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Hae: The Man Behind the Mask

Political Views

Hae is a libertarian, blah blah blah free market, blah blah blah marriage equality, blah blah blah gun rights, blah blah blah free speech.

Religious Beliefs

Hae was raised Catholic but had undergone some atheist beliefs after feeling conflicted with Catholic church teachings and his personal views. He currently describes himself as agnostic Catholic.


I took this idea from Liberty and linguistics/Fortschritte who took the idea from MERIZoC who took the idea from Arkolon and The Liberated Territories.

1. Hae loves food and would actually travel throughout the world just to try their cuisines.
2. Hae loves legos
3. Except for some superhero shows, he can never really get into the major fandoms such as Sherwin or Supernational or Attack on Titanium
4. Hae thinks society has failed once colleges are trying to establish safe space and allows gender and fat studies to be real subjects
5. He repeatedly gets into conflict with Lykens due to his hatred towards California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.
6. He supports the NCR and the Minutemen in Fallout, Brotherhood of Steel being the second option. The Institute is made up of sheltered nerds living underground making glorified toasters; the Railroads are a bunch of hippies who don't care about the common people; the Enclave is a band of genocidal maniacs, Mr. House is a 100 year old dweeb, and the Legion failed at cosplaying as the Romans. The NCR, the Minutemen, and the Brotherhood of Steel, while flawed, have causes worth fighting for.

International Party Affiliation
1. United States - Independent (Would probably be a Main Street/Libertarian Republican or a Blue Dog Democrat if joining either party)
2. South Korea - Independent, maybe People's Partyt