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Archive for Old Factbooks

PLEASE READ THIS: I decided that having too much old outdated factbooks was kind of becoming clutter and really messy, but I wanted to keep them for nostalgia reasons, so I decided to pile them all here. These are exact copies and some might say "remaking my nation" or something like that, just ignore those. Hope you enjoy this? Its pretty cringe and old, but wutever.


Title of Archived Factbook: Joseon Wiki Page(WIP)



What you need to know for now

An confederation in Korea and Manchuria called Joseon, named after a famous dynasty in Korea.

People meet together in small communes or villages and discuss and vote if there is a local problem or argument. Direct democracy.

If there is a national problem, village leaders from each village in Joseon vote on it

There is a militia called "The Militia," or more professionally called the Revolutionary Anarchist Militia of the Joseonville Confederation. This militia is a voluntary, and led by a general, who is directly elected by the people. This is NOT the government, only a milita who defends Joseonville and carries out military operations important to Joseonville.
Our military is mostly peasant militias and use gurreila warfare most of the time. The main weapons are m1 garamds, m1 carbines, a few ak47s, crossbows, swords, and occasionally a pike/spear/pitchfork/a stick in your face.

There is an executive called the Chancellor. They take care of foreign issues through diplomacy. If war ever takes place, the Villages of the Confederation can decide whether to give their militias to the Chancellor.

Very outdated, almost 1940 tech level

Thats all

Oh wait, we almost forgot history

After Korea got liberated from Japan in WW2, the people of Korea quickly gathered and instead of a communist vs capitalist thing happening, they agreed to combined ideologies into a sociocaplitaist confederation.

Hope you liked reading this lol


Title of Archived Factbook: Jasonville Wiki / Socialism in Jasonville


Socialism in Jasonville

1. High Tax=Distribution
2. Government services for all
3. Equal Pay

In Jasonville, socialism is the government policy. But some outsiders may think,"How is Jasonville be able to distribute to their people?" This part of the Jasonville Wiki will explain how socialism works in Jasonville

1. High Tax=Distribution.

All Jasonville Citizens are taxed heavily, yet they do not rebel. This is because they know that the government is using the tax money to pay for many important things that will help all of Jasonville. Mostly the tax is 50 percent of a person's paycheck, but it depends on how much a person gets each month.

2. Government Services for all

The federal Government uses taxes for other projects and necessities, but they also use part of the tax money to pay for the people's education, medical insurance, and their houses. People receive these government services equally

3. Equal Pay

All Jasonvillers receive jobs, and if they don't they are assigned one. Citizens will receive equal pay in that certain job. Some jobs may pay you more or less depending on what it is, but the main point is that everyone doing that certain job will get equal pay always.


Title of Archived Factbook: List of Political Clubs/Parties of Jasonville


The Socialist Christian Political Club

Information:This is the current political group that rules Jasonville currently. Has 40 members in Parliament.

History and Achievements: The Socialist Christian Political Club was the first political "group" to be formed in Jasonville. After getting Prime Minister Jason in presidency,They have passed many laws and bills that helped the poor, improve living conditions, send aid to many other poor countries, and give rights to other minorities, such Jews and Kamchatka Eskimos and LGBTQs to gain more rights and freedom. Today, Prime Minister Jason has been reelected to re guide the country on a new path.

Pros: Socialism, Christian, Democracy, More better living conditions, some isolationist policies, stronger state governments, enviroment

Anti: Capitalist, Imperialist, Intervention, strong federal government, fascism

Democratic Intervention Groups

Information: This political group is not in power right now. has 18 members in Parliament

History and Achievements:

Pros: Imperialist, intervention, strong federal government, more tax, socialist

Anti: Weak federal government, isolationist policies, environment

The Capital Congress

Information: This political group is not in power right now. Has 7 members in Parliament

History and Achievements: Has not been elected to lead Jasonville yet. They have passed many bills that have lessened taxes for the people and increased business freedom(businesses are allowed in Jasonville, but are still gov. property).

Pros: Less tax, weaker federal government, more capitalism in Jasonville

Anti: too much socialism, imperialism, too much tax

United People's Party

Information: This political group is not in power right now. Has 15 members in Parliament

History and Achievements: Increased speech rights through passing laws, and lead Jasonville through the First Peace Era through isolation and attempted to delay the Russian Tensions.

