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The Protectorate of
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Political Parties

Political Parties

Requirements for Creating a Political Party

1. A Resident must create a dispatch describing the Political Party, Its Ideology, Administration, Logo and Members.
2. Two Parties with same ideology can't exist at the same time.
3. A Resident must fill this form and submit this form via telegram to Hive Founder.

1. Name of the Political Party:
2. Position of the Party in the Political Spectrum:
3. List of Members:
4. Colors:
5. Link to Party Dispatch:

4. Residents will have to announce in the RMB whenever they create or join a Political Party.

List of Political Parties
Communist Bees

Communist Bees

by A territory of russia known as putin

The Communist Bees Party or TCBP, is a political party in Hive that strongly supports communism.

Our goals:

Hive will become communist.
All the worker bees and drones get equal rights.
Decentralise monarch power, and give the power to the bees.
Eliminate the Conservative Party.

Chairman: A territory of russia known as putin
Socialist mexico empire


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Constitutionalist Party

Centrist Party

The Centrist Party

by Arista citystate

The Hive Centrist Party

The Centrist Party:
Good day to you all, I'll be informing you about my party and what we can achieve if we work together. The centrists striving for political compromise and a reduction of infighting; "Take the middle road!" I will ensure that both sides of the political spectrum are heard and all ideas are taken into account. No more capitalism versus communism. No more liberalism versus conservatism. Infighting is corruption. It's time to take the middle road.

Party Leader- Arista citystate
Deputy Party Leader- Lelina
Members: Arista citystate, Lelina, Crystal summer, The best indian, Hydra dragon


  • Centrism

  • Centralised Democracy

  • Secularism

  • Libertarianism

  • Constitutionalism

Our aims:

  • An end to political infighting and smear campaigns

  • Controlled immigration

  • Compromise within the government

  • Centralisation of the government

  • Promoting civil rights and political freedom

  • Consideration for all sides of the political spectrum

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