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The Kingd' o' