now viceroy of the Confederation. She took the Confedereichstag II early on, leading to her controlling much of the government. The third Jocospite faction was led by none other than the one of the most influential commanders of the Imperial Army, General Gustaf Rees. He had the army at his back, and had the power to wipe out anyone in his way.

* It is to be remembered that Central Rift Command was in itself part of a larger RP by the nation of Krvava Koupel, called The Rift Crisis.

With these 3 factions now in the open, nations sided quickly, forming teams. The first big event came when Castelia, a once member of the Supreme Council, seized all Imperial possessions outside of Jocospor, including Vangmar, the penal colony. Castelia refused to return the possessions, causing more sparks to fly. Many nations went onto lock down. And than, battles began. Channel 6 of CCD Broadcasting was taken. Cities were fought in, street to street. Than, outside intervention got real. New joran sent men into Jocospor. Than, 7.5 million men marched into Jocospor, under the banner of the nation of Kyavan. Than, the nation of Castelia sent men in Jocospor Proper. Than, it snowballed, armies and naval forces from a large amount of nations entering Jocopsor, to fight it out for the faction they backed. As more and more nations snet troops in, the situation looked grimmer and grimmer. Than, things started to turn. John Jacobs, than Field Marshal of the Confederation Military, of the No flagUnited Federation Of Pancakes[/nation], was kidnapped. From there, a terrorist Attack in Shronok, and the attempted impeachment of the then Chairman Ori al-Karim of Kafair saw the tensions hit an all time high, as sides became more and more clear*.

* It should be known that this time was a god damn mess on our RMB. If I messed an attack or Mobilization, I am sorry.

Suddenly, 2 groups emerged, this time of nations. The CDF, lead by Russia Major, and the UCC, lead by Depackya. The CDF rose from the support given to Russia Major, as the nation declared its mission to land within Jocopsor, and take over, to restore order, and eliminate the 3 factions. The UCC was originally a group lead by Vlamms Statt, and was taken over by Depackya. The UCC, too, stated its goal to be the pacification of Jocospor, and to install a dummy government until a legitimate one would be found. While both had almost the same goal, one event kept them apart. Following the death of the War Minister, native of Depackya, the nation declared its new acting leader, Mykhail Borisov, Acting-Minister for War. Russia Major, citing that the succession was not based on lineage or nation, but by appointment, declared General Vladislav Khilkov, previous general of the Confederation's Air Force, War Minister. The nation of Regna Loreau, that which held the title of Head of the Confederation Naval Forces declared her support for him, as did a few other nations. This disagreement would form the main draw to each faction, as nations sided with who they saw had a stronger claim. In response, Castellia, in possession of all Imperial possession, declared its support for the UCC.

Than, the 2 factions were thrust into the limelight. On 8/10/19, this message was transmitted:

Jocospor wrote:Wired from the Imperial Palace, Vocryae

To the Confederation,

Not less than an hour ago, delegations representing myself, Gustaf Rees and Alicia Kemps-Fawler met in Vocryae under a flag of truce. Our discussions reached the inevitable conclusion.

It has come to all of our attention that a multitude of disunited forces are preparing to march upon Jocospor in an attempt to install their own puppet governments. In doing so, they will only cause more death and destruction.

Neither Gustaf, Alicia or myself can allow these things to happen. We Jocospites are a proud people. Well aware are we of the fact that this Confederation exists only due to the grand designs and efforts of our forefathers.

Perhaps it would surprise you all how quickly differences can be put aside when the Empire is at stake.

A ceasefire has been declared across Jocospor. Between Gustaf, Alicia and myself, we have formed an interim triarchal government with the sole agenda of repelling any foreign military force that enters Imperial territory. The Empire will not be dictated to by lesser nations, defined in Imperial Law as mere vassals.

To assist us in this endeavour, and following the foolish resignation of Kafair's Ori el-Karim, we instate Caius Maro of Riakou as Congress Chairman of the Civil Congress, effective immediately. Furthermore, we recognise Chairman Maro's self-appointed title of Viceroy, and waive whatever conflicts Imperial Law may present to such. Indeed, we hereby suspend Imperial Law, should doing so allow us to reestablish order throughout this Confederation.

Chairman Maro is thus invited to form government as he sees fit, and bring to account those that have so brazenly sort to defeat Jocospor and her Imperial will.
Begin the executions, Caius.

Hail the Triarchy!
HSM Leopold I
Emperor of Jocospor

Gustaf Rees
Premier of the Imperial State

Alicia Kemps-Fawler
CEO Imperial Bank of Jocospor
The Shadow Cult of Jocospor

With this message, the 2 factions were now the 2 largest powers. And the war changed. With a government now in place, and both Faction’s goals bust, a new mission for both developed. As this went on, at 4:29 PM, of that same day, forces of New Joran made landing, the first non-Jocospite force to land in any large capacity yet. They made landing in the city of By-The-Rocks. Now, various nations within the CDF began to declare support for the new “Triarchy”, Depackya, leader of the UCC, made this statement:

Depackya wrote:To the Confederation,

The United Confederation Coalition has watched the situation in Jocospor with growing alarm, as all three factions, considered illegitimate by our Coalition, have joined forces. We have also seen the self-declaration of Caius Maro as Viceroy of our Confederation. Let it be known that the UCC does not recognize the legitimacy of the Triarchy government.

Because we do not recognize this false government or this false Viceroy, The Borisovian Regime of Depackya has deployed the 1st and 2nd Armies, which now sail for Jocospor at this time. Be aware that any ship, regardless of what flag she flies, that attempts to halt or fire upon the transport ships, will be met with fire and fury from the Depackyan 1st Fleet.

The 1st and 2nd Armies shall arrive at Jocospor in 72 hours. The liberation of the Jocospite peoples from these illegitimate leaders draws ever closer. Expect the mobilization of the rest of the UCC in due time. God help us all...

Hail the Confederation!

Mykhail Borisov,
Leader of the United Confederation Coalition,
Acting-Leader of The Borisovian Regime of Depackya

Followed by this one:

Depackya wrote:To the Confederation,

Following the self-declaration of Caius Maro as Viceroy of the Confederation (a title which I myself do not recognize), I have realized that the rush for titles will only harm the Confederation in the long run.

As such, I hereby relinquish the title of Minister for War until a new, legitimate Confederation government can be established. I
would like to invite Mr. Khilkov to do the same. In addition, I invite those in the Confederation Restoration faction to work closely with the UCC to pacify Jocospor. We must unify if we wish to defeat the illegitimate Jocospite government.

Hail the Confederation!

Mykhail Borisov,
Leader of the United Confederation Coalition,
Acting-Leader of Depackya

Suddenly, Riakou, the now Acting-Viceroy of the Confederation, settled the issue. By appointing Russia Major as the new War Ministry. Russia Major responded thusly:

Russia Major wrote:Dearest Viceroy,

Whilst surprised by your choice of myself, I gratefully accept your offer. The Greater Russian Military is at the disposal of the Confederation Government. I invite my allies in the Confederation Restoration Faction to join me in league with the Triarchy. As for my undersecretaries, I wish for both Regna Loreau and United Federation Of Pancakes to remain in their current positions. To replace my former role as General of the Confederation Air Force, I would like to invite the nation of Vaktaria, who assisted me in my fight thus far. Further appointments are to follow.

My troops are still bound for Jocospor, over two million trained Russian fighting men, they will neither give nor expect any quarter. I join the Viceroy in urging all hostile nations to withdraw their troops and avoid embarrassing destruction by Confederation Forces.

From the War Ministry of the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators,

Hail the Confederation!

Grand Duke Vladislav Khilkov,
War Minister of the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators,
Grand Marshal of the Greater Russian military,
Provisional Governor.

These messages were followed by another wave of people declaring support, and than, any chance this might be put off peacefully were thrown out. This statement sealed the upcoming war.

Depackya wrote:To the Confederation,

The United Confederation Coalition has watched the situation in Jocospor with growing alarm, as all three factions, considered illegitimate by our Coalition, have joined forces. We have also seen the self-declaration of Caius Maro as Viceroy of our Confederation. Let it be known that the UCC does not recognize the legitimacy of the Triarchy government.

Because we do not recognize this false government or this false Viceroy, The Borisovian Regime of Depackya has deployed the 1st and 2nd Armies, which now sail for Jocospor at this time. Be aware that any ship, regardless of what flag she flies, that attempts to halt or fire upon the transport ships, will be met with fire and fury from the Depackyan 1st Fleet.

The 1st and 2nd Armies shall arrive at Jocospor in 72 hours. The liberation of the Jocospite peoples from these illegitimate leaders draws ever closer. Expect the mobilization of the rest of the UCC in due time. God help us all...

Hail the Confederation!

Mykhail Borisov,
Leader of the United Confederation Coalition,
Acting-Leader of The Borisovian Regime of Depackya

The Battles Begin

After this, the war truly began. A wolf pack from Regna Loreau sank 3 capital ships of the Kafairian naval forces, and the 2 sides clashed for the first time. Nations land their troops all over Jocospor, with heavy focus on the colony of Vangmar, under Castellian control, and on the towns of Helden and Ronlor, along with By-The-Rocks, and Blue Harbor. The battles of the war are as follows:

Castelia wrote:CIVIL WAR OOC POST:

The city of Blue Harbour was among, if not the, largest of Jocospor's trading ports. Located on the north side of Central Jocospor, the city serves as the main entryway of goods towards Vocryae, the capital of Jocospor. Despite its hilly terrain, the founders of the city wisely decided its location to be the ideal place for a port, and so the city called Blue Harbour was founded.

Most of the city is composed of industrial areas, particularly on the north and southern suburbs which comprise the strength of Blue Harbour's industry. The west side of the city is a port area, with large amounts of warehouses, cranes, and dockyards big enough to support supercarriers. There is an airport located on the east side of the city, which is mostly suburbia with few tall buildings here and there. However, the city center was a sprawling urban metropolis, with block after block of skyscrapers from which Jocospite companies operate. Most of the city, thus, is not conductive for maneuver warfare, with many narrow streets and alleyways providing perfect cover for infantry. The east side of the city, however, was perfect for tank battles, thanks to the expansive plains and flat ground.

On the other hand, Blue Harbour's twin city Rondhelm was mostly flat ground, with the north of the city being the location of its port facilities. Like Blue Harbour, the southern and eastern suburbs were mostly industrial areas to feed Rondhelm's growth, which due to its also favorable location led to the Twin Port Cities Area being created. West of the city was a sprawling superhighway connecting directly to Blue Harbour, which also provided a beautiful view of the nearby coastline. Rondhelm's suburbs were also located here. The airport, too, was located a little further south from the suburbs, meaning it was southeast of city proper. Other than that, however, the two cities didn't really differ that much.

The cities are currently under the control of the Triarchy, with Alicia Kemps-Fawler and the Economic Faction making the cities their home ground. Despite the alliance, however, the Triarchy had not sent any substantial defense force, forcing Kemps-Fawler to defend the city with mercenaries and locally recruited militia. However, they did have some modern equipment, including a few Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) batteries, artillery, and IFVs. Assaulting the city was going to be a daunting task, even for a well-equipped army.

And so, the Twin Port Cities Campaign has begun.

In a daring seaborne attack, the Vlamms Statt Flδmisch Expeditionary Heer's 1st Royal Marine "Kφnigs Mδnner" Battle-group, together with elements from the The great hispania's 1st Expeditionary Forces, landed on the beaches just outside of Blue Harbour. As soon as they began their landing, however, they were spotted by the defending forces, which alerted the city's Triarchy forces to the attack. Due to the great speed of the landing, the forces easily managed to establish a beachhead. However, artillery fire then began to rain down on their heads, forcing the attacking UCC soldiers to seek cover. No substantial aerial resistance was put up by the Triarchy forces, giving complete air superiority to the UCC forces. The aircraft managed to spot the artillery forces and relay their positions back to command, just before the SAMs shot them down. In total, 36 aircraft from the UCC forces were shot down, and 100+ casualties were inflicted.

However, the beachhead at Blue Harbour was now secure, and though the road may be hard ahead of them, the UCC managed to score a victory for the day.

On Rondhelm, however, things went badly for the UCC. A fighter aircraft from the Triarchy just so happened to be out on patrol that day, and they managed to spot the oncoming UCC attack. The brave pilot managed to relay this crucial piece of information just as he was shot down, allowing Rondhelm to prepare their defenses. As soon as the combined UCC forces, led by the 2nd Royal Marine "flδmisch-wallonisch" Battle-Group and supporting Hispanian forces landed, they were set upon by fierce artillery barrages and aircraft attacks. Things went badly for them, as wave after wave of the initial landing forces were cut down as they tried to invade onshore.

The UCC aircraft in this sector were fiercely contested by Triarchy aircraft, leading to at least 70 planes shot down on the UCC side, and 26 on the Triarchy side. No air force managed to gain superiority over the skies of Rondhelm for now. Following harrowing battle, the entire UCC force was thrown back into the sea with harrowing casualties reaching nearly 2000 for the 2nd Royal Marines and 1500 for the Hispanian Expeditionary Force.

The artillery barraged then opened fire on the UCC fleet, who responded with their own counter battery fire. Though the UCC managed to silence the Triarchy batteries,
it came at a cost: several landing ships were sunk, along with a Hispanian destroyer and several Flδmische Marine patrol boats.

The UCC has been defeated at this part of the battle for Rondhelm.

Hail the Confederation!

Castelia wrote:CIVIL WAR OOC POST:

On the southeastern side of Jocospor lies a peninsula called the Helden Peninsula, a small strip of land that juts out towards the ocean to the south. On that peninsula stands the city of Helden, a somewhat large port city that, quite frankly, is the least impressive of Jocospor's many port cities. It consistently ranked on the bottom of the economic and livability ranks of the ports, perhaps mostly due to the aesthetic of the city's buildings and the rampant pollution that was evident everywhere one looked. The city appeared more of an industrial center than an actual human habitat, with all of the city's suburbs to the east, south, and north being a gigantic network of factories and machinery that spewed black smoke 24 hours a day. The entire city center belonged to the Brutalist aesthetic group, as its buildings were tall and un-decorated, with facades made of bare concrete and metal. The only thing that distinguished one building to another was a spew of ugly black paint on one part that spelled out the building's purpose, such as "City Hall", "Police Headquarters", and "Headquarters of Company Inc."

The entire terrain of the city was flat, with wide concrete highways connecting each district with each other, and towards city center. It would be ideal for tank warfare, if not for the fact that so many buildings surrounded the highways, making any armored force moving there subject to ambushes from the many structures that stood on either side. Using the highways was a sure death sentence unless one secured the nearby structures first, but with so many structures packed into so small a space, it would mean brutal infantry-to-infantry combat that was sure to take a toll on any invading force. There is an airport here in Helden that is capable of handling even the largest of military aircraft, but the port facilities were sorely lacking. No military force could ever hope to use this city as a repair or docking station, except if they expended some effort in developing the port at the western suburbs.

By contrast, the city of Ronlor was beautiful, if not the most beautiful of all cities in Jocospor, except perhaps Vocryae. Miles upon miles of green fields surrounded the city of Ronlor, with its hilly terrain offering beautiful views of the white beaches and sparkling blue ocean that graced the south of the city. The port of Ronlor was located on its west, with its large dockyards and cranes being able to support any naval force which docked in its waters. An airport is located near city center, its runways constantly busy with aircraft carrying tourists towards and away from the city. Its suburbs on all directions were mostly residential areas, with the south being a particular favorite. Many a Jocospite spend their vacations here during the summer time, and there are even rumors that the Imperial Family loved to stay at a grand villa located near the beach, which was gone now due to fighting.

Unlike the relatively peaceful situation in Helden, Ronlor had nearly been torn apart by the fighting. There are three Jocospite factions fighting for control of the city, and they each controlled a different portion, which was visible due to the flags flying from buildings. The UCC-allied 87th Ronlor Militia controlled the least of the city, with only the northern suburbs under their control. Despite the small area they control, they effectively control the city's supply lines, since the northern road is what connected Ronlor to the rest of Jocospor. The Triarchy-led 1st Ronlor Defense Force, on the other hand, controlled effectively the entire city except for the north, which they are now trying to capture from the 87th. The third faction, the Ronlor Independence Partisans, meanwhile, refuses to recognize neither the UCC nor the Triarchy, and as such they are now running a guerrilla war against both the 1st and the 87th. They control only the sewers of Ronlor, but due to this they are able to mount an attack nearly anywhere on the city they choose.

Thus, the Southwest Campaign starts.

After the initial Loreauan landings at Helden and Ronlor, they managed to advance relatively unopposed. In one particular encounter, the 19th White Guards Armoured Division of Regna Loreau was greeted by cheering crowds at Ronlor, where they were greeted by happy civilians and members of the 1st RDF. Though they were unable to meet its leadership, the 1st RDF immediately pledged its support towards the Loreauans through radio, guiding them towards the rest of the city. However, while advancing towards the city center, the Loreauans were ambushed by members of the RIP, who successfully used the city center's many buildings to take out the lead and rear tanks of advancing column of Loreauans. Despite successfully fending off the ambush with help of the 1st RDF, the Loreauans took several casualties, resulting in 60 dead soldiers and 7 tanks destroyed.

Despite the setback, however, the Triarchy's forces now control almost the entirety of Ronlor, except for the sewers and the northern suburbs.

The landings on Helden was quite the success for the Loreauans too. After the landings of the 13th Amphibious Assault Division, General Isabella Von Stalehin was able to meet with Commander Groznik, who leads the Triarchy's forces in the area. There, the Loreauans were informed that the only part of the city that actually was in Triarchy hands was the areas they had landed in, with the rest of the city under the control of UCC forces commanded by the Chief of Police, Walther Bruzlav. Undaunted, the Loreauans, guided by Groznik's militia, was able to make gains towards the city center, successfully capturing the port area and a few buildings on the southern and northern suburbs. However, their advance towards the city center was stopped by intense counterattacks from the UCC-allied forces, resulting in at least 300 dead soldiers and 2 tanks destroyed. Despite the success of the Loreauan aircraft and navy vessels in providing fire support, the intensity of the counterattack was simply too much, forcing the Loreauans to hold the lines for the moment.

As of this moment, the port of Helden, located at the city's west, is now under Triarchy control, with the rest of the city under UCC control.

Hail the Confederation!

