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An Introduction to Imki

Ahoy there, I'm Imkihca...

but you can call me Imki for short!
I have been playing NationStates since creating my first nation, Imkitopia, in May 2015.
Starting in the South Pacific and expanding to the other Game Created Regions to various degrees I have mostly made a name for myself with my graphic work, sometimes controversial political actions, dislike of clothing, and bad sense of humour.

Forum Username

Discord ID

Family Name
Imkihca Kaeleigh Hyde (nιe Astor)

Active Nations
Imkihca Imki
Imkiville Imkitopia Imkitropolis

Retired Nations
Imkistan Imkiland Imkisle Imkivale Imkishire Achikmi


NationStates Resume

-Current Political Titles-
Shareholder of LazCorp (7/2018-Current)
Resident of The Sasquatch Republic (10/2018-Current)

-Former Political Titles-
The South Pacific Legislator (6/2015-12/2017)
Honorary SPSF Officer (6/2015-12/2017)
TSP Local Councillor (8/2015-11/2015)
TSP Vice Delegate (12/2015-2/2016)
Europeia Citizen (2/2016-6/2017)
Kingdom of Alexandria Subject of the Crown (2/2016-12/2016)
KoA Privy Councilor of Arts (2/2016-12/2016)
The North Pacific Citizen (5/2016-6/2016)
TSP Minister of Military Affairs (6/2016-10/2016)
Osiris Citizen (10/2016-12/2017)
Lazarus Legislator (1/2017-4/2018)
Laz Guardian (3/2017-4/2018)
The West Pacific Hall of Nations Member (4/2017-08/2018)
Osi Sub-Vizier of Visual Design (5/2017-12/2017)
Lone Wolves United Affiliate (6/2017-8/2017)
Balder Citizen (9/2017-12/2017)
LazCorp Chief Executive Officer (4/2018-3/2019)
LazCorp Security Auditor (3/2019-12/2019)
Lily Updater (7/2020-3/2021)
LazCorp Human Resource Officer (2/2021-10/2021)
-Disclaimer: Dates are from memory but roughly accurate.-

-Family Affiliations-
Sister to Bran, Aelitia & Fujai Astor
Married to Phantasus Arthur Hyde
In-law to the Moreaux Family

-Silly Titles-
Overlord of the Eggy Omelettes
Dungeon Mistress
Ministress Emeritus
Green Goddess

-Awards and Interviews-
Hell's Bells Issue XXX: Lazarus, May 2018 - Dispatch Link
Gameplayer of the Year Honourable Mention, Dec 2018 - NS Forum Post Link
Gameplay Magazine Featured Personality, Feb 2019 - Dispatch Link
The Newsroom Podcast, Mar 2019 - LinkNSToday Site Link
14th in NSToday's Power 20 Listing, June 2019 - NS Forum Post Link
The Grand Gameplay Armchair Rube Goldberg Barstool Award, Aug 2019 - NS Forum Post Link
Commended by the World Assembly, Jul 2021 - SC Resolution Link

Graphics Portfolio


Link Link Link Link Link Link
Link Link Link Link Link Link
Link Link Link Link Link Link

-Crests, Logos & Seals-

Link Link Link Link Link Link
Link Link Link Link Link Link


Link Link Link Link Link Link
Link Link Link Link Link Link
Link Link Link Link Link Link

These are just a small sample of the various graphics I've made in my time playing NationStates, in no particular order and updated when I feel like it. Click the thumbnails for full images.

Player Testimonials

“Imki's girlcoup, much like Imki, was bombastic, charismatic, and not without a healthy heaping of chaos”

-The Grim Reaper-
“Imki you're always helping me with my uprising. :3”

-Lamb Stone-
“Imki is the least boring person I know on here.”

-Bran Astor-
“Friend, confidant, sister, and amazing artist with a magical ass. Does that sound to Trump-Ivanka? I mean, I've seen the ass. It's truly a magical ass. No. Yuck! Not her butt. She's too damn skinny to have a butt. I'm talking about the actual donkey-unicorn thing tattooed on her thigh.”

“The baddest bitch in the anime club.”

“She’s Fiercely loyal, competitively competent, with a tenacious humor and the graphical genius that contends with some of the best I’ve seen in my tenure. Imkinky lives up to her name.”

-Big Bad Badger-
“Imki's charm is only surpassed by her snark. Green goddess is best goddess!”

-Pencil Sharpeners-
“Imki is 6/5 for scariness.”

