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What you need to know for now

An confederation in Korea and Manchuria called Joseon, named after a famous dynasty in Korea.

People meet together in small communes or villages and discuss and vote if there is a local problem or argument. Direct democracy.

If there is a national problem, village leaders from each village in Joseon vote on it

There is a militia called "The Militia," or more professionally called the Revolutionary Anarchist Militia of the Joseonville Confederation. This militia is a voluntary, and led by a general, who is directly elected by the people. This is NOT the government, only a milita who defends Joseonville and carries out military operations important to Joseonville.
Our military is mostly peasant militias and use gurreila warfare most of the time. The main weapons are m1 garamds, m1 carbines, a few ak47s, crossbows, swords, and occasionally a pike/spear/pitchfork/a stick in your face.

There is an executive called the Chancellor. They take care of foreign issues through diplomacy. If war ever takes place, the Villages of the Confederation can decide whether to give their militias to the Chancellor.

Very outdated, almost 1940 tech level

Thats all

Oh wait, we almost forgot history

After Korea got liberated from Japan in WW2, the people of Korea quickly gathered and instead of a communist vs capitalist thing happening, they agreed to combined ideologies into a sociocaplitaist confederation.

Hope you liked reading this lol