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Pokémon of the Month - April 2021 - Eevee

Brought to you by the Federal Pokémon Regulation and Control Department.
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Digital renditions of various Eevee, both young and adults. Sylveon not pictured; rendition was made prior to discovery.

Eevee, also known as "fairy foxes" or "fairy dogs", are a small omnivorous Pokémon. Commonly kept as pets, the natural habitat of Eevee ranges from the highest mountains to the depths of the sea thanks to due to a set of reserve genes that are activated as a form of adaptation and, more commonly, as a chemical reaction to certain chemically charged stones.

Friendly and adventurous, Eevee are among the most popular Pokémon in the world. In a 2017 poll from Kanto, Eevee was ranked at fourth place among the most popular Pokémon in the region, beat only by Jigglypuff, Charmander, and Pikachu. Eevee's various mature forms, also known as "Eeveelutions" owing to the original (and erroneous) assumption that they were evolved forms of the Pokémon, are among the most varied and unique mature forms of Pokémon and are mirrored in no other species, although Clamperl and Slowpoke have shown similar forms of maturation.

The first of Eevee's mature forms shown in the rendition (to your right!) is known as Umbreon. Umbreon are almost entirely nocturnal and feed primarily off of wild insects and vegetation. Their thick coats prevent injury to their delicate frames.

The second of Eevee's mature forms is Jolteon. The fastest of Eevee's forms, they are primarily diurnal and hunt in packs. They are among the fastest land animals, reported to reach speeds of over 120 miles per hour (193 km/h). Their fur is charged with a special type of venom that causes a tingling sensation in victims and their fangs are coated with a highly potent neurotoxin, although this can seemingly be disabled at will and is very unlikely to harm people. In the event of a Jolteon attack, however, the neurotoxin is not fatal to humans, including those with weakened immune systems.

The third of Eevee's mature forms is Vaporeon. Unique among Eevee, Vaporeon are fish-like mammals that live primarily in lakes, although they have also been reportedly seen very deep in the ocean. While they have wide gills and fins on their necks, they are also capable of breathing air and are among the more popular pets in Johto.

The fourth of Eevee's mature forms is Flareon. Flareon's fur has a burning poison coating the fur itself, produced in glands on the skin. Because of this, many designer Flareon have these glands removed, although recent research has shown that these glands perform a function similar to sweat and should not be removed for risk of heat stroke. Their poison is extremely mild and can not cause serious damage.

The fifth of Eevee's mature forms is Espeon. Entirely diurnal and hairless, Espeon have been used as clocks and time tellers even in ancient times due to a unique psychological quirk that allows them to tell when the sun is setting in their respective area, even without line of sight. Because of this, they have long been suspected to have psychic powers, although this has been debunked.

The sixth of Eevee's mature forms is Glaceon. Covered in insulating fur, they make their homes primarily on high alpine regions and make popular pets. They have a set of pseudo-ears extending from the sides of their head, which seem to serve no function besides ornamentation; it's been assumed that these are used for attracting mates, but no evidence has been shown to support that hypothesis.

The seventh of Eevee's mature forms, and the last one shown in the rendition, is Leafeon. Their skin is covered in a grass-like fur that serves as camouflage. Despite their gentle nature around other pets and people, Leafeon are the most carnivorous the species. They commonly hunt in packs of up to twenty (20) individuals to hunt down large prey. Their fangs and claws are incredibly sharp and caution should be taken around them as bites can cause serious bleeding and injury.

Eevee are classified as a LEVEL 1 danger, although both Jolteon and Leafeon are classified as LEVEL 2. Extremely friendly and loyal, Eevee make great pets, especially for young children and old adults. Because of their adaptive nature they can adapt to both high-energy and low-energy individuals making them a great companion to both extremely active people and sedentary people, especially the elderly. Eevee are also commonly used as guide animals for disabled people due to their easily trainable nature.