by Max Barry

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Plot line

Bunker 77:
bold text is Marc
unidentified person
plain text is anyone else

12:06 EST

Command Center

"sir the Tesla has reached the intentional destination"
"good general. Now what are the rebel movements and do they pose any threat to us?"
"we have reduced their numbers to 43% your position is guaranteed and will not be threatened"
Good no-
*officer rushes in*
"Sir the bunker has been discovered!"
What by who??!!
"the rebels sir! the are staging a attack!"
activate the defense system code red
*unidentified person flanked by guards walks in and shoots the officer*
Its too late Marc your time is up
How did you survi... *knocked out by but of a rifle*

Bunker 77

8:27 EST
This is unknown rebel leader
This is Marc Fallon
Regular is anyone else

"sir he is coming around"
Good drag him in
*Marc is dragged into the command room*
Marc how are you doing? Feeling good? want some water?
I trusted you you bas****
Shut up!!!
*slaps Marc*
we are going to ransom you for money and supplies.... Let us see if you are any worth to anyone if not.... well I guess you will be fish food
Hah thats what you want... After all these years to think my own br-
*knocks him out again
I told you to shutup!!!

Jokesters wrote:Transmission from bunker 77 to all world leaders

12:01 EST
*begin of transmission
Hello all I will be short and straight to the point I have captured Marc fallon. You can guess why so I want 6,000,000,000 denarii and enough weapons to outfit a army or else Marc dies
*end of transmission*

Schon wrote:IC: USSS is sending 5,000 Lazernoye kop’ye and 5,000 Adhuc korotkiy mech small arms weapons to Jokesters.

Jokesters wrote:*transmisson to Schon*
thank you for your donation our men will get the weapons at the bordersThe last stars
*transmission end*

Bunker 77

5:29 EST
This text is marc
This text is unknown rebel leader
Regular text is anyone else

*survellence camera pans inside the cell*
*unknown rebel leader walks in*
Hey marc looks like somebody likes you they sent a lot of weapons..... unfortunately for you not enough time to meet your end
We always knew it would come to this... brother
yes we knew it would
*marc jumps up revealing that he freed his hands*
*gunshots, a scream pierces the air*
*camera goes dead*

Bunker 77


die fools
*marc Fallon comes rushing out of the cell shooting the rebel guards*
*walking over to a panel in the wall he hits a button*
AI activate code alpha 9
*deep male voice*
Activating code alpha 9... sealing rooms with intruders... releasing knock out gas... intruders neutralized... good day Marc Fallon...
thank you
*walks into cell previous holding cell*
*looks at dead body of his brother*
you fool why would you do this? Why join the futile resistance? You know how much pain you have caused me
*soldiers walk up*
Sir the AI has neutralized the resistance and freed us... sir have you been crying?
*marc turns around wiping his face*
*composing himself quickly*
No! Feed the body’s to the incinerator including that one in the cell NOW!
Yes sir!

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