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The New Imperial Order of
Benevolent Dictatorship

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Iciaros - A Comprehensive Guide

The following is a guide and brief explanation of the articles and information concerning the New Imperial Order of Iciaros.


  • An Overview of Iciaros, a summative overview of the basic aspects of Iciaros, including links to more comprehensive articles.


While the majority of historical information is summarised in An Overview of Iciaros, below are articles addressing specific events in the historical timeline.

  • The Valkyrian Crisis (704 - 706 AA), a period of bloodless international tension that concluded with the unification of the solar system under Iciaros.

  • The Soul Crisis (721 - 722 AA), an event involving a genocide committed by an Iciarosian protectorate and the conflict between itself and Iciaros.

    • The Speech of Orion, a speech delivered by then-Iciarosian Crown Princess Andromeda Ceriss during the Soul Crisis.

Leaders and Notable Persons

The following articles concern Iciarosian leaders or personnel currently in office. For retired or deceased persons, refer to Miscellaneous.

Human and Physical Geography
  • The Aquui Solar System, an overview of the planets comprising Iciaros' home and only star system.

  • Territories of Aquui, a comprehensive list and brief description of the regions, provinces, and semi-autonomous territories founded on and in orbit of Iciaros' home planet, Aquui.


Laws and Culture

Technology and Magic

  • The Military of Iciaros, a summary of Iciaros' military branches, command, and equipment.

  • The Imperial Cipher, an independent special operations unit performing military, civil defence, and intelligence roles.

Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs


Neither Iciaros nor the writers of the above articles possess the full legal rights to the images used in the articles, unless otherwise stated. If you are the legal owner of the images and would like your work to be credited or taken down, please contact the Iciarosian Communications Bureau via telegram.