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Supreme Military Commander: Basileus Zakruho

Alright, buckle yourselves up, kids, because you're about to have the entire concept of balanced abilities thrown into your face, stomped on, and thrown into the sun. Because Zakruho and balanced are two antithetical terms. Being a magic hyperadvanced sapient robot tends to do that. I'm kind of getting ahead of myself, though. About time I describe this dude's origins.

Zakruho originally wasn't called Zakruho. When he was first constructed in 2605 as an experimental thaumatic android based around controlling gravity to a moderate degree, he was simply known as the Basileus Unit. He could barely be considered sentient at this point. When constructed, he was intended as a novelty for the Republic to show off to Aeton as a display that they, too, can create robots with magical power. But of course, he was scoffed at in those days, considered a novelty with poor mental programming. So of course, the eggheads upstairs decided to work on his programming, adding human level sentience in 2610. They did not, however, predict what would come out of this. They assumed that he would remain loyal to the republic as a novelty unit with no military purpose. But.....he eventually figured out about the prime minister's son, a certain Jateryth Vasylus. The android and the passionate usurper began to frequently talk, agreeing frequently on political topics, the latter even getting the former into fascism. Basileus Unit also gained a brand new name, a historical figure from the early days of Ignis: Zakruho. With that, he swore himself as a blood brother with Jateryth, serving as a bulwark of support when he seized the title of emperor. He was repaid with a massive power boost, constant updates, and a position as supreme military command. From this point onwards, the modern day Zakruho is what we're left with. Now.....what about his appearance?

Zakruho's appearance is that of a 6'4 armored humanoid, his entire body covered in thick armor with a black and silver color scheme. In place of feet, he has paws with a synthetic polymer for the padding. On his lower back region are four tails of a shimmering royal purple energy that measure around 4.5 feet long at their max, but can be toggled off or on. He usually wears a helmet with a cross shaped purple visor, but the atoms of his body can rearrange so he's helmetless, revealing the head of a vulpine with dark pewter fur, solid gray eyes, and nearly pitch black fur on his muzzle and ear tops. His entire body gives off a militaristic vibe and feel, like he was just MADE to be in charge. But does he act like it? Well, let's see.

For the most part, Zakru is an introverted and quiet person, often preferring to organize reports or play RISK with close friends instead of going out in public with the emperor to make appearances. With close friends, he's reported to be very open and willing to share his feelings. Zakruho always prides himself on his organization skills and overall neatness with what he does. Well, I say "prides". Zak isn't really....a prideful person. He acknowledges his own ability, sure, but he never really feels especially confident about what he does or what he is. In fact...well, I'm getting ahead of myself for that. Mostly since I need to write a story explaining this. And speaking of which (Well, actually not), it's about time I explain the powers.

Zak's most apparent powers are his extreme durability and speed. He can survive attacks powerful enough to destroy small cities with little more than moderate cracking on his armor. His full speed is approximately 40% of the speed of light thanks to the L-Drive in his body. not his major strength. No, his major strength is that he is the controller of the concept of Attraction. What, you think that's underwhelming? Yeah, he can control people liking each other, sure. No....he can control the concept of particles being attracted together. Magnetism, electromagnetic bonding, the bonding between quarks, EVERYTHING. He normally uses his gravity powers in direct combat without usage of the more devastating aspects of Attraction, but in very rare extinction wars, he can use the full force of his universal aspect manipulation. This means using complex manipulation of dark matter to simulate a miniature Big Rip with entire galaxies, though the effort could kill him. He could make your entire body dissemble into baryons with little more than a stopping glance. For this reason, he maintains his spot as the Supreme High Commander. "Why isn't he emperor?", you may ask. Well, it's because of the trust he puts in Jateryth as the one who elevated him to greatness and power, the greatest friend one may ask for. So yeah, that's why the emperor isn't a stupidly powerful robot. Because of that little thing called character traits.

In fact, he relied on Zen to make him as strong as he was. Without that, he wouldn’t be anywhere near qualified to be the supreme commander. Thanks to this “debt” to Zen, he never lifted a finger against him, even as an eyewitness to murder.