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Princeps Senatus: Strein Iuseira Draksesa Váradi

Strein Draksesa Váradi

Princeps Senatus

In office:
January 12 2690 - Ongoing

Preceded by: Zen Aigystos Kaisar

Head of Magical Affairs

In office:
December 17th 1190 (Different universe/timeline) - January 12 2690

Preceded by: Position established
Succeeded by: Mark Draksesa

Personal Details


March 20th, 1177 (age: 21 physically and about 41 in actuality, since accelerated aging means clarification is needed)
Drakkon, Drakkonia



Political Party:



Seren Draksesa Váradi


Diazeru Váradi, Eirikea Váradi


Dragonguard University of Divine Arcana
- Degrees in Archaeology, Elemental Magic





"My mentor trusted me with a kingdom that'd learn all the secrets of magic. I won't betray that trust!"
- Strein Draksesa, moments before being sworn into office.

Strein was the second of the Divine Dragons to rule over the Draksesa Invicta, the secret council of magical authority in Ignis, coming after her mentor, the Divine Dragon of Battle. Despite the MONUMENTAL legacy her mentor left on the multiverse as a whole and his founding of the kingdom, Strein's more than willing to try living up to that legacy best she can, overcoming whatever conflicts or shortcomings get in her way. So far, she's turned the Draksesa Invicta from a stationary kingdom floating in an interdimensional rift on the outskirts of Ignis’s home system to a traveling monolith dedicated to gathering folks who are able and willing to protect multiversal stability and improve magical knowledge for Ignis at all costs.

Well...that was, until a few years into her position. After some time, Zen eventually had enough of the increased pressure of dealing with runaway provinces and civil unrest. Not only that, but elusive interests elsewhere caught his eye. Thanks to this, he abdicated the throne and left it to Strein.

Early Life

Strein's existence began after a great battle between Order and Chaos, the energies left over from both combining to form her and her brother, who promptly made their way to their "creator"'s home planet, a kingdom which he ruled over as a semidivine hero-king. Unsure of what to do with the siblings, they were placed into the care of Mark Draksesa, a human hero who had seen and done everything there was to see as far as adventuring and questing. Placed under his tutelage, she learned all the fundamentals of life: Swordsmanship, archery, martial arts, magic, advanced literary comprehension, philosophical rhetoric, all of the qualities that a wise hero would need. From there, she entered a prestigious school at the physical age of 14 (she existed for like 3 years at this point so), excelling in all her classes and showing a fascination for history. She was offered to do some official archaeology work for the planet's government, eventually traveling to a set of ruins. To make a long story short...a hole in reality got ripped open.
Blah blah, she fights to fix that.
After dozens of fights, each one increasing her strength as she cut down villains and those who'd threaten her planet, two conflicts come to mind.
The fight against a light mage trying to purge reality itself of darkness and chaos as concepts, having a heartfelt conversation about the necessity of balance in the world as she faced off with him by herself. A permanent scar on her chest and two large scars on her back were left over from the battle, as well as reinforcing her ideals about justice as a whole.
The second major turning point for her personally came after her mentor's biological son was screwed out of his inheritance for being incompetent and egotistical, reclaiming the only one of her mentor's two evil swords to have survived. After beating him in a fight, she was unable to stop him from plunging the blade into his heart, disintegrating his entire body as his soul was permanently trapped within....but that's only the first turning point into traumatizing territory.

As he died, a massive light erupted in the distance, consuming and decimating the entire multiverse, killing all...including Strein. The last thing she saw before her death was her adopted brother grinning maniacally into her eyes.
The Fight to Preserve Reality, the fight that cost her the multiverse she called home, cost Strein her life as well. It was only thanks to finally defeating Mark's murderer, the Antagonist, that reality was saved and a new multiverse could be called least by those who chose to enter it, to not safeguard reality.