Castelia wrote:CIVIL WAR OOC POST:

At the eastern end of Jocospor, a few miles away from the salt fields which make up the eastern coast of the continent, stands the city of Ventarron. Jocospites recognize Ventarron as basically the eastern end of Jocospor, since the Salt Fields contain no cities whatsoever. Located on a massive plain, Jocospites agree that the city is plain, unrecognizable, and boring. There is nearly no life at the city, not in the sense of population, since it was quite populous at 100,000,000 citizens. No, the city has no life because there was literally nothing interesting about it, except for the fact that it was the last stop before the Salt Fields. Then again, many simply don't even care about this fact, contributing to Ventarron's reputation as the most boring of all cities in Jocospor. Even Holden, the great dirty city of Southwest Jocospor, attracted more attention than Ventarron, though of course, not to its credit.

The terrain of the city was entirely flat, with the four suburbs surrounding the city center being equally boring. The eastern suburbs was mostly a small industrial area, making use of the Salt Fields in its salt industry. The northern suburbs and southern suburbs were mostly suburbia, with rows upon rows of similar looking houses. The western suburb, though just as boring as the rest of the city, however held immense strategic value. The highway located there connected Ventarron to the city of Lendsdale, making it a valuable asset towards anyone who controlled it. The city had an airport, too, but it was small and could only hold up to a medium bomber, rendering any force using large strategic transports unable to use Ventarron as a base. The city center was your usual city center, being as normal and typical as any city center could be.

On its south, however, lies the great port city of By-the-Rocks. Considered the third greatest port city, only behind Blue Harbour and Rondhelm, By-the-Rocks was a large port city, servicing the southeastern end of Jocospor. Any trade coming from that area passes through By-the-Rocks, making it quite the juicy target for any naval invasion force seeking to enter Jocospor from the east. The city was quite similar to the the two northern port cities, giving it the nickname "Southern Cousin" and "Jewel of the Southeast.".

Like its "cousins" to the north, most of the city was industrialized areas, with its western and eastern suburbs in particular being graced with rows of warehouses and factories making use of the raw materials that entered By-the-Rocks. The north suburb was mostly suburbia, with few tall buildings here and there. The terrain of the city was also mostly flat ground, making it conducive to armored warfare except for the city center.

This part of the Civil War will thus be known as the Eastern Campaign.

After a particularly uneventful journey through the Salt Fields, the 16th Army of Castelia was able to arrive at the eastern outskirts of Ventarron relatively unopposed. After some time establishing supply depots and an airfield for use, the Castelians mounted an assault against the eastern suburbs of Ventarron, only to find that the locals there were waiting for them happily. Easily capturing the eastern suburbs of Ventarron without any opposition, the Castelians received bad news. The rest of Ventarron was under the Triarchy's forces, led by the Mayor of Ventarron, Chrystian Valdez. Undaunted by the challenge, the Castelians launched an offensive against the city through a three-pronged attack, aiming at the center, north, and south of the city. While the flanking attacks went relatively well, being able to capture their objectives, the attack towards city center was met by disaster. It turned out that a relatively well-armed force belonging to General Gustaf Rees was stationed there, which inflicted considerable casualties on the Castelians during their advance. Unable to break through the central defenses, and in danger of the flanking forces being cut off, the Castelians were forced to retreat back to the eastern suburbs, taking 600 casualties and 5 destroyed tanks.

As of this moment, Ventarron's eastern suburbs are under control of the UCC, while the rest of the city is under the Triarchy's forces.

Meanwhile, over at By-the-Rocks, the forces of New joran were stationed at the port under a peace banner. However, at the last moment, the New Joranians dropped their peace banner and hoisted that of the UCC, immediately taking control of the southern part of the city from a surprised Jocospite population. Due to their peacekeeper status, the local militia battling in the city were surprised when angry New Joranians charged at them, placing the Triarchy militia under arrest and helping the UCC-allied militias in their attacks. Thus, an open port was waiting for the Castelian 1st Army when they finally dropped anchor at By-the-Rocks. Together, the two UCC armies advanced towards the city with almost no opposition met, with a flanking attacked by both armies successfully overwhelming the small local militia belonging to the Triarchy. Finally, at the end of the attack, the UCC flag was finally hoisted over all buildings at By-the-Rocks, signalling to the world that the UCC had taken its first Jocospite city.

A total victory for the UCC at By-the-Rocks was proclaimed, with the entire city now under their control.

Hail the Confederation!

Castelia wrote:CIVIL WAR OOC POST: The city of Emanoelos, standing on the foot of the Central Mountain Range, is a city of history. Named after His Supreme Majesty Emanoel I, who died in the Vocryae Bombings, Emanoelos stands both a memorial to his legacy, and a reminder of his many achievements. Despite the impression this trivia gives that Emanoelos is a fairly new city, that would be a mistaken assumption. Emanoelos actually possesses quite the history, for it is the oldest city in all of Jocospor. Its name has changed many times throughout history, but the basic identity of the city has remained the same. Most of the architecture of the city center hearkens back to the old days of Jocospor, with smooth marble buildings and stone walls making up its many districts. Emanoelites, as the city's residents call themselves, describe the overall feel of the city as like living in medieval times, as many of the city's original structures from its founding days still exist. Of particular note is the Fortress of the Dawn, an imposing defensive structure that stands at nearly the exact center of Emanoleos. Many an Emanoelite boast that the citadel can withstand even modern day weapons, but since never has an enemy force come upon the city anyway, no one really knows for sure.

Just like any other city with old history, Emanoelos boasts quite the mixture of districts in a confusing layout. Most of the eastern side of the city is residential area, though there are a few commercial districts here and there. The west, where a fairly large airport is located, is mostly commercial districts with tall glass buildings that gives the city a young look. The same can be said of the north, where most of the city's elite live. Rows upon rows of condominium buildings line the roads of the north district, with wide sweeping streets below. On the other hand, the city's south district is quiet. It mostly contains cottages and resting spots, since the city also serves as a popular destinations for mountaineers who wish to try their hand at climbing the Central Mountains.

This part of the overall civil war will be called The Battles for Emanoelos.

Some distance north of Emanoelos lies a quiet coastline. Well, normally it would be, if not for the fact that today, the soldiers of the Royal Elite Legion of Otogal made their landing onshore. Preparing as fast as they could, the infantry then began to march towards Emanoelos, perhaps thinking that the city would easily fall.