Pros: socialist, full on isolationist policies, Strong federal government,

Anti: Weak federal government, strong state government, fascism

Eskimo Embassy Party

Information: This political group is not legible to become voted in. Has 2 members in Parliament

History and Achievements: After the Jasonvillean Eskimos' rights had been given back o them, and Jasonville helped the Eskimo tribes make a small micro nation on the Jasonville coast, Jasonville allowed the new Federation of Eskimo Tribes 2 votes in the People's Parliament. They have helped vote for environment laws.

Pros: Enviroment, Eskimo rights, some socialism, tribal government

Anti: Capitalism, Imperialism, Suppression of local tribes


Title of Archived Factbook: Jasonville Wiki / Government


[center]Government of Jasonville


Prime Minister: Jason Lee

State Ministers: Enoo Lee, Jackson Pot, Sam Wilson, Yason Opra, Alexander Klo, Whinchester

Leader of the Ministries: Hobson Job


Council of the People


Council of Elders

The Socialist Constitution

The Socialist Constitution was made right after the freedom of Jasonville.

The Socialist Constitution


Title of Archived Factbook: The Jasonville Socialist Constitution


We the workers and people
Work to create a better Federation
Share our property
Defend Jasonville Sovereignty
Assure the rights of the common citizen
For us and our children
Do establish this rightful constitution
For God and For Jasonville

Legislative Branch

-The People's Parliament
Decides on tax bills with majority vote
Is the voice of the people
controls distribution of money and welfare

10 representative for each state. There are 8 Jasonville states and a Eskimo tribe in Jasonville(which gets 2 votes)which lead to 82 representatives in total.

To be a representative, you must be over 25 years old
representatives are elected by the citizens of that state and serve 3 year terms

Executive Branch

-Prime Minister
Leads the nation
Commands the Jasonville Expeditionary Force
Deals with international problems
Appoints Elders and leaders of the The Union of Workers Cabinet

Must be over 25 years old and is voted in by all of Jasonville voting
President serves for 8 years, and has a limit of 5 terms

-The State Ministers
Leads the 8 states of Jasonville for the Prime Minister
Deals with issues inside their states
elected by the people in their independent states
If there is issue or something happens with Prime Minister, there will be a designated order by the Council of the People. The State Ministers will replace the Prime Minister if needed.

Same restrictions as Prime Minister

-The Ministries
Help President deal with different issues

Leaders of the ministries Appointed by Prime Minister, and voted by Parliament

The 14 Articles of the worker's rights

Article 1
Any nations joining the Confederacy must have the same type of government as Jasonville

Article 2
All citizens of Jasonville will receive money and needs (food, medical care, housing, ext) every year in exchange for giving taxes

Article 3
A person's freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and all other rights shall be protected by the government

Article 4Christian Socialiam takes place, and the government will take control of large companies and businesses. These companies still have rights and the government cannot exploit the companies. And in return for being under government care, they will receive money and supplies. But the companies must also fairly pay their workers evenly.

Article 5
Small or independent buisnesses will be left to do what they want. But they must pay their workers fairly.

Article 6
Any nations under the Confederacy must listen to the federal law, and federal law is supreme over state law

Article 7
Citizens have a right to fair trial, may not be arrested without evidence of crime, and will not be searched or their property searched unless there is proof of crime.

Article 8
There shall be no strange or savage punishments. The only available punishments are prison, forced rehabilitation, and small labor. If the crime was extreme and the offender is dangerous to society, after a trial he or she can only be executed by firing squad.

Article 9
Rights cannot be denied by other people. Everyone is equal and it shall be stated.

Article 10
The right to bear arms and defend self.

Article 11
The government may not use any military branch, except the MP(Military Police) to enforce laws unless accepted by Judicial and voted on by the Council of the People

Article 12
All citizens have the right to vote for leaders, except Elders and other presidential nominations.

Article 13
Any person born on Jasonville territories or waters is an automatic citizen.

Article 14
To register as a citizen, all info must be put in the national citizen registry, pledge the oath to Jasonville, and create all needed documents for citizenship.


