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OOC - The man behind the slaughter

Name: James (go online by the alias of Infinite, you can call me Duotona on here)

Hell no, not doxing myself, and even if I could, I would NOT have the confidence.

Gender: Male

Height: Last time I checked it was 5'7", it probably has risen to 5'8"

Birthday: January 4, 2007 (15 y/o)

Nationality: British

Race: White

Sexuality: Straight

Hobbies: Cars, Motorsports, Gaming

Favourite Games: Roblox, Hollow Knight, Forza series, Deltarune

Favourite Musician and Song: Madeon, basically any track on Good Faith.

Well, hello.

I don't really know how to begin this thing since it's not a typical factbook, but this is what you probably want to know about me! I'm just some dude who likes the historical aspect of this game, so came up with a story as I went along and eventually made a decent(ish) nation. As the sidebar would tell you, yes, I am a straight white male from a first world nation so I don't have a Twitter (or any social media apart from this) out of fear that I will get cancelled. Also yes, I did come because of Mister Paintbrush himself, but it was a year after so I'm not the one that set the server room on fire because of the traffic.

Outside of NS, I enjoy motorsports (Formula 1 to be specific), with my favourite team being McLaren. I've supported them since about 2010 thanks to Jenson Button but I've enjoyed basically everyone who has raced for them in that time but I don't like Hamilton anymore because he lost any sense of fun personality in him. I have previously been a fan of football (I'm British, of course) and the WWE for a bit. Whilst I don't watch them anymore, I do poke my head in from time to time to see what's changed.

Music is another of my hobbies, and something I've been interested in for a few years now, with electronic being my specialty. I was introduced to the genre properly by my brother, who showed me Madeon's Adventure album. Madeon is now my favourite artist, but other artists include Porter Robinson, Daft Punk, Justice and Pendulum. I also have an interest in late 90's music, including people like The Prodigy, Jamiroquai and Fatboy Slim. I basically have all the songs I listen to dumped into one mega playlist that I put on shuffle. As of writing, it's 13 hours long.

Since this is NS, you're probably thinking to yourself "Cool, but what's your political stance?" To be frank with you, I don't want to decide this early yet since A) I cannot vote legally in my country yet and B) If I were to do something like the political compass test I would be jumping around the place like a game of Pong. If I were forced to pick, I would guess I'm a democratic socialist because I do think companies should be restricted from committing atrocities to make a profit (cough Nestlé cough) but when I look at a nation like China or the USSR I don't like the whole dictator aspect. I think nations in Scandinavia are the best examples for nations now, even if they sway more right than I do.

As for games (since I'm epic pro gamer!!1! :shades:) I've always liked racing games due to my like or motorsports, mainly the Forza series. My first console was the PS2, followed by the PS3, then I jumped ship in 2017 and got an Xbox One S. Other games that aren't racing that I've thoroughly enjoyed were DELTARUNE (potassium), Roblox (jesus christ i've played since 2013 help me) and the Pokemon series (i love azumarill and i want a banner with one on it for this nation).

Here's a short Q&A bit to round out this mess of a factbook:

Q) Cats or dogs?
A) Do I have to choose? If I do, then it's cats but only by a tiny margin. My relatives have had more dogs than cats but I've always wanted a cat when I'm an adult.

Q) What do you think of your country, Britain?
A) Dull. I've heard many people call their town or country boring and then I look at it like "damn i wish I lived there". The UK looks so boring, especially if you live in a suburb like me.

Q) I noticed you're in Forest. What's your view on environmentalism and climate change?
A) I'm angry about it, because the baby boomers caused it, then the millennials and Gen Z's were forced to handle the aftermath. We're the ones that are tasked with reversing over a century of climate activity in a decade, yet I'm still optimistic we can do it if politicians actually stick to their guns.

Q) What's your obsession with bees?
A) I needed a national animal for this nation, so I picked the first one off the top of my head, which just so happened to be bees. As I developed this nation further, however, I became fascinated with them, and they soon became my favourite animal (wasps on the other hand are the spawn of satan). It's almost worth all the Bee Movie and Wicker Man jokes.

Q) Who is the best nation you've seen on NS, or who do you have the best relation to?
I interact positively with most people on F7, which is where I do most of my posting. Some of the ones I've seen and replied to the most by my count are Free Ravensburg and -Astoria-. Them two are very chill people from what I've experienced. As for the best world building and actual nation I've seen, I'd say it has to be the Pan-Asiatic States. It's a nation which factbooks are the most rich with character, and the nation I first went "Woah. They'd kill us." to. Keep up the good work, and I hope to see more from you in the future!

Q) What would you like to be famous for one day?
A) I'd love to pick up music production at some point. If I ever did become famous, I'd probably do two things. One, I'd act in the same vein as Daft Punk or Deadmau5 and have a masked persona that I act under. I don't remember where they said this, but I heard that the reason that Daft Punk wore the robot costumes was that they didn't want their looks to be the forefront of their career, they wanted people to enjoy their work and I agree with that sentiment a lot. Secondly, I'd love to operate in the same way as something like Lapfos Trax where I have a ton of names and aliases that I work under in order to experiment with new styles. In my head, I already have two concepts: my main alias called Infinite where I produce House and other general Electro (like my top artists) and wear an LED TV as a a mask, and then a second alias for more dark and distorted genres like darksynth and speedcore (like Carpenter Brut and TQBF) and have the persona of a blindfolded bandit/anarchist. This is the kind of stuff I think about when listening to music, which is why it's all planned out this deep. I'm weird like that.

Anyway, that's been me, so, stay hydrated, have a nice day, and keep making cool nations!

- Infinite