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List of Known Missing Issue Options

As you could probably guess from my issues, I am heavily involved with the Got Issues forum and community.
Listed below are several issue options that we need. :)
Note: This is not all of the missing options/validities/issues; this is only the long-term missing ones we know are missing.

39.3: Must lean towards being secular.
200.2: Contraceptives are illegal
415.3: Unknown. Believed validity: Professional sports are banned (sports are still legal)
596.8: Absolute Monarchy
717.3: Violetism is illegal
788.5: Must NOT have sports? (Tried and failed; may be broken, probably is some other validity. ;-;)
910.3: MAYBE nation has compulsory colleges already????
NOTE: It's also probable that 910.5 exists under the same conditions as 910.3. If you find one, please report the other if it exists.
928.2: Marriage is illegal
965.3: either Legal compensation must be legal or courts are completely abolished... in fact just post any copy of this one you've got.
992.4: Video games are illegal
All of 998: Must have McCarthyism
1020.5: Socialist
1037.5: Socialist
All of 1112: Unknown.
1116.2: Alcohol is illegal
1116.6: Must be vegetarian
1143.3: Must not have prisons
1159.2: Divorce is illegal
1168.3: Unknown: possibly contraceptives are illegal
1170.1: Unknown: possibly privately-owned guns are illegal
1172.3: Socialist
1178.4: No Corporal Punishment?

and issue 610.4 without option 4 so I can try to figure out why this isn't available to all people. It's possible you need low scientific advancement.
Also, perhaps another report of #1053 without option 3: No Marriage is not the only policy at play, here.