Unfortunately, it didn't go as smoothly as they had planned. Somewhere along the journey, they had been spotted by forces friendly to the United Confederation Coalition, who then sent a message to their forces at Emanoelos. Turning out that the city had declared its support for the UCC, forces were scrambled immediately to defend Emanoelos.

Over the skies of the marching Otogalian soldiers, aircraft suddenly appeared. The Otogalian planes who had been assigned to defend the soldiers tried their best to protect their charges, but unfortunately, they were unable to do much. Owing to the fact that they were bombers and not fighters, they were unable to defend themselves as UCC-allied fighters decimated their numbers. A total of nearly 76 Otogalian bombers were shot down, with practically no losses to the Emanoelites.

On the ground, the soldiers could do nothing as they were set upon by flights of Emanoelite bombers, dropping anti-personnel smart bombs over their heads. Due to the fact that they were marching on open ground, they could not hope to find cover. When they were finally forced to retreat back to their transports, a horrifying sight awaited them.

The transports were burning and sinking all around the coastline, making evacuation impossible. The 50 battleships stationed just off the coast did their best to repel the swarm of aircraft terrorizing the Royal Legion, but they could not do much as they themselves were under attack.

At the end of the day, 3000 Otogalian Royal Elite Legionnaires lie dead on the outskirts of Emanoelos, the remains of 76 aircraft strewn around them. On the coastline, the remains of the transports continued to burn, as 8 battleships listed on their sides, capsizing from the devastating attack the UCC-allied forces of Emanoelos inflicted on them. All of the remaining 42 battleships were heavily damaged, and unless they were pulled out soon, they themselves would sink.

Hail the Confederation!

Castelia wrote:CIVIL WAR OOC POST:

This is an update written regarding Regna Loreau's fleet attack off North Harbour. During this particular battle, the United Confederation Coalition forces of Vlamms Statt and The great hispania were defeated by a superior Loreauan fleet, resulting in heavy loss of life for the UCC.

Written by Regna Loreau, I hope you enjoy a different kind of update, this time written not from a third party perspective, but from the people who were there. They saw it happen, and now you shall too.

For those who prefer a third party perspective, an update shall be provided soon!


Blue Harbour Vicinity - 1632 Hours

The air carries with it a certain chill, the wind beginning to pick up from its previously calm state. The fog hangs low around the water, neatly parted by the hundreds of thousands of tons of steel slicing ever closer to the Jocosporian port town. Hina stands, feeling the chill in the air as she waits on the bridge wing, taking a deep breath and exhaling.

The air was positively alive with tension, she could almost taste it, the crew could too. The radar had been tracking the UCC forces for nearly 2 hours now, and their radar jamming had been operating for nearly twice that. The danger was that they would reverse angle the radar jamming signal back at the Loreauans, but this had not happened yet, nor had any indication of such an event transpired.

The carriers very limited stock of stealth aircraft had been launched about 30 minutes ago, and were gliding around above. The fog was heavy at sea, and to some extent it messed with the radar. She had spent quite a while stealthily creeping in to range, and from aircraft reports, she knew that the fog cleared around the port. This was her big chance.

A plane glided down between the fleet’s largest battleship, wing tip trailing a brilliant purple smoke, which died as soon as she pulled up. With that, Hina gave the affirm to her flag officer, Captain Avry Kazan. The resulting order saw a flag raised, the battle ensign. The ships, already in formation, then sliced through the fog bank as Hina stepped inside the conning tower and looked out.

All of a sudden, the fog vanished, and Hina saw what could potentially be considered a wet dream for any naval officer. A mostly undefended port of defenceless transports. Her eyes certainly noted these, but they were more focused upon the battleships. 3 old, or certainly by her tastes, battleships and a number of heavy cruisers.

The Grand Admiral sighed heavily and shook her head. Her job was far too easy for her tastes, there was no sport in it..

With a snap of her fingers, a full broadside leapt from the 20” gun barrels of her flagship, screaming towards the enemy flagship


The sonar operator had been plotting the mines ahead of them for several minutes now, dutifully updating the tactical plot that occupied the table in front of Hina.

Her ships were manoeuvring away from the threat, and those ships would not face any threat. The cowardly move from Great Hispania has resulted in the total loss of both forces.

The fighters that were deployed were sent against FV-18/A’s, the pre eminent Loreauan multirole fighter. Yes they were laden with AShMs, but they also carried their air to air missiles, resulting in a far stronger force than previously imagined.

Upon realising the incoming attack, the fighters pull back beyond the fleet, allowing the escorts and capital ships to blunt the attack for them. Then the fighters pounce, resulting in a near total loss for the Hispanian airforce. Around 50 Loreauan planes are lost in total for these absurd casualties.
The retaliatory strike blasts the Hispanian fleet to kingdom come, resulting in a further 19 aircraft lost for the destruction of every surface vessel fleeing. The rush to mine the harbour results in the submarines being detected, and ASW aircraft drop dozens of torpedoes, rendering most of the submarines destroyed. Those left are hounded relentlessly by the Loreauan ASW patrols seeking them down.

As for the mines, they are dealt with. Lines of ordinance are dropped, clearing the harbour mouth as to allow the fleet access to these locations. And more importantly, to the ships within.

The resulting carnage is total destruction for the Vlamms Statt forces, their only escorts having abandoned them and fled. The sea is strewn with wreckage and the dead. Loreauan ships pull survivors from the water, saving who they can from this carnage.

The aftermath sees several more losses of life. The Loreauan destroyer Defier strikes a mine, having been previously damaged during the engagement. She sinks with 32 of her sailors, and tragically, upwards of 500 Vlamms Statt and Great Hispania sailors.

Hail the Confederation!

Castelia wrote:CIVIL WAR OOC POST:

Twin Port Cities Campaign - Blue Harbour

After the UCC defeat at Rondhelm, it was decided by the local UCC commanders to instead concentrate their attack on Blue Harbour. The 2nd Royal Marine Battlegroup, after their bloody battle at Rondhelm, were sent instead to reinforce the forces already besieging Blue Harbour. The beachhead established by the forces of Vlamms Statt and The great hispania, though small, was able to allow them to expand their foothold on Blue Harbour significantly. An attempt by the UCC forces to push their bridgehead forward went well, allowing them to fully control the port area and push on their attack towards the city center. While most of the defenders of the city had left for Vocryae some time ago, a sizeable contingent of militia and mercenaries were still present. Despite their smaller numbers, they were able to inflict significant casualties on the advancing UCC soldiers, but they were pushed back repeatedly.

