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Ambassador Mercia

Magnolia Mercia

Ambassador Magnolia Mercia


  • Azaelyan Ambassador to the World Assembly

  • Head of Iciaros' Observer Mission to the World Assembly

  • Head Ambassador to Orial


  • 693 AA - present


  • 725 AA - present


  • 33


"The art of diplomacy is making sure everyone walks away satisfied."

Chief Ambassador Magnolia Mercia is the present World Assembly Ambassador for the New Imperial Order of Iciaros. A sharp and observant career diplomat, she was appointed the Iciarosian ambassador to the World Assembly in 725 AA.



Magnolia Mercia was born to a middle-class family in the eastern sub-continent of Gryphonia. She had an uneventful early life. At the age of 10, prompted by her parents, she participated in the leadership aptitude test for the Iciarosian Leadership Talent Development Programme, and was shortlisted for entry into the LTDP after ranking in the top 10% of her year. When she was 11, her family moved to the capital city of New Ixainia for her education in Angelus Academy.

Education and Career

Mercia performed consistently well while in Angelus Academy, ranking in the top 10% of her cohort during her enrollment. She participated in 8 attachments, all with the diplomatic corps, alongside future Crown Princess and Empress Andromeda Ceriss. In 708 AA, she was shortlisted, alongside several other candidates, to fill the then-vacant position of Crown Princess, though eventually Ceriss was selected in 710 AA. Nonetheless, making the shortlist was a prestigious accomplishment and a signal of a governmental faith in her competence; this manifested ultimately in her assignment to the Iciarosian diplomatic team for its protectorate, Orial. She would climb the ranks within this group over the course of her assignment, reaching the position of ambassador by late 721 AA.

Participation in the Soul Crisis

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In 721 AA, heightened tensions between Orial and its protectoral master Iciaros eventually led to hostilities initiated by then-Orialian leader Bishop-Protector Orius. Violating diplomatic immunity, he stormed the Iciarosian embassy and arrested the diplomatic staff, including Mercia. They were all thrown into prison, with the exception of the head ambassador, who was sacrificed in a magic ritual that granted Orius the incredible power of soul magic. Armed with this power, Orius began a rampage of genocide, killing his own citizens in order to gather more souls and grow powerful enough to oppose Iciaros.

Though Orius left the capital city soon after, Mercia and her fellow staff would not be freed until Iciarosian troops, led by Crown Princess Ceriss, arrived and persuaded the Orialian forces Orius had left behind to switch sides and oppose him. Once freed, Mercia took charge of leading her staff and communicating with the Orialian forces, acting as liaison between them and Iciarosian military leadership.

When the crisis eventually ended in 722 AA, Orialian leadership requested that she stay on as Iciaros’ permanent head ambassador to Orial. This was agreed to, and Mercia was officially promoted to head ambassador.

Work Post-Crisis

In 723 AA, Crown Princess Ceriss formally ascended to the throne, taking the title of Empress and with it, a raft of new responsibilities. Where previously she had represented Iciaros in the World Assembly, this position was now functionally vacant. The role was temporarily filled by Lady Ilyrea, who was concurrently the Iciarosian delegate in The Azalean Collective, but she proved a less-than-ideal ambassador. Mercia replaced her officially in 725 AA, gaining the title of Ambassador to the World Assembly.

In 727 AA, Iciaros departed from the World Assembly, whereupon Iciaros' diplomatic mission was converted into an observer mission. Mercia continued to serve as the head of the Iciarosian observer delegation. Shortly after, she was also asked by the Grand Duchy of Azaelya, Iciaros' protectorate and new member of the World Assembly, to lead its delegation in the Assembly, an offer which she dutifully accepted.

Public Perception

Thoughtful, quiet, and introspective, Mercia tends to prefer to stay silent until she no longer can - on one hand, an odd trait for a diplomat, but on the other, a very apt one, allowing her to sit back, observe developments, and speak only when she knows what to say. She is very deliberate and careful in what she says, making sure to both say what she wants to and avoid offending anyone (unless absolutely necessary).