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List of Issue Ideas

This is a list of several issue ideas I've had and never gotten around to drafting,
or, if I have, they're drafts I'm not content with and really haven't gotten back to.
Note: I can NOT say for certain that none of these have been covered,
as several of the drafts I have made have had overlap, so take these with a grain of salt.

- Issue for nations with substantial influence (say, maybe top 10% of the world or something) and whether to pursue furthering soft power / hard power / isolationism (kindness / aggression / total pacifism)
- Issue about schistosomiasis (maybe an option to destroy their environments)
- Issue about astroturf. Dumb artificial grass.
- Issue about hypnosis and implanting false (often tragic) memories into people
- Issue chain about a nuclear meltdown in a neighboring nation
- An issue for technologically advanced nations with dumb citizens? :P
- Issue about a tampering and either stealing or near-successful stealing of uranium for malicious purposes, such as selling to a blacklisted country.
- Issue where another nation offers to give your nation contraceptives?
- Issue based on the Guinness Book of World Records catering to foreign authoritarian dictators for money
- Issue about facial recognition software, perhaps about whether or not it should be restrained from being worked on too fast.
- Issue about conscription of the disabled and/or those who are alone in taking care of their families
- Issue about posting bail
- Issue about sharecropping or other form of business dependence
- Issue about the morality of having a retail industry for state-run economies (as opposed to direct delivery) [would be nice if it could somehow work for nations both with and without a substantial retail industry]
- Issue about saying religious deity names out of religious context (yes; no(somehow); ban it for the whole nation). Perhaps see if it can work for atheists as well.
- Issue about low morale of soldiers at war
- Issue about data gathering/selling (like facebook)
- Issue for nations that are really bad environmentally (other nations complaining; could create a new climate treaty opportunity)
- Issue about military response to people who've not left mandatory evacuation (followup to option 1 of Shooken Up?)
- Issues for nations with the Gold Standard
- Issue about plastic vs. paper/coin currency {maybe an option specifically for no cents?}
- Issue for nations with prudity about kids pulling down peoples' pants (Force'em to wear suspenders? xD)
- An issue about World Assembly laws contradicting your own? Would be tricky to write, if possible.
- Issue about information being released on social media that's contrary to state-run media
- Issue about a CGI making it look like you said something you never did.
- Issue about Arbitrators? Would need some technical know-how.
- Issue or options that play with policies with few existing activations/reversals
- Followup to weaponizing space {Maybe billion-buck space project got sucked down due to magnets} {Maybe issue about banning them worldwide} Unsure. But there're multiple issues that do this.
- Followup to #97.1: Launching garbage into space
- Issue followup to privatizing prisons
- Two issues about manual labor punishment:
1) Them not getting paid (1: It's a job! 2: It's punishment; we should fine them when they do a bad job; 3: They're outsourcing us! Make them stay in prison! [dual version for those without prisons])
2) Working in bad conditions (1: They're appauling and require skill. They shouldn't do this | 2: We'll make them more skilled through corporate punishment if they don't comply | 3: Lower standards everywhere~) [just some ideas, could be totally different]
- Issue about excessive public transport spending without much reason (potentially for nations with high corruption)
- Issue about the lactose intolerant in cheese-worshipping nations? (maybe an option that kills them; maybe an option that says cheese is not meant to be eaten, but appreciated)
- Issue about having too much food
- Issue for nations spending way too much on foreign aid (even if it's strategically)
- Issue about medical marijuana in nations where it's banned (could be fun to throw in an option for nations that have legalized drug use but not marijuana)
- Issue for nations with no smoking but still have marijuana use?
- Issue for nations which have banned contraceptives but not abortion
- Issue about corporate raids/hostile takeovers? Could be interesting but wouldn't be an easy one to tackle.
- Issue for nations with high military spending and lots of deaths to war where nations want you to chill the heck out, so to speak
- Issue about excessive business subsidies in capitalist nations propping up businesses instead of letting them prosper on their own merit
- Issue about nudist camps in prudist nations
- Issue about cheap smart devices/technology being produced by other countries and creating significant and easy exploits for bad guys to easily hack into (or in your own country if you have low safety standards)
- Issue for theocratic nations whereby @@FAITH@@ extremists are terrorizing neighboring countries
- Issue about a strategically placed ally island nation facing submersion due to climate change
- Issue about the military flying secret spacecraft over residential areas and whether it should be classified as a UFO.
- Issue about health insurance in socialist nations without NHS (could be that elites in the field could manage things with government approval but they're doing terribly and other non-government-approved ones springing up?)
- Issue about health insurance start-ups in capitalist nations without NHS or a health insurance industry, trying to turn for-profit.
- Issue about affirmative action in respect to what counts as a race (like, do we draw the line at Maxtopians and Bigtopians, or put them together? Do we treat all minorities as one group? What about people who are part @@DEMONYMADJECTIVE@@ and part foreigner?)
- Possibly an issue where you're running low on slave numbers. Note, however: there's an issue about excessive slave numbers already.
- Issue about harsh conditions in prison (heat, riots, etc.)
- Issues regarding high youth rebelliousness or, alternatively, very low youth rebelliousness.
- Issue based on the Pig War (between the U.S. and British Canada over the islands between Vancouver and Washington)
- Issue for nations receiving foreign aid from private charities and their ability to fuel economic growth (for poor nations!)
- Issue where the United Federation offers to vaccinate your people (good if you have low health / life expectance and/or economy)
- Issue about criminals exchanging ideas in prisons (Jailbirds of a Feather)
- Issue about border patrol officers letting people in who shouldn't be allowed into your nation (Papers, Please! might be a nice title)
- Issue where autonomous regions are too powerful and potentially at odds with each other
- Using The Network as a framework for an issue, possibly about media corruption
- Issue about low cleanliness in public restrooms (as someone who's worked in retail)
- Issue for nations with curfews and parents wanting kids to get out of the house
- Issue about medical marijuana in nations where cannabis is banned
- Issue about politicians not wanting to disclose their religious association
- Issue about state press and devolution
- Issue for feudal nations about making nobles out of military personnel
- Issue about forced admission to mental health
- Issue about NFTs (Potential ideas: viewtopic.php?p=39304482#p39304482)
- Issue for nations with large law&order spending (maybe) about police performing other services like mental health and social services because they have funding while other professionals don't (think what's happening in the U.S. and the defunding-the-police campaigns going on; could be good, relevant satire)
- Issues about cannibalism
- Issue about political party censures (See: RNC event that happened just before Feb 05 2022)
- Issue about political boundary dispute because of a river changing (see: Croatia, Serbia, and Liberland)
- Issue based on the whole Crimea incident. (Could develope into a chain idea ;p)
- Issue about a predecessor pulling out of an unpopular war (maybe military operation in North Palisade or something) only to have botched the job majorly, and your decision to go back and fix things despite being unpopular or declaring to go back there. Research on Afghanistan (see: both recent pullout events) ideal.
- Issue about the Polish/Belarusian border migration incident? Stinking trainwreck that one is.
- Use "Mountebank(ery)" in an issue title, perhaps about fraudulent money schemes relating to banks or bankers
- Issue about workers complaining there's not enough time on their lunch breaks to properly prepare an "adequate" meal <- issue for nations with extremely high food quality standards
- Issue about a unilateral vs. bilateral vs. multilateral trade agreement involving other countries?
- Followup to legalizing selling/gathering of data (like 1297) where someone - Linksay, a comedian or reporter or something - threatens to leak data about your government unless stricter privacy laws are passed.