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How to be on the Regional Map?


How to be on the Regional Map?

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You have full rights just by virtue of having a nation in the region, but if you want to get even more involved in, you want to become a roleplayer! This means your nation will be located on the above map and be able to participate in all our roleplayes, developing its own history and interacting with other nations.

How do I claim a plot on the map?
You simply have to fill out the following form and post it on the Linkdedicated thread on our regional forum:

[b]Nation in Selene:[/b]
[b]Nation Name:[/b]
[b]Plot:[/b] (location, shape, size)
[b]Customisation:[/b] (capital, city names, locations)
Starting on 13 July 2016, requests posted on the regional message board or sent through telegram will no longer be accepted. You will need to use the forum thread if you want to apply for a plot on the map.


  • Your nation name may be different from the name of your nation. Example: your nation in Selene may be called Selene Artemis, but you can still write Testlandia as your nation name, and that name is what will appear on the map.

  • Your can choose the location, shape and size of your plot. In order to save space for future nations, please try to keep the size of your claim at about the size of Akarus. If necessary, we can always talk and see how big your claim can be, within reason.

  • You can indicate where you want your capital and other cities to be placed. If you want a specific map of your nation with national subdivisions, it would be best to start a thread in LinkMedia Cavea.

Each user can only have one plot, unless they ask for an exemption. Please don't try to avoid the rule by creating another nation, because you'll probably get caught.

Can I lose my plot on the map?
Yes. Your nation will be removed from the map if any of the following happens:

  • You move your nation to another region.

  • Your nation is expelled from the region.

  • Your nation ceases to exist.

You are welcome to move back or revive your nation, but please be aware that you will need to reapply if you want your nation to be restored on the map. It is possible that in the interim someone else may have taken the land previously occupied by your nation.

What should I do once I have a plot on the map?
You should start roleplaying! There are international summits to be held, wars to be fought, and stories to be told. The possibilities are limitless, all here in LinkMedia Cavea.

What if I don't want to be on the map?
If you prefer not to be on the map, that is perfectly fine. You can still participate in all other areas of the region and this forum. You can participate in all these other areas of the forum:

  • LinkGrand Bazaar: where we discuss real life issues and have other casual conversations.

  • LinkThe Olympics: where we play spam games like Count to 100, Spam Points and many others.

  • LinkIma Cavea: where you can roleplay as a character who lives in Selene or any other country with a plot on the map. You won't need to have your own plot.

  • LinkSumma Cavea: where you can start roleplays not related to the map-based roleplay, such as futuristic roleplays, real world roleplays and much more.

You can bet that we will all be very friendly and happy to have you around. :)