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Crown Princess Saphira

Cynthia Saphira

Crown Princess Cynthia Saphira
Heir to the throne of Iciaros


  • Crown Princess


  • 702 AA - present


  • 725 AA - present


  • 24


"There can be no hope without justice."

Crown Princess Cynthia Saphira is the present Crown Princess of the New Imperial Order of Iciaros. An enthusiastic and consistent volunteer with law enforcement and social services, she participated in life-saving and humanitarian work during the international crisis of her time before being appointed as Crown Princess in 725 AA.



Cynthia Saphira was born in the Iciarosian city of Anthem in 702 AA to a middle-class family. At the age of 7, her parents were killed in a botched robbery attempt, an event that left a deep mark on her life. Though the culprit was able to escape at the time, he was eventually caught and convicted after a thorough investigation by the police. Despite the trauma she suffered from the experience, this conviction brought comfort to Saphira, and the positive experience she had had with the police, investigators, and victim help groups inspired her to volunteer with law enforcement once she grew older.

Following the death of her parents, Saphira moved in with her aunt and uncle, who found her to be a very bright child. At their behest, she underwent the leadership aptitude test for admission to the Iciarosian Leadership Talent Development Programme. She ranked in the top 5% of her year, successfully making the shortlist for admission. When she was 11, she and her caretakers moved to Ixainia City, the capital of Iciaros, and she stayed and studied at Angelus Academy.


While studying at Angelus Academy, Saphira consistently scored in the top 15% of her cohort. She participated in 13 attachment programmes, all of which were with law enforcement, and she was a regular volunteer at her local police stations and with social services. In 719 AA, she chose civil defence and administration as her field of specialisation.

Participation in International Affairs

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In late 721 AA, the outbreak of violence by the government of one of Iciaros’ protectorates, Orial, against its own people, necessitated the involvement of the Iciarosian armed forces. Soldiers were deployed to secure areas and delay hostile forces to allow Orialian citizens time to escape and evacuate. To accommodate the army’s lack of experience in dealing with civilians, however, police are called in to lead and oversee the evacuation. Saphira participated in this role, guiding civilians to evacuation points and comforting them once in safety. Her basic arms training and magic proficiency allowed her to survive in what limited skirmishes the police forces were involved in, though the army was responsible for the brunt of the combat. Towards the end of this crisis, when the overwhelming majority of the Iciarosian armed forces were airlifted away to prepare for the decisive battle, Saphira and other police personnel remained in vulnerable unevacuated civilian centres to maintain order and reassure the fearful.

Following the end of the crisis in 722 AA, Saphira worked alongside many volunteers and the de facto sovereign Crown Princess Ceriss to administer humanitarian aid to the survivors and to identify the dead and notify their next of kin. This continued till the end of the year, when the bulk of these issues were deemed resolved, and afterward Saphira returned to her education.

Selection as Heir

In 723 AA, a few months after she resumed her education, Saphira was shortlisted as one of several candidates for the position of Crown Princess by now-Empress Ceriss. Two years later, she was chosen to be Crown Princess, and she accepted the appointment. She was then brought under the personal tutelage of Empress Ceriss, though she concurrently continued her studies in Angelus Academy.

Public Perception

Despite her youth, her devotion to the service of those in need, even under unsafe conditions, have given Saphira a reputation for selflessness and kindness. Her regular interactions with the general public, both from her work with the police and her personal life, have produced a wealth of anecdotes that portray her as patient, friendly, and helpful. Even after her appointment as Crown Princess, she continues to volunteer with the police, and the content of later anecdotes suggests that this appointment has not changed her.

She is also noted for her strong sense of justice, one that likely grew from the injustices she suffered earlier in life. This sense of justice can sometimes override her otherwise friendly demeanour when she encounters someone who offends it, dredging up a harsh, angry, and somewhat undiplomatic side of her. She does, however, recognise this flaw of hers, and tries her best to keep it under control.

Some have expressed concerns over the impact of her early life on her mental health, but in an interview after she was appointed Saphira assured the public that regular psychiatric engagement and therapy has allowed her to overcome the trauma of her past. In any case, as a precautionary measure, she continues to receive psychiatric attention to the present day.

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