It was at this moment that a naval battle suddenly erupted off the coast of Blue Harbour. The Home Fleet of Regna Loreau had been heading for Blue Harbour for quite some time, and was able to catch the UCC Navy while they were at the harbor. The two forces had spotted each other quite some time before, resulting in both forces sending aircraft against each other. Due to spectacular tactics by the Loreauan aircraft, they were able to blunt the UCC aircraft attack, resulting in devastating losses for the UCC. After the loss of their air cover, UCC naval forces attempted to flee, laying naval mines on the path of the Loreauans to prevent them from pursuing.

However, without air cover, the ships of the UCC faction were easily attacked and sunk by the Loreauan aircraft. Additional fire from the Loreauan Navy vessels sealed the fate of the UCC navy, resulting in devastating losses. Nearly the entire surface force, and most of the submarines, of the Hispanian Expeditionary Forces were lost. Only 1 single destroyer and 4 submarines were able to escape. As for the Flδmische Marine, most of their vessels were sunk, too, including their 2 command ships, hundreds of landing craft, and most of their patrol boats. Only a total of 37 vessels, including 6 destroyers, were able to escape. All of these ships were heavily damaged, too, leaving them unable to participate in naval activities for quite some time to come.

However, despite the losses at the harbor, a sizable portion of the city still remains in UCC hands. The soldiers who were able to offload at Blue Harbour are still active and fighting, but they are heavily demoralized, and in grave peril.

Hail the Confederation!

Castelia wrote:CIVIL WAR OOC POST:

Northwestern Campaign - Elryan and Hess

The cities of Elryan and Hess were unremarkable. Perhaps not as unremarkable as the boring Ventrarron, but unremarkable nonetheless. Of the two cities, Hess was considered the more prosperous. Being a port city on the northwest of Jocospor, it was a remarkably popular destination for international commerce since its position made it the center of trade for Northwest Jocospor. Other than that, the city wasn't much, being described as a typical Jocospite city. Its claim to fame is that it's the connecting city for Elryan and Tossleton, but that was it.

The city was fairly large and developed, with a big port on its west, suburbs to the east, and healthy industries in its north and south. An airport, a typical feature of every Jocospite city, could be found on the city's northwest, close to the port area.

Elryan, on the other hand, was a residential city. Its ideal location in between two port cities made it a transit city, facilitating the transfer of goods between the two ports and serving as a commuter city for workers in both cities. Other than that, no other details could be claimed to stand out from the other cities of Jocospor.

Most of the city's outskirts were suburbia, with the north, south, and east particularly. The west held an industrial area, but it was more rows of warehouses for storage rather than factories nor other industry. There was an airport there at Elryan, but it was a small commuter airport, large enough to only handle medium bombers. Any force seeking to use Elryan as an airbase would probably need to expend some effort at improving the airport.

During the early morning hours, an amphibious assault by Kafairian troops shook both cities awake. At Hess, Kafairian forces belonging to Dusk Liberation Force were able to surprise the city's defenders and land without any opposition. The troops managed to immediately capture the port area and the airport, but their push into the city center was heavily resisted by the local defense militia. The advance of Dusk Liberation Force was thus halted, though it did allow them to secure a beachhead for now.

On the other hand, the landings at the coast near Elryan went badly. As the transports began to offload their men, they were detected by the Far West Squadron of Regna Loreau. Immediately detecting the danger the transports were in, the Kafairian naval forces of the Western Wind and Northern Freeze fleets went to battle stations. Buying time for the transports to get away, the Kafairians engaged the Loreauans with fervor and desperate determination, firing everything their ships had in order to prevent the Loreauans from attacking the defenseless transports. However, the Loreauans possessed both air and naval superiority, easily shrugging off most of the attacks the Kafairians made.

At the end of the battle, the ships of the two Kafairian fleets were decimated, with only 4 ships surviving between the two of them. In return, they inflicted damage ranging from light to severe on several of the Loreauan ships, including one battleship which had its turrets disabled. A Loreauan destroyer had to be scuttled later on due to battle damage. But the sacrifice of the Kafairian seamen had not been in vain, for the transports of the Liberation Force Dawn, or at least those who hadn't been attacked, had gotten away safely to fight another day. In total, 100,000 men of the LF Dawn had managed to go ashore, but now they face a perilous journey in the heart of enemy territory.

Hail the Confederation!

Castelia wrote:CIVIL WAR OOC POST:

Eastern Campaign - Ventarron

After the failed attack towards the city center of Ventarron, the Castelian 16th Army was forced to regroup on the eastern suburbs. Deciding that one strong push was needed instead of three smaller ones, the 16th Army, spearheaded by the tanks of the 47th Armored Division, launched a powerful attack, supported by tanks, mechanized infantry, and air support. To their incredible luck, the Castelians easily broke through the city center this time, immediately spreading their forces around to capture the city in a flurry of movement. To their amazement, a representative of the local defense militia came forward with a white flag. According to the representative, the city was now sparsely defended ever since General Rees pulled his troops out during the night, and was surrendering to prevent any further loss of life. Accepting the city's surrender, General Britchmann made a speech later that day, announcing that the UCC had taken its second city. No resistance prevented the Castelians from taking control of the entire city, bringing the eastern border of Jocospor under the flag of the UCC.

The road now lies open for the UCC forces to take Lendsdale, though it appears that the Castelians have decided to fortify the city instead, defending their prize from any Triarchy force that may attempt to take it back.

Hail the Confederation!


Southwestern Campaign - Helden, Ronlor, and Imperatos

For the Triarchy, the Southwestern Campaign had gone impeccably well. Despite initial setbacks, the forces of Regna Loreau, each continuing their own advances, made significant gains, but not enough to completely defeat the UCC-allied militias plaguing their forces.

