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List of Known Missing Issue Options (Updated as of Jan/21/2022)

As you could probably guess from my issues, I am heavily involved with the Got Issues forum and community.
Listed below are several issue options that we need. :)
Note: This is not all of the missing options/validities/issues; this is only the long-term missing ones we know are missing.

94.3 (presumably): Variant of Option 2; No Elections
531.2*: Must Have Prisons (Found, Not Officially Documented)
603.2: Alcohol is illegal
685.3: Unknown. Likely Socialist
690.3: Compulsory Vegetarianism
910.3: MAYBE nation has compulsory colleges already? Socialist?
NOTE: It's also possible that 910.5 exists under the same conditions as 910.3. If you find one, please report the other if it exists.
1020.5: Socialist
1037.5: Socialist The whole issue is probably capitalist, but keep an eye out if you get this on a socialist nation.
1089.4: Unknown.
1135.4: Likely Compulsory Nudity
1168.3: Unknown: possibly contraceptives are illegal
1329.3: Unknown: Might involved the National Healthcare policy, might even involve socialism. Unclear.
1340.2: Unknown. No child welfare? It's really unclear.
ALL OF 1353: This issue (Must have banned abortion and then must chose a 1-child policy)
1378.5: MADness chain: Must NOT have a national leader, Capitalist, Unknown Prior Chain Option Selection (Inquiry In Progress)