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New Justice Party Official Factbook [SUPER OUTDATED, JUST HERE FOR THE MEMORIES]

The Justice Party

New Flag of the Justice party

The Justice Party of the Confederation

The Justice Party is the oldest and largest political party in the history of the Confederation. Officially created on the 14th of May, 2019 by the Lord Northym of Rossiyaana, the Justice Party was founded in order to formally organize resistance to the actions of the then Civil Congress Chairman; The Right Honorable Udutai Choban of Khanbaliq Mongolia, and unify the more Liberal nations of the Confederation in preparation for the Civil Congress elections of June 2019. On the date of 6/7/19, after a hearing to condemn Rossiyaana of turning traitor was about to pass, Rosiyaana fled the Region, handing control for the party to Kafair. Now, the party is beginning to fight again. Now in the Run-Off elections for the position of Chairman, everyone is wondering: what will happen next? As the first new change, the party has shed its Liberal name. The party is now more open to any and all nations.

The Justice Party is headed by the Justiciary Council. The Council is composed of the most influential members of the party, as well as various members in positions of leadership. Currently there are 3 members.

Current Members of the Justiciary Council

Chief Justiciar el-Nour of Kafair
Party Leader

Justiciar Marcus Bubo of The great Beaver
Chief Party Whip

Justiciar Griffon Hortz of Grouberdastchereichenstag
Deputy Party Whip

The great Beaver
Alpes a Septentrionali Imperium
American Pere Housh
New joran

Torchbearers of Justice
Russia Major
Lunar republics

The New Judiciary Council Chamber
Jerusalem, Kafair

The Justice Party Flag outside the new Party Building
Jerusalem, Kafair

Manifesto and Missions:
After the success of the motion to depose Khanbaliq mongolia from the position of chairman, the party set its sights on its next target: the chairmanship. If they could acquire it, they could truly help grow the Confederation, and make it stronger.


The following is the election manifesto of the Justice Party, a list of objectives for a term if we were to win the civil congress election.
1. We would append Section II of the Civil Congress Act to introduce the ‘Civil Star’, an award for exemplary service to the Civil Congress
2. We would append Section III of the Civil Congress Act to create the following new motions
• Motion to Petition the Supreme Council
• Motion to Grant the Civil Star to certain nations who performed well during the election
3. We would amend Section III of the Civil Congress Act to alter section c. to read
• This Motion offers a designated monetary sum to any organ of the Supreme Council. The quantity of this donation is proposed prior to vote by the Representatives to the Civil Congress. If passed, member nations must provide a stated sum or percentage of monetary funds to achieve the initially specified donation.
4. We would introduce a motion to express censure against Rossiyaana

New Justice Party Headquarters,
174 Flare Ave,
Campus of the Sultan,