Title of Archived Factbook: Jasonville Militia in a nutshell


A bunch of farmer and peasants that managed to organize together to create a military to defend Jasonville.

They use tactics such as hit and run, ambushing, rudely sniping from the trees/mountains/bushes/buildings/anywhere you expect and least expect it, flanking, and small scale warfare.

Many underestimate the Jasonville military because of outdated weaponary and the fact that these are all anarchists. This may be true, but when you truly face them, they'll make life very hard for your armies.

Eventually, you will win(or just give up since Jasonville is quite a unuseful target, and it's just a waste of time), but it will cost you time, money, and people.

This, is our Militia. Welcome to Jasonville, foreign invaders.

(Then we get epically crushed like an ant, but whatever lol)

Strengths: more mobility, quick raids, insurgency attacks, ambushing/hit and runs, recovering, hiding

Weaknesses: lack of supplies (that's why we do quick raids), trying to group together, attempting to face the enemy from the front

Also, small, elite units that can outhide/ambush/hit and run are good against us. You will have to deploy these everywhere.

In conclusion, fighting us is:
A long dragged out war, us hiding, you finding us, counter insurgency based, and just being a pain for both sides.

Also, there are 2 parts of the Jasonville Milita.

1. The Red Milita: this is overseas militia, for attacking other nations if nessesary or contributing to large military alliances against terrorist OR evil regimes. This militia is rarely used as we are mostly the ones invaded. But it's there just in case.

2. The Black Militia: this is our defense milita. We depend on them the most if we get invaded.

(The reason for the names is because red and black are anarchist symbols)
(Also, all naval/aerial forces are part of the militia, we just don't label them separately because we have a small naval/aerial force.)


Title of Archived Factbook: Jasonville Wiki / Artillery Cannon

Artillery Cannon

Made in: Jasonville

Shooting rate: 15 times a minute

Artillery Cannon

A simple cannon, for small bombardments. This takes 4 people to operate for full firing rate, but can be just used with one person at a much slower rate. Reloading is very easy and to shoot you must pull the lever.


Title of Archived Factbook: Jasonville Wiki / M1 Garand

[center]M1 Garand

Made in: USA, modified in Jasonville

Ammo: 10 rounds

The M1 Garand

The M1 Garand is the main rifle for Jasonville Infantry Troops. The M1 rifle is a .30 caliber, gas-operated, 8 shot clip-fed, semi-automatic rifle.[36] It is 43.6 inches (1,107 mm) long and it weighs about 9.5 pounds


Title of Archived Factbook: Jasonville Wiki / AK47


Made in: USSR/ Soviet Union

Rounds: 30


The AK47 is thje most used weapon in the Jasonville Military. The AK-47, officially known as the Avtomat Kalashnikova (Russian: Автома́т Кала́шникова, tr. Avtomát Kaláshnikova, lit. Kalashnikov's Automatic Rifle; also known as the Kalashnikov and AK), is a gas-operated, 7.62×39mm assault rifle, developed in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov. It is the originating firearm of the Kalashnikov rifle (or "AK") family


Title of Archived Factbook: Jasonville WIki / All territories of Jasonville

Current Jasonville Homeland:

A union of socialist nations on a peninsula.

States of Jasonville
These are the nations that are part of Jasonville

Forresta is a very dense forested land, with lots of woods and small lakes. Lots of hunting and most Militia groups train up there in the Spring and Summer.

Between Matrekia and Forresta, it is called Midlandia for that reason. Has some forests and lots of rivers running through it.

Its name comes from being right on the coast. Lots of fish exports and ports for the Jasonville Navy.

As Jasonville was once under USSR control, Matrekia means Mainland in Russian, and is in the middle of Jasonville.

Many Koreans immigrated from Korea because of the Korean war and was excepted by the Temporary Jasonville government. They were allowed to establish the state of Koryo, which was a old name for Korea.

The Western Isles
Although the islands are actually east from the Jasonville Peninsula, the namers were drunk after celebrating their accomplishment. They accidentally voted jokingly to name it the Western Isles, and later reported to the the government that it was named the Western Isles. The government refuses to change the name because of the hard work gonbe into claiming the islands.