In Helden, determined Loreauan forces had pursued the Ronlor Independence Partisans into battle in the sewers, effectively using flamethrowers to clear out every corner they were fighting in. Despite their best efforts, however, only 30% of the sewers had been secured, with the RIP forces continuing to hold out on the remaining tunnels. Most of the RIP forces also impeccably managed to evade the Loreauan patrols seeking them in the surface, but due to strict vigilance, they were unable to mount any offensive at all against the Loreauans. To the north of the city, the Loreauans were able to enter the northern suburbs, but due to large amounts of civilians, they were unable to make significant gains. Instead, the Loreauans were forced to spend the day peacekeeping and guiding civilians to safe zones, much to their frustration but to the delight and appreciation of Ronlor's citizens.

Further southwest, at Helden, the Loreauans were able to push through towards city center, fighting the UCC-allied militia there in brutal hand-to-hand combat. While they were unable to fully secure the city, they had managed to at least make significant gains, with the northern suburbs and the airport finally falling to their control. The rest of the city remains in UCC hands, but depending on how hard the Loreauans push, they might finally be able to secure the rest of Helden.

At Imperator, however, the Loreauan forces were given a respite from what was supposed to be a brutal battle. A representative from the city had arrived, welcoming the Loreauans to Imperator, which was under Triarchy control. They were able to secure the city without any resistance, leaving them ready to push towards their next goals, should they choose to do so.

Hail the Confederation!

United Federation Of Pancakes wrote:CIVIL WAR OOC POST:

Vagmar, a desert penal colony, based on the outskirts of Jocospor. Never seen the life of day of joy or happiness ever and won't see it today. A lone Memeaxinia soldier, believing the false hopes of their generals and leaders, foolishly thought he was prepared to handle anything he came across when landing. The landing craft shuddered, and shell landed near, spraying the salt of the ocean on them. He was lucky, he and a number of men thought the same thing, but that luck wasn't shared with the other countless men.

Shells dropped indiscriminately on the landing craft, blowing men and transports to pieces, body parts flailed in the open sea. Transports that got grazed where not lucky, the transports covered the top on the men, sealed to protect them from the hail of bullets that would rain upon them but didn't think to realize that if hit by heavy shells, would sink those men to their watery graves, and sink they did. The "lucky ones", the ones that survived the oncoming bombardment hit the beach. In one of those transports, a lone soldier waits, waits for the transport doors to open and charge onto the beach. Once they did his vision turned to darkness, so did the soldier next to him and the one behind. What their generals failed to tell them was the Castelian heavy MG that sat up on the hills, raining bullets down on the Memeaxinia troops. Transports are filled with the bodies, blood and bullet holes streak across the walls. The only lucky Memeaxinia soldiers, were the ones hiding in armored mechanized vehicles.
The armored trucks roll forward from the beach, deflecting the bullets from Castelian troops and MGs.
The AMVs roll to the salt flats, they grind to a halt, and unload their cargo and troops. A sudden flash, a AMV blasts to pieces, shrapnel slices the nearby troops, killing them in an instant. A Castelian fighter buzzes overhead, making a turn for another go but gets turned off by a Memeaxinia fighter. A chase begins, the Memeaxinia fight hot on the Castelian tail, the Memeaxinia fighter locks on the Castelian but a blast of AA fire shreds the Memeaxinia fighter pieces. The Memeaxinia troops on the ground scramble to take out the AA gun and hide from the possible oncoming Castelian fighter. But a German Reich tank rolls around a sand dune, scaring the life out of the troops that witness it but get slaughtered by the mounted MG and blasted to pieces by tanks cannon. The troops in a panic, retreat to their transports, Castelian and German troops. Leaving their dead and wounded behind, they fall back to the transports and retreat back to sea.

A Castelian Captain views the battle on a hill, a German Lieutenant walks up. "A lovely day for a picnic don't you say?", "It is, even more lovely due its outcome." the Castelian Captain says. They both look on to the retreat the Memeaxinia troops are currently making. "They'll never make an invasion like this in a million years." the Castelian says. "They've been kicked off Jocospor and the losses they endured, they'll never touch Jocospor or us again." the German says. "Time for important matters then.". "Yes, shall we?"

Hail the Confederation!

(Some of us will be do these for Castelia to lighten the load off of him)

Castelia wrote:CIVIL WAR OOC POST:

Everyone, I wish to apologize for my inactivity in regards to the Civil War RP. So, in lieu of my action reports, I present to you two IC perspectives for two events that happened in recent times.

First will be this, a post written by Regna Loreau regarding her action against American Pere Housh, when they fought quite some distance away from By-the-Rocks. As APH forces were landing, a naval fleet from Regna Loreau, on their way to By-the-Rocks, chanced upon them. In the ensuing action, though the UCC were able to land some of their forces, the naval units defending the transports were destroyed, leaving the men stranded. Without any further ado, let the report begin:


American Pere Housh Landing Sites - Jocospor - 1329 Hours

The artillery shells sent up cataclysmic explosions, turning those closest to the impact sites into tiny granules of ash and cinders. The explosions wrapped the soldiers on the beach, forcing them to choose. Beach, transports or swim.

For those who stayed on the beach like Corporal 1st class Joseph Marley, the end came swiftly. Shells and bombs tore up sand and soil like nothing else. Men screamed and perished.

Joseph was knocked side ways, hitting the sand and feeling his ears ring. Opening his eyes, he looked at something very yellow... with.. letters.. His eyes focused, then widened like dinner plates.

It was an unexploded shell, fizzling away in the sand. He could see the chalk on the shell. It was clearly his leader made to look like a sock puppet.. He saw other UCC leaders made into puppets. Each of them were controlled by a spider, bearing the Castelian flag on its abdomen.

He felt angry, more than usual that is.

And then a blinding glow of light filled his vision, and he was no more.

The brilliant shockwave ripped through the air, ashore ammunition turning into brilliant fireworks as they cooked off, the artillery dooming what troops remained upon the beach. Missiles struck the vessels at anchor, dooming them to their gentle impacts with the sea floor, trapping those aboard to their doom.

The APH fleet was torn to smithereens, ships sinking all around the Loreauan fleet, what men survived the shores either crawling, limping or running for the forests of the Jocospor, entirely routed by the navy.

Admiral Allia Ishikawa looked at the telegram that had been given to her by the signals office. Giving a smug grin, she pocketed the report and turned her attention back to the combat, being projected to her by the screens that surrounded her. She wasn't actually on the bridge, she was in the command centre, the heart of the ship, where everything could be managed from.

