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actual stuff about ya boi

gender: he/they
religion: christian, non-denominational trinitarian universalist
sexuality: asexual, aromantic, bisensual
nationality: american
ideology: leninist/castroist
favorite movie: pacific rim

smash main: ganondorf/sephiroth
nasb main: toph
tf2 main: heavy
mkx main: ninjitsu scorpion
hoi4 main: turkey
stellaris main: united nations of earth

favorite video game: final fantasy vii
favorite video game character: sephiroth/tifa
favorite video game series: ace attorney
favorite AA character: ema skye

other: currently active member of smashboard's make your moveset
MYM24 sets: garland (final fantasy 1), spike spiegel (cowboy bebop), V1 (ULTRAKILL), zuko (avatar)
MYM25 sets: tifa lockhart (final fantasy 7), mugen (samurai champloo), heavy (tf2), senator steven armstrong (metal gear rising: revengeance), the last dragonborn
(the elder scrolls), hades (kid icarus: uprising: in progress), eric andre (the eric andre show: in progress)

favorite genre: city pop/shibuya-kei
favorite artist: tatsuro yamashita
favorite album: ride on time, tatsuro yamashita (1980)
favorite song: plastic love, mariya takeuchi (1985)

instruments played: trombone, euphonium, guitar, piano, harmonica, synthesizer
notable positions: trombone 1 for high school marching band in 2017, 2018, 2020 (no 2019 show). trombone 1 in concert band from year 6-12

favorite classical artist: dmitri shoshtakovich
favorite classical piece: carmia bruana, carl off