“The most adorable and nice person that has ever played NS.”

“Imki has never used the threat of physical violence to extract laudatory quotes from me; such a thing is beneath her. I adore and venerate her, for she is a delightful person worthy of acclaim and approbation. Truly, there is no one in NS I'd rather spend a sunny afternoon in the pub with. I declare that the following voluntary statement is made of my own free will without promise of hope or reward, without fear or threat of physical harm, without coercion, favour or offer of favour, without leniency or offer of leniency, by any person whatsoever. I am voluntarily providing this information, of my own free will, for whatever purpose it may serve.....”

“A pretty huge dork.”

“You are just too naughty for this innocent game. That's why you piss off everyone else.”

“Imki is hypnotizing all of us.”

“I would say that, honestly, Imki is one of the best graphic artists in NationStates. Under-rated, professional, but not stuck up! She know exactly what she is doing. Graphic artists in NS don't get the credit they deserve, like, at all.”

“Imki is weird and amazing”

“Imki is a very cool NSer who makes beautiful art, is fiesty like all the best people, and fun to talk to about real life topics! She's also staunchly loyal and has made an impact on the game!”

“No one here but Imki knows what sexy is.”

Evil Wolf
“LWU spy forever 🖤”

“-delightful artist (example: runs around NS making free (fancy) graphics to any region that requests them)
-realist and brutal honesty but purity honesty too (doesn’t sugarcoat words and says it when someone’s incompetent at their job but explains how/teaches, or at least shows how)
-beautiful, sweet,
-dark green, (theme color! She always has this color, whether as hair color or eye color or something she wears, or displays on a flag)
-rattlesnakes, rats, horses
-true to herself
-she doesn’t sugarcoat or suckup to anyone despite how much objects they offer her, only thing she accepts is integrity
-loyal, fair
-puts up with BS with her impossibly high levels of tolerance, too tsundere &soft for her own good, before she explodes and burns these scoundrels into oblivion
-dedicated, hardworking, intelligent/wise, strategic, and always learning
-horrid timezone so hard to catch sometimes, I think she lives in the UK and has a realistic sleep cycle
-imkiville is a cute nation
-I really haven't seen her lie despite how it would advantage her if she did, but she takes risks of rejection because she's not here to please others, she's here to be transparent and honest in spite of potentially stepping on toes. This is a good trait, and friends benefit from having friends like these.

“Love her or hate her, Imki is one of the realest players on NationStates, and that's one of many reasons she should be appreciated.”

“I can't call Imki young, but I'm almost scared to call her old.”

“Imki is amazing.”

“Uh, yeah. That Imki person? Awful, I hear she couped TSP and brutally oppressed Lazarus.”

“Imki LOLcat”

“Imki Catgirl”

Frequently Asked Questions

-Who are you?-
“I'm Imki! Nudist matriarch of several small, tropical, self named island nations in roleplay and mostly retired antagonist in gameplay. More than anything, I like to make things pretty.”

-Okay, great, but who are you really?-
“I'm an adult British woman in a long term relationship. I pay bills and have a pet cat, far less interesting.”

-How did you get so good at art?-
“Lots and lots of practice! I studied Art and Design at college but I am mostly self taught when it comes to my digital work. I've drawn for a long time and I enjoy what I do.”

-What do you use to make your images?-
“I use a combination of regular computer mouse and Wacom Intuos drawing tablet. For programs I usually use Serif Drawplus X8 but I will also use GIMP and good old MSPaint for some projects, depending on the look I'm going for.”

-Will you make me a Flag/Seal/Banner/etc?-
“Maybe. Send me a message via Discord or Telegram (Discord is preferred) and we can discuss this further.”

-What happened at (insert controversial event)?-
“Most of my political actions are far too complex to sum up in short but I am happy to talk about them, shoot me a message on Discord and I'll try to clarify what I can!”

-I heard you were evil/good/whatever, is it true?-
“I prefer 'Chaotic Neutral' but it depends on my mood and your attitude. Get to know me, make up your own mind, don't let others tell you what to think.”

-Who is that character?-
“My profile picture is usually Rin Asogi from the anime Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne. I don't watch a lot of anime but I've always loved her character. Please be aware if you're thinking of looking it up, this is an adult cartoon that contains gratuitous gore and nudity.”


Secret Plans

Looks like there is only an old toy here, but at least it still seems to work...


Thanks for checking out my little Factbook!