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45th Ranger Brigade

45th Ranger Brigade

Ranger Distinctive Unit Patch

Active: 1925-1934

Formed: August 22nd, 1924

Country: Independent Republic of Insurgia
Branch: Insurgian Army
Allegiance: Army Special Operations Command

Type: Airborne special operations

Role: Light infantry
Airborne infantry
Airmobile infantry
Ranger infantry

Size: 8,400 personnel authorized
8,200 military personnel
200 civilian contractors

Headquarters: Fort Hawkins, Guadalajara, IRI, Abathon

Nickname: Rangers

Alpine Race Riots
The Great War

The 45th Ranger Brigade is a light infantry airborne special operations force that is part of the Insurgian Army Special Operations Command. The Brigade is headquartered at Fort Hawkins, Guadalajara and is composed of two infantry battalions, two paratrooper battalions and one military police battalion. The primary mission of the Brigade is to provide large scale support for invasions or defenses.

The 45th Ranger Brigade is the Insurgian Army's general purpose light infantry unit, with specialized skills that enable the Brigade to perform a variety of missions. Besides direct action raids, these include: Airfield seizure, special reconnaissance, personnel recovery, clandestine insertion, and site exploitation.


The Brigade dates back to 1924 when it was formed out of need for a general purpose brigade that could dual operate over several different fields. During the course of its first activation, the Brigade saw action in the Iniapolis riots of 1930 when they were rapidly deployed to peacefully disperse several crowds of rioters and looters as well as the Alpine Black Rights' Protest of 1932. The Brigade was later deactivated in 1934.

With the start of the Great War, the Brigade was reactivated in 1938 and was quickly deployed to the defense of the invading Marathonnian and Intreshan forces. Their most recognized engagement was the siege of Hailey's Cross when the Brigade confronted a Marathonnian division that was slaughtering civilians inside the city. This was the first major documentation of Marathonnian war crimes that was publicized. Through a brutal five months of fighting, the Brigade finally lifted the siege of the city and pushed the invaders out.

Organizational Structure

The 45th Ranger Brigade is comprised of five major battalions. These battalions are:

  • 48th Infantry Battalion

  • 212th Infantry Battalion

  • 7th Airborne Battalion

  • 88th Airborne Battalion

  • 2nd Military Police Battalion

Notable Engagements


  • June 5th, Iniapolis Riots are quelled by the 2nd Military Police Battalion.


  • February 4th, the 2nd Military Police Battalion is deployed to disperse a Black Rights' Protest in Alpine.


  • January 21st, the Battle of Worthington begins.

  • May 8th, Worthington ends with a stalemate.

  • August 1st-December 2nd, the Battle of Jericho takes place. The Brigade is at the forefront of the battle.


  • February 1st, the Battle of Nassau begins. The Brigade successfully keeps the invading Marathonnians from gaining ground.

  • May 22nd, the Battle of Nassau ends. A whole Marathonnian division disappears.


  • January 12th, the Brigade is deployed to the border to halt any further advances.

  • April 29th, a Marathonnian-Intreshan infantry division slips past the border, a large scale battle is narrowly avoided.

  • September 19th-December 18th, the Brigade is deployed to aid two Marine divisions in Intresha.


  • February 5th, the Confrontation of Eagle Pass begins. The Brigade suffers heavily at the hands of Marathonnian Panzergrenadiers and retreats.

  • August 14th, the Brigade is deployed to Hailey's Cross where they confront Marathonnian and Intreshan forces.


  • February 9th, the Brigade successfully pushes the invading forces out of Hailey's Cross, ending a whole year of genocide.

  • June 29th, the 45th Ranger Brigade is sent to Kidala to aid in her defense.

  • November 11th, the Brigade faces off against two PzG battalions at Rapture, enduring its heaviest casualties of the whole war.


  • June 5th, after recovering from heavy casualties, the Brigade is sent to Crow Falls to defend from Marathonnian intrusions.

  • July 19th, Marathonnian reinforcements arrive and begin to seize to the city. The Siege of Crow Falls begins.

  • October 18th, Marathonnian forces successfully drive a wedge between Brigade forces.

  • November 20th, Marathonnian morale is shattered and the month long encirclement of the three surviving battalions ends.

  • December 4th, the Brigade aids the Dragoon Battalion in a final push of a Kidalan coastal city, lifting the Siege of Kidala.


  • March 10th, the Brigade is deployed to Aziran for coastal defense training operations.

  • May 23rd, the Brigade is deployed to Kaztian, Karaq for the defense of an anticipated invasion.

  • August 23rd, the Siege of Kaztian begins. The Brigade suffers immense casualties.

  • December 2nd, the Siege of Kaztian is lifted.


  • April 1st, the Brigade takes part in the Battle of Saratov.

  • August 8th, the Brigade witnesses the capitulation of Marathonnian forces at Saratov.


  • March 8th-August 12th, the Battle of Rensen takes place. Heavy casualties amass on allied units, particularly the 45th Ranger Brigade.


  • March 1st, the Brigade is deployed to Limewick.

  • April 29th, Marathonnian forces surrender at Limewick.

  • September 12th-December 29th, the Battalion is deployed to the Marathonnian countryside where they are met by the remains of several armored and PzG battalions.


  • February 5th, the Siege of Königsberg begins. The Brigade takes part.

  • November 14th, the Siege of Königsberg is lifted with the unconditional surrender of the Marathonnian Empire.


  • March 11th, the 45th Ranger Brigade is sent to maintain the peace in Verkoft, one of the broken up pieces of the former Marathonnian Empire.


Infantry from the 48th Infantry Battalion deployed to Kaztian, circa 1944

Infantry from the 212th Infantry Battalion overlooking Hailey's Cross, circa 1941

Paratrooper from the 7th Airborne Battalion sharing a cigarette with Allied troops in Limewick, circa 1947

Rangers providing support to a Sherman on Kidalan soil, circa 1943