Title of Archived Factbook: The Jasonville National Anthem


[The melody is like the Russian Anthem.]

We are the Confederacy of Jasonville
Weak when seperate, But strong together!

Under God we unite!
For this Confederacy we shall fight!
Together we accomplish the impossible!

From the Northern Mountains,

To the Southern Jasonville Seas

We are, we are, United under God!

Together on this Peninsula

Singing together forever

For God and For Jasonville
We sing this song!

(Back to beginning)
For God and For Jasonville
We are United
Loving and forgiving each other!

A great land of dreams!
Many accomplishments
God will lead us
To victory and beyond!

Brothers and sisters let us unite
Workers and all let unite

For God and For Jasonville this is our nation!

Together we shall forgive and accept
Together we shall love and not reject

For God and For Jasonville
We are one!

(Back to beginning)

For God and For Jasonville
We are one!
Forever united with love!

With bonds unbreakable
God will lead us



Title of Archived Factbook:


Jasonville's Energy

A: Windmills
B: Solar Energy
C: Nuclear Energy
D: Other
E: Oil


Windmills have been put in various windy places in the nation. This, along with solar energy helps the enviroment in many ways.

Windmills do well in Jasonville, as in the summer is still slightly cool and produces light winds. The Winter is sometimes stormy and have snowstorms, causing lots of wind. The energy is reliable as the climate helps produce more energy.

Solar Energy

Jasonville has been growing more eco friendly, and replacing some of its old oil with solar energy.

The government has created several solar farms across the nation. These solar farms collect solar energy during the day, and saves 50 percent to be stored for later use, and 50 to be distributed to most homes that use electricity.

Jasonville's climate sometimes prevents the solar farms from working, so that is when the reserve solar energy takes place.

These solar farms are much cheaper and is friendly to the ecosystem, and only needs the sun.

Nuclear Energy

Although lacking nuclear missiles, Jasonville still has the technology to create nuclear power plants.

Nuclear power plants are a bit environmental friendly and produce lots of energy at the same time.

Due to the public opinion of not wanting too many dangerous nuclear power plants around them, the government has agreed to restrict the number of nuclear power plants to 15.


Other types of energy have been achieved through government research.

There are 2 extra methods of producing energy, watermills and fitness centers.

The Jasonville Navy has placed watermills in lakes, rivers, and on the coast to use the waves or currents to produce energy. It is very efficient and very eco friendly.

Another still in experiment energy sources are fitness centers. The government thought that this would be a good idea to reduce obesity and produce energy at the same time.

The first tests were simple. A fitness center would be connected to a 3 story library. When the test started, it took about 20 minutes for the lights to be fully on. The people in the library noted that every hour, the lights would turn off at least 2 or 3 times due to the people exercising having to rest. The test was conducted for 4 hours.

The next few tests, the government used military fitness centers, as soldiers were constantly training and exercising in there. The building which was a nearby cafe, said that they only experienced 1 or 2 light offs per hour.

The government decided to create more fitness centers and add energy generators to all the military fitness machines. Although not lots of energy is created through this, it is eco friendly and helps a bit.


Sadly, even with all these eco friendly alternatives, oil is still in use. Oil is mainly preserved for military/humanitarian use, but some oil goes to the public use also.


Title of Archived Factbook: Jasonville Wiki / National Anthem


Jasonville National Anthem

Created: March 21, 1955


National Anthem Lyrics

Jasonville Anthem Description

The Jasonville Anthem has the same melody as the USSR and Russian anthem. It repeats three times, and the last time only the chorus gets repeated.

The Jasonville anthem talks about unity, love, forgiveness, the land, and God. It was created to unite the people of Jasonville


Some people criticize the melody, as it brings the shadow of the evil USSR back. But the government claims that this song is patriotic sounding and creates love and forgivness amongst the people.

There had been polls to see if the Jasonvillers feel that way. The first Poll showed that 40 percent felt proud but didn't now the lyrics, 30 percent knew the lyrics and felt that the song was okay, and 30 percent said that they would like the government to change it. But then after these people heard the song again, 60 percent remembered the lyrics and thought the song was very good, 30 still liked the song but didn't know the lyrics, and 10 percent still wanted the government to change it.