Strein left her entire family, save for Mark and his husband, behind, leaving behind her entire past. Her home was destroyed...and that would stick with her forever. From there, she was initiated as the new Draksesa and Head of Magical Affairs, having gotten with Seren at about the same time.
And for a while, she enjoyed peace and prosperity, even as Ignis tried to desperately keep things going until the first few revolts. Without a properly sized army to put down those revolts...well, public favor rapidly turned against Zen and towards Strein. This prompted the former to leave, giving up his throne for the latter.

Rise in Politics

One quiet afternoon, already emotionally taxed and distraught from explaining the more...traumatic elements of her past to Seren, a servant informed her of what was happening. With uncertainty, met with reassurances from those close to her, Strein abolished the title of Imperial Consul, replacing it with simply the Princeps, replacing the honorifics of Kaisar (Caesar) and Aigystos (Augustus) with simply Draksesa, a title that used to imply relation to Mark. It now, however, implies dominion or a status of ruler. Mark's comment on this has been "Hey, it just means more people wonder what the first was like. It does nothing but good for me".
Strein hasn't had nearly enough time to enact major reform as leader in the 3 months she's had her position, but she's made an active attempt to both improve living conditions in Ignis and improve minority rights.
  • Political Freedoms
    Strein's first act of business was heavily increasing political freedoms, permitting unrestricted free speech throughout the entirety of the Empire (now Republic). Not only that, but she granted the Senate even more political power, to the point where they ratify the next Princeps! The people have more power over their ruler than ever, and certainly more than the corrupt Republic of the past.

  • Edict of Radentora
    The Edict of Radentora was one of Strein's first actions upon ascending the throne, officially preventing any and all legal discrimination against non-Ignisian species. Before this, species were liable to be treated as not even sentient by most Ignisian governors. Mark was the first to curtail this, but Strein officially made it illegal. Another declaration in the Edict officially separated church and state, allowing complete freedom of religion. This has made Strein royally unpopular with the clergy, but she largely ignores them.

For & Against

  • For: Secularism, Magical and Scientific Progress, Benevolent Autocracy, generally just enforcing Order as a concept, Freedom of Speech and Expression.

  • Against: Cruel Authoritarianism, Theocracy, Reactionary thought, Chaos in general, Racism, Sexism, prejudice in general.

Personal Information

To start off with appearance (since no full body picture that's safe for work), Strein measures roughly 6’2, both taller and more athletic than the average female. Her body used to look like that of a human's, but due to meeting Seren, she changed it to an anthropomorphic white wolf, the right arm made of metal (though covered by fake fur and skin). Her eyes are a whitish-gold, though the right one, in moments of stress, loses its dye and becomes a royal purple. Her hair is messy in the front, the back tied back in a ponytail. Her right arm is usually covered in a way that makes it appear organic like her left, but either way, it's gonna have a ring of pure black on the ring finger, three purple gems set in the top. For the rest of her attire, she normally wears a basic white t-shirt along with jeans, the edges flickering with a white static. In times of combat, she dons a coat split between two colors: Purple on the right and gold on the left. On her head would be a large top hat with the same color divide, an eye with crimson sclera and a silver iris and pupil in the very center. Sheathed on her side is usually a Greek style xiphos made of a simple gray steel, the edges lined with runes.
Alright, that covered appearance for the most part. Now for actual personality and life.

Strein's personality can best be described as a mix of bubbly and vigilant, constantly cheerful and unwilling to ever yield or give up despite whatever's put in her way. If someone she cares about is upset, she'll do one of two things: Comfort them and immediately set out to fix whatever's the cause. This mindset of "I must fix all of the problems I find or know about" can be considered somewhat unhealthy, but it hasn't caused any major issues so far. Even though most of this was remedied in the past, Strein can be considered naïve, at least to an extent. Due to her upbringing, she's optimistic even with stuff should be as pessimistic as possible about. Even so...hey, we could always need more paragon heroes in this world. Seren'd probably agree, seeing as Strein effectively swore to let nothing or no-one come close to harming her, frequently coming by to both talk and make sure everything's going okay.
She is a completely different person in combat, however. Her demeanor entirely changes to cold hostility, speaking bluntly and harshly to whomever faces her.
One can theorize that this is her venting all of her frustrations into a single mindset, hiding them as best as possible in normal life.
Or....maybe she just likes being serious in combat. Acting towards an enemy like she does towards Seren wouldn't really....y'know, fit.

