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List of Issue Ideas

This is a list of several issue ideas I've had and never gotten around to drafting,
or, if I have, they're drafts I'm not content with and really haven't gotten back to.
Note: I can NOT say for certain that none of these have been covered,
as several of the drafts I have made have had overlap, so take these with a grain of salt.

- Issue about corporate raids and hostile takeovers
- Issue reversal to monopolies
- Issue about veterinary services
- Issue about sharecropping or other form of business dependence
- Issue about the morality of having a retail industry for state-run economies (as opposed to direct delivery)?
- Issue about body modification for genetic defects and stuff? (Read into the "Body Integrity" policy)
- Issue about saying religious deity names out of religious context (yes; no(somehow); ban it for the whole nation). See if I can make it for atheists as well.
- Issue followup to building beach walls?
- Issue about teeth being worn down (reduce soda stuff somehow, increase medical funding, reduce medical funding so discourage people drinking soda stuff)
- Issue about WMD testing
- Issue about nuclear fallout/waste dumping and birth defects (more discussion on it here)
- Issue about low morale of soldiers at war (IF "at war" policy is added)
- Issue about data gathering/selling (like facebook)
- Issue for nations that are really bad environmentally (other nations complaining; could create a new climate treaty opportunity)
- Issue about insurance scandal whereby an insurance company makes a bunch of money and then refuses to pay for a disaster, claiming the insurance policy doesn't cover it. [Possibly covered by Verdant Haven]
- Issue about a rising sect against the main religion (much like protestantism vs. catholicism) ? could be interesting for theocracies...
- Issue about military response to people who've not left mandatory evacuation (followup to option 1 of Shooken Up?)
- Followup to 114.2 : Democracy Going To The Dogs?
- Issues for nations with the Gold Standard
- Issue about people doing stuff in another nation that's considered illegal in yours (Bears Armed working on something like this)
- Issue about plastic vs. paper/coin currency?
- Issue for nations with prudity about kids pulling down peoples' pants (Force'em to wear suspenders? xD)
- IA's idea (not draft) of having World Assembly laws contradict your own.
- Issue about information being released on social media that's contrary to state-run media
- Issue about children taken away due to parental licensing, possibly. Look for overlap with existing two reversals to this policy.
- Issue about @@LEADER@@ impersonator?
- Issue about Arbitrators
- Issue about parents giving children a very small and not very diverse selection of food resulting in a loss of food tollerance
- high-tech Public Transport issue. viewtopic.php?p=34837606#p34837606
- Issue for nations with native representation?
- Followup to weaponizing space
- Followup to #97.1: Launching garbage into space
- Issue for Ironfist Consumerist states (and their dictatorial neighbor categories). Probably something about companies having power that rivals your glorious leadership...
- Issue about highways cutting off sections of nature. Discussed option possibilities and issue proposal here. Title suggestion: Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
- Issue about killing in self-defense
- Issue about people crossing borders to buy things for cheap
- 4 ideas involving manual labor as punishment: viewtopic.php?p=35192774#p35192774
- QuadrigaCX scandal, NSified (if you don't know what that is, look it up!)
- Issue about faking a hate crime (like, for instance, Jussie Smollett. Would have to be neutral-standing somehow)
- Issue about abortion just before birth (tasteful, not devolving into a normal "LIFE VS. CHOICE" debate)
- Issue about your brother getting you on a gameshow
- Issue about remarrying in nations prohibiting polygamy (option legalizing polygamy, possibly)