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List of Issue Ideas

This is a list of several issue ideas I've had and never gotten around to drafting,
or, if I have, they're drafts I'm not content with and really haven't gotten back to.
Note: I can NOT say for certain that none of these have been covered,
as several of the drafts I have made have had overlap, so take these with a grain of salt.

- Issue for nations with substantial influence (say, maybe top 10% of the world or something) and whether to pursue furthering soft power / hard power / isolationism (kindness / aggression / total pacifism)
- Issue about schistosomiasis (maybe an option to destroy their environments)
- Issue about astroturf. Dumb artificial grass.
- Issue about a mishap at a space observatory causing significant and expensive damage to the system (rip Arecebo)
- Issue about land bombing near nuclear missile silos
- Issue about hypnosis and implanting false (often tragic) memories into people
- Serious issue(s) about a nuclear meltdown in a neighboring nation
- An issue for technologically advanced nations with dumb citizens? :P
- Issue about a tampering and either stealing or near-successful stealing of uranium for malicious purposes, such as selling to a blacklisted country.
- Issue where another nation offers to give your nation contraceptives?
- Issue based on the Guinness Book of World Records catering to foreign authoritarian dictators for money
- Issue about facial recognition software, perhaps about whether or not it should be restrained from being worked on too fast.
- Issue about one of your neighboring nations (maybe a nameless one) fishing so much it's endangering more species in your territory. An option idea: Kill your species faster so it endangers your neighbor faster xd
- Followup to building beach walls, involving the enormous amount of effort going into maintaining it. Idea possibilities: Take the town and push it somewhere else, build another wall around the first one that's even more impressive, start building a LAND wall, or leave it as-is to unify the people and possibly suppress uprisings lol
- Issue about conscription of the disabled.
- Issue about posting bail
- Issue about sharecropping or other form of business dependence
- Issue about the morality of having a retail industry for state-run economies (as opposed to direct delivery) [would be nice if it could somehow work for nations both with and without a substantial retail industry]
- Issue about saying religious deity names out of religious context (yes; no(somehow); ban it for the whole nation). Perhaps see if it can work for atheists as well.
- Issue about teeth being worn down (reduce soda stuff somehow, increase medical funding, reduce medical funding so discourage people drinking soda stuff, etc.)
- Issue about WMD testing
- Issue about low morale of soldiers at war
- Issue about data gathering/selling (like facebook)
- Issue for nations that are really bad environmentally (other nations complaining; could create a new climate treaty opportunity)
- Issue about military response to people who've not left mandatory evacuation (followup to option 1 of Shooken Up?)
- Issues for nations with the Gold Standard
- Issue about plastic vs. paper/coin currency {maybe an option specifically for no cents?}
- Issue for nations with prudity about kids pulling down peoples' pants (Force'em to wear suspenders? xD)
- An issue about World Assembly laws contradicting your own? Would be tricky to write, if possible.
- Issue about information being released on social media that's contrary to state-run media
- Issue about a @@LEADER@@ look-alike impersonator? Or, more realistically (and successfully done) CGI making it look like you said something you never did.
- Issue about Arbitrators? Would need some technical know-how.
- Issue for nations with native representation? Not necessary, but still would be interesting, if even just as an option.
- Followup to weaponizing space {Maybe billion-buck space project got sucked down due to magnets} {Maybe issue about banning them worldwide} Unsure. But there're multiple issues that do this.
- Followup to #97.1: Launching garbage into space
- QuadrigaCX scandal, NSified (if you don't know what that is, look it up!)
- Issue followup to privatizing prisons
- Two issues about manual labor punishment:
1) Them not getting paid (1: It's a job! 2: It's punishment; we should fine them when they do a bad job; 3: They're outsourcing us! Make them stay in prison! [dual version for those without prisons])
2) Working in bad conditions (1: They're appauling and require skill. They shouldn't do this | 2: We'll make them more skilled through corporate punishment if they don't comply | 3: Lower standards everywhere~) [just some ideas, could be totally different]
- Issue about excessive public transport spending
- Issue about ballast water ("Whatever Floats Your Boat" is a possible title)
- Issue for NO polygamy and permanent marriage, about remarrying after spouse passes away.
- Issue about the lactose intolerant in cheese-worshipping nations? (maybe an option that kills them; maybe an option that says cheese is not meant to be eaten, but appreciated)
- Issue about having too much food
- Issue for nations spending way too much on foreign aid (even if it's strategically)
- Issue about medical marijuana in nations where it's banned (could be fun to throw in an option for nations that have legalized drug use but not marijuana)
- Issue for nations with no smoking but still have marijuana use?
- Issue for nations who've banned contraceptives but not abortion? (If not already covered)
- Issue about corporate raids/hostile takeovers? Could be interesting but wouldn't be an easy one to tackle.
- Issue for nations with high military spending and lots of deaths to war where nations want you to chill the heck out, so to speak
- Issue about excessive business subsidies in capitalist nations propping up businesses instead of letting them prosper on their own merit
- Issue about nudist camps in prudist nations
- Issue about cheap smart devices/technology being produced by other countries and creating significant and easy exploits for bad guys to use (or in your own country if you have low safety standards)
- Issue for theocratic nations whereby @@FAITH@@ extremists are terrorizing neighboring countries
- A pilot crashes a plane into an airport because he was blinded by a laser pointer? amusing discussion here
- Issue about pharmaceuticals advertising drugs
- Issue about a strategically placed ally island nation facing submersion due to climate change
- Issue about the military flying secret spacecraft over residential areas and whether it should be classified as a UFO.
- Issue about health insurance in socialist nations without NHS (could be that elites in the field could manage things with government approval but they're doing terribly and other non-government-approved ones springing up?)
- Issue about health insurance start-ups in capitalist nations without NHS or a health insurance industry, trying to turn for-profit.
- Issue about businesses choosing minority clients over non-minorities
- Issue about dividing teams into boys vs. girls at schools? Would be fun for super-inclusive nations. :P
- Issue about affirmative action in respect to what counts as a race (like, do we draw the line at Maxtopians and Bigtopians, or put them together? Do we treat all minorities as one group? What about people who are part @@DEMONYMADJECTIVE@@ and part foreigner?)
- Possibly an issue where you're running low on slave numbers. Note, however: there's an issue about excessive slave numbers already.0
- Issue about harsh conditions in prison (heat, riots, etc.)
- Issues regarding high youth rebelliousness (not really a super-covered area).