The now Fleet Admiral Allia Ishikawa straightened her cap, leaning somewhat casually back to gain the radio operators attention. “Send a message to Admiral Lillia and Grand Admiral Takan. Inform them that I request to switch locations with Hina for the forseeable future. That Castelian fleet is going to prove impossible to dislodge. I shall only be able to move once the Home Fleet arrives.”

With that she sighed, looking forwards. “Make revolutions for 30 knots, bring us about and away from By-The-Rocks to quadrant E12 and begin a patrol pattern at 14 knots. If the Castelian fleet moves out, make turns for 33 knots and begin the delaying action.”

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post. I certainly did!

Hail the Confederation!

(All battle reports, shown above were Written By Castellia, and by Regna)

As the war only grew hotter, a sudden treaty appeared.

Kyavan wrote:OOC: Sorry in advance for the double post but this is urgent

Attention Both Triarchy and UCC members: This is an official broadcast from Jadotgrad herself

Greetings one and all! Dictators, Kings, Emperors, Despots, Kaisers, and Sultans! With the recent departure of one Memeaxinia from our glorious region. I've come to the realization that we really are sending UoN our worst! Accompanying this realization, was somewhat of an awakening. Here we are, one of the mightiest regions in the Multiverse: fighting over who to put in charge of Jocospor. While half our number fights against foreign enemies that are not even human! Why are we pouring our resources into this petty conflict when we should be pouring our material, manpower, and ingenuity into shutting the rifts down and finding the small scientist. Millions of confederation soldiers are in Jocospor fighting one another instead of defending their homeland, or eachother's homeland. This is an embarrassment to us all and a stain upon our collective honor as a region! Thus, starting tomorrow. Jadotgrad will be prepped for region-wide peace talks. Every single leader of every single nation is welcome to join! Let us unite the Triarchy and the UCC into one Junta to maintain order in the region! Combating the rifts should be the top priority at the moment. Here is the proposed plan by Kyavan

Item No.1: The formation of a military Junta that will be 1/2 UCC and 1/2 Triarchy with Krvava Koupel acting as chairman of the UCJ (United.Confederation.Junta). I nominate Krvava because the main mission of this junta will be to defeat the rifts. That nation has the most experience and would be a great boon to us all.

Item No.2: The Complete Withdrawal of all UCJ military forces from Jocospor in order to put up a better fight against the rifts.

Item No.3: Nations who have successfully combated the rifts are to act as training hubs for CRDF recruits.

Item No.4: Chrome Company is to become the official military of the UCJ until order has been restored.

Item No.5: Both the Triarchy and the UCC are to be absorbed into the UCJ to promote a united front against the rifts

Item No.6: Order be restored to Jocospor as soon as possible

Any other Items for this conference to tackle may be submitted to Kyavan to be added to the official ledger. Please, for the good of the region consider or attend this conference.

- Emperor Franz Ulrich I

Hail the Confederation!

This was a surprise, with a good number of nations attending the conference, which went well. Within it, the following was agreed to, to be known as the Jadotgrd Truce:

This body, recognizing Leopold I as legitimate Emperor of the Jocospor and leader of the Triarchy Alliance, and recognizing Mykhail Borisov of Depackya as leader of the United Confederation Coalition (henceforth UCC) alliance, hereby does enact the following:

1. This body henceforth defines the following terms for the purpose of this document:
1a. This body defines the term "acting in a military capacity" as assisting in the offensive or defensive military operations on behalf of a nation or alliance;
1b. This body defines "naval fleet" as an organized naval convoy consisting of two or more naval vessels acting in a military capacity;
1c. This body defines "land army" as an organized body consisting of individual machines or armed land forces acting in a military capacity;
1d. This body defines "air force" as an organized body consisting of more than ten individual armed aircraft acting in a military capacity;

2. This body declares that, as of August 21, 2019, a cessation of all hostilities is to occur between the UCC and Triarchy for an indefinite period of time;

3. This body orders that all naval fleets present in Jocospor, without permission from the new Jocospite government, are to immediately return to their respective nations;

4. This body commands that all land armies present in Jocospor, without permission from the new Jocospite government, are to immediately return to their respective nations;

5. This body decrees that all air forces present in Jocospor, without permission from the new Jocospite government, are to immediately return to their respective nations;

6. This body declares that all nations, with military forces present within Jocospor without permission from the new Jocospite government, who refuse to depart the nation, are to be declared enemies of the Confederation, having violated Jocospor's national sovereignty;

7. This body declares that no military force is to advance further into Jocospor for the gain of their nation or their alliance;

8. This body orders that no additional military force is to be transported from any nation into Jocospor without permission from the nation's government;

9. This body establishes a border (henceforth "no-man's-land") between forces belonging to both factions in contested cities;
9a. This body stipulates that both forces in contested cities shall retreat by a distance of one mile (1609 meters) to create a buffer zone;
9b. This body creates a system of checkpoints between these no-man's-lands to permit the flow of supplies to both parties; this body requests that peacekeeping units, rather than troops belonging to both sides, run these checkpoints, and;

10. This body hereby dissolves the United Confederation Coalition, and;

11. This body reserves the right to amend itself with permission from Leopold I, Emperor of Jocospor.[

Mykhail Borisov
Supreme Leader of Depackya
Ex-Chairman of the United Confederation Coalition

on behalf of
The Borisovian Regime of Depackya

Caius Maro
Director of the Exchequer of the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators

on behalf of
The Jovial Hoho of Riakou

Grand Duke Vladislav Khilkov
Minister for War of the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators
on behalf of
The Czardom of Russia Major

HSM Leopold I
Emperor of Jocospor

on behalf of
The Shadow Cult of Jocospor

David Penfold
Secretary of State of the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators
on behalf of
The Imperial Glory of Vaktaria

Abafil Ark'Ov
on behalf of
The Golden Rose Sanctum of Krvava Koupel

Phoenix Anderson
Speaker of the Union

on behalf of
The Legionary state of Jamstown

Baron Von Steuben
on behalf of
The Federal Kaiserreich of 2nd Imperial German Reich

Read factbook

With this, the war was on hold. Nations started to pull back, tired and hurt men loading back up, and leaving Jocospor, for the last time. This marked the end of the CCD Civil War, as the truce would eventually be extended indefinitely. While more events would follow, this would mark the end of the Civil War from a combat perspective.