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The Pizza Manifesto

All throughout the world of Nationstates, there is one thing that all nations seek. This object, so weirdly good to national economy, is prized in any nations.
Empire or republic, communist or capitalist, monarchy or dictatorship does not matter. This one thing will help your nation succeed.

It is a Pizza

And what I mean by pizza, is by having a good Pizza Industry, you will have a good economy.

Starting off with Economy
Let us start with economy.

Industries, and Industries, and even more Industries
In order to make the common pizza what does a pizza maker need? Cheese and Bread.

Cheese comes from cows, which comes from milk. This supports the Cow and Milk industry.

Same with bread. You need wheat, which comes from farms. This will help your Agriculture Industy.

Now that was just the simple Cheese Pizza. What about you want to add some Ham or Bacon on that pizza? Delicious to you, but also your nation's economy!

Meat comes from Animals which supports the Meat Industry.

How about some vegtables? Onions, lettuce, spinach. All good to you AND your nation's economy. This supports your Agriculture Industry. AGAIN.

Yup! Even companies are part of this. Who's going to make the ingredients for the pizzas after all?

Just mass producing ingredients means that Pizza selling shops will have more products (pizza) and will be able to sell more.

And some left leaning nations are probably asking, what about us?
Communist nations can also benefit through this! Government owned companies will have lots of profits and your nation will be able to rize quickely.

Trading with other nations
Having a good pizza industry can bring good profits from inside your nation, but also from the world!
Your pizza is probably ready to go, all frozen up in cargo boxes to be shipped all around the world. Many nations will be wanting your delicious pizza, and will probably be willing to give you some other products that your nations need. You need coal? Some nation probably needs food. TRADE!

And doing a tariff on international trade will also give a big bonus to your income. And if you need to, you can out balance the other nation's tarrifs.

Jobs for everyone!
With all of this hapoening, your going to need more people.

You need more farmers for growing vegetables.

You need people to cut the meat.

You need people to make the pizza.

Making a good and maasive pizza industry means you need more people. Which means Jobs for everyone!

This is good if your economy is running low, then this will help your citizens work and help raise the economy again!

Changing your nation
Pizza can have a wondrous change in your economy, but also your nation itself.

When your citizens see pizza more often, they will start thinking of unity. Pizza is more common, everyone likes it, which creates more union

Plus, pizza is a union of triangular slices of cheese. Isn't it amazing?

Morale on the Front Lines
Sometimes, your nation gets in wars. It happens to most nations.

And sometimes, your troops mostly eat gruel on the front lines.

The soldiers are sad, depressed, hungry and injured. And when they come back from battle, all they see is gruel or some other un tasty food for dinner.

But what if instead of that gruel, they saw Pizza?

Troops are at least a bit more happier for a different change, and something tastier than gruel.

But you all are probably wondering, wouldn't that cost too much?

Not unless you have a good Pizza Industry! Then you can mass produce, freeze, ship pizza to your soldiers out there.

Troops are more willing to fight and are more proud of their nation. They also probably will be less likely to riot then before.

Argh! Scurvy!
Your sailors in the Navy have enough to eat. Except what they eat doesn't have enough nutritents and vitamins. This is needed for an average sailor and what would be the best?


Pizza has lots of needed vegtables and meat that will make your sailors strong and healthy for naval warfare!

This manefisto has told you all about the great benefits about having a great Puzza Industry.

Now, to the person reading this, are you willing to make your nation better? Then do it, one pizza at a time.


Thank you for reading the pizza manifesto! Please upvote if you enjoyed! Thank you!

This article was provided by the Socialist Christian Confederacy of Jasonville