Of course, this segways nicely into daily life. Strein usually hangs out in the throne room or library of the Draksesa Invicta (The replacement for the old Radentora Palace), reading whatever nifty magical texts or reports about notable magical individuals are handed her way when not dealing with civic duties. She usually hands most of the day-to-day operations to Drakenguard members or local governments, mostly so she can venture out herself to explore whatever universe or galaxy catches her interest or happens to hold some form of importance.
Of course, that's not counting the frequent visits she makes to beautiful garden worlds in the Albali area. This is because the prime minister of The Albali Republic is the love of her life and the one person she will gladly die defending without any internal qualms, so visiting the prettiest planets with her wife as a way to unwind is definitely high up on her schedule.

Personal Trivia

  • Strein could be considered to have a form of hypervigilance, fostered from the emotional trauma/burden of inadvertently tearing open reality itself. On top of that, the countless fights and traumatic injuries she went through in life resulted in a crippling fear of bright lights (such as lightning).

  • Despite her marriage, Strein's still not exactly the most...forward person with her feelings. She's so used to dealing with her problems and feelings on her own that she's only recently started to talk about her worries and fears with Seren.

  • Despite ALL the stuff Strein's seen in her lifetime, any sort of ancient ruins or history of a planet she finds is going to fascinate her. She's a sucker for antiquated history, even if it's relatively mundane.


Over Strein's existence, she has gone through a plethora of fighting styles, weapons, and tactics, but the ones she's always stuck with consist of magical abilities and swordsmanship. First and foremost, her magic and general power. Having inherited the godhood of her predecessor, the standard divine abilities have come with it: Shapeshifting, teleportation, a somewhat limited healing factor, enhanced durability and strength (on top of her already DBZ level physical abilities), and FTL speed/reflexes. This would be powerful enough on its own if she decided to punch you in the face, since she'd accidentally pulverize the planet you two are standing on. But there's also her magical knowledge.

Strein possesses general mastery over all forms of elemental magic as well as illusion spells and perception manipulation, but her true mastery lies in the manipulation of the concept of Order. She can usually manifest this power in the form of energy attacks, constructs, all that standard (and slightly boring) jazz. But she can also use her powers to reinstate principles of reality. Reversing entropy, changing probabilities and chances to absolutes, and completely removing randomness from the general area around her is perhaps the greatest thing she can do with her magical powers...Though that's not all she has at her disposal.

Her swordsmanship is one of Strein's greatest strengths, having learned various styles and tactics from her mentor. Currently, her main weapon is a greek style xiphos with a monomolecular edge and the ability to resonate with or reflect any brand of magic, effectively the ultimate dueling weapon. The main fighting style she employs is the Hiten Mitsurugi Style, best known as the style used by legendary swordsman Kenshin Himura. Though she's learned not to call out the names of the techniques when using them, she still employs all of the moves the style packs, including the Ryu Tsui Sen, Ryu Shou Sen, Kuzu Ryu Sen, and the Amakakeru Ryuu no Hirameki, a technique that takes her FTL, godlike speed to beyond godlike.
Of course, countless abilities from countless styles, ranging from those found in the world of Nirn to those found on Earth. Oriental, European, Bronze Age to Early Modern. The main positive that this versatile education possesses is near endless adaptability. If something doesn't work, she can easily resort to something else. This is her greatest strength by FAR.

Examples of this versatility can be found in a few of Strein's unique techniques, devised from the decades of training she got from Mark.

  • Combat Silence
    Source: Inherent
    Using her inherent connection to Order, Strein is capable of shaping the laws of the universe to her will. With a burst of energy, she's capable of shutting down all enemy magic in a radius of her choosing. The larger the radius, the harder it is to maintain and the easier it is to slip past the antimagic. Alternatively, she can focus on one specific person to shut off their magical ability entirely, though it takes prolonged concentration.

  • Justice of the Princeps
    Source: Inherent
    The first of Strein's many combo attacks and by far the most used one. The only named attack to be used unarmed as well. The attack itself involves Strein striking someone's solar plexus with a full force palm strike, followed near-instantly with three more to the shoulders and stomach. She then follows it up with a kick to the solar plexus, stunning or incapacitating most opponents. A lethal version exists where each palm strike fires a powerful blast of Light. The kick is also reinforced even further with Order, fatally injuring or instantly killing a majority of foes who get hit by all five attacks.

  • Dragon Order Flash
    Source: Inherent
    Strein's adept skill with swords has culminated in the development of a technique devised specifically for speedy, efficient takedowns of opponents, lethally or otherwise. Strein initiates the attack by slashing downwards with both hands at the opponent's shoulder, following it up by smashing the pommel of her blade directly into their forehead. She then kicks them upwards before finishing them off with a horizontal slash. The final strike, if done nonlethally, is blunted by a layer of Order on the blade. If done lethally, the Order sharpens the blade so it can cleanly bisect an opponent.

  • Deep Photonic Crasher
    After defeating Zen’s main body and gaining both his mechanical parts and Aether core (which serves as a second heart), his abilities were added to Strein’s own, though notably different. His Deep Erasure Fracture turned into the Light and Order based Deep Photonic Crasher, a combination of a sealing spell and the powers of Light and Order. Any enemy struck is effectively incinerated physically, their soul held in chains by the Order. A stronger variant exists, the Total Photonic Crasher, where the foe is outright ripped from existence.

  • Salvis Lucem (Alternative Names include: Gen no Hikari no Kurenjingu Taiyō Yajirushi, Exoikonómisi Vélous tou Kósmou)
    Source: Inherent
    If all else fails, Strein has her ace in the sleeve, an attack that's been studied and refined since the very beginning of the Omniverse, the culmination of all light and holy magic. Ever since the near disaster that was fighting down the greatest Chaos God of all, she sought for a way to avoid such confrontation once more. This IS that method.

    This attack is one of Strein's newest methods of taking down her foes, and a last resort for a very, very clear reason. In the very beginnings of the Omniverse itself, the earliest users of magic saw the dangers that the beginnings of Chaos would lead to, devising the prototype of a spell that we know today. If the user isn't pure of heart or virtuous, merely knowledge of how to perform the technique rends them into nonexistence. The power requirement is nigh-unfathomable, the bare minimum being above all but the strongest of gods. Even then, an attempt can easily go awry. The user must first concentrate, putting themselves almost in a coma-like trance as their heartbeat nearly ceases and their energy and life force fades to near-nothingness. If successful, their hand will begin to glow like the corona of an eclipse, multicolored and warm light radiating from their now completely white palm. Their heartbeat should also be completely stopped despite their continued life. The firing process is pretty standard, firing out a fist sized, vaguely arrow shaped projectile of rainbow and white light. Any opponent struck, with the exception of those pure of heart, will be struck with unimaginable, indescribable mental and physical agony, their body and soul being eaten away at by their own sins and misdoings. The user must not attack the opponent further, or it rebounds back on them. Within a matter of moments, the opponent will be disintegrated into nothing, not even the barest subatomic particles. Their soul receives the same treatment. All but one have died upon casting the spell due to the energy usage and life force exhaustion.

    This may be a price Strein would want to pay...but the same could not be said for Seren or any of her other loved ones. In the event that she needs to use it, would she even be able to, for fear of bringing sorrow upon those who care for her? Only time will tell.


    Done by Zitravgrad. Pretty coot, if I say so myself.

    Yes, this was made in Soul Calibur. No, I don't have more furry art. Yes, she still usually looks like an anthro wolf. No, I don't know if I'll get more art of her like that.


    “My forebear Mark did some horrible things, yes, but saving everything's got to make up for it! It doesn't matter what you do, you can redeem yourself for it!”

    “Our order was made to ensure nothing like the near-total destruction of reality could happen again. If we see an enemy to existence, we won't hesitate! If I see an agent of Chaos, I'll terminate it...!”

    Template by Kirislavia, available here.

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