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The Democratic Federation of
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

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South Pacific Regional Map

South Pacific Regional Map

Government Officials

Residents of South Pacific

WA Delegate: Johanneslanden
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Holly United
Customs Minister/Deputy MoFA: Panther

Resident: Lingang
Resident: NorgiestoileckylockJ
Resident: Garetolia

To get on the map please telegram any claims with a picture. To make claims save the map and edit it with Paint and send it to Panther. Your claims may be revised.

LinkZoomable Version

The Battleground Continent
The brand new continent that exists on this map is where the battleground is located. Nations have the option to fight over this territory. In order for you to be involved in this you must have the game Sid Miers Civilization V and it VI and also be in the Civilization Discord found Linkhere. The way your territory will be determined when it comes to this new continent is when a nation joins the continent they will be allowed up to 3 provinces.

(Note: This is entirely separate from the mainland, meaning you can have your land already chosen on the map and also opt into the battleground to receive an additional 3 territories)

The War and how it works
This is all role-playing here so the way everything is determined is based on the game Sid Miers Civilization. There will be Seasons set up for each game Civilization V and Civilization VI each season will have a total of 4 episodes and begin at the beginning of each month and ending of each month. The battleground continent will be saved for the archives and reset each season.

In order to gain land, you must settle more cities. 2 Cities equals 1 province, so if you have 4 Cities you would have 5 provinces because you start out with 3 provinces in the beginning.

Claiming and or taking land through war or trade
Taking land from another nation is only possible on the battleground continent. In order to take land from another nation you must declare war and take one of there cities in Sid Miers Civilization. Upon taking the city you will receive one of there territories. Another option you have is the diplomatic solution you can try and figure out a trade deal with the nation and trade your territory that way as well.

What happens if my nation gets wiped out in the game and I lose all my territories? Unfortunately, thatís a game over scenario, you lost... The war did not go in your favor... You would lose all your territory on the battleground continent and whatever nation wiped out your nation on Sid Miers will receive all of your territories on the battleground continent.

Is this a requirement to be on the map?
Absolutely not! This is just for fun and role-play and all of the Wars will be designated for the battleground continent.

Can someone declare war on me and force me into the battleground? No this is all voluntary and in order to even be able to declare war on each otherís nations each nation must first opt into the Sid Miers Civilization Season.