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States of the Independent Republic of Boldonia

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In the Independent Republic of Boldonia, a state is a constituent political entity, of which there are currently 9. Each state is able to govern and administrate itself as long as they do not conflict with any national law.


Category: Federated State
Location: Independent Republic of Boldonia
Number: 9
Highest Population: Florsid
Lowest Population: Eastisle North
Largest Size: Norfi
Smallest Size: The Boldonian Capital Territory
Government: State Government
Subdivisions: County

The Independent Republic of Boldonia currently has 9 states.

Boldonian Capital Territory
Capital and Largest City: Boldonia City
Three Letter Code: BCT
Nickname: The Capital State
The official capital of the Independent Republic of Boldonia. While most governmental affairs are handled in Boldonia City, there are a few others that are scattered about the state.
Capital and Largest City: Parmilo
Three Letter Code: FLD
Nickname: The Palm State
The most populous state in the country.
Capital and Largest City: Nalip
Three Letter Code: SCL
Nickname: The Agriculture State
Produces the most agricultural products in the nation.
Capital and Largest City: Filorose
Three Letter Code: CEN
Nickname: The Flora State
Has the most area of rainforest in the nation.
Capital: Norfi City
Largest City: North Point
Three Letter Code: NRF
Nickname: The Mountian State
The most mountainous state.
Capital and Largest City: Torsk
Three Letter Code: REF
Nickname: The Coastal State
A coastal state that is head in the fishing business.
Capital and Largest City: Orleli
Three Letter Code: FIL
Nickname: The Trade State
Used to have the largest shipping industry, now slowly being overtaken by Florsid.
Eastisle South
Capital and Largest City: Eastisle City
Three Letter Code: EIS
Nickname: The Battle State
Site of the historic Battle of Eastisle.
Eastisle North
Capital: Port Fortitude
Largest City: Nelio
Three Letter Code: EIN
Nickname: The Industry State
Used to be a center for a burgeoning industry, now most of it is abandoned.

Each state is able to govern itself to some extent as long as their laws do not conflict with federal law. Each state has two Governors, two Senators, and a number of Representatives depending on population, all of which are voted on by citizens of the state. Every state has some form of Legislature, however who is on the legislature and how much power the legislature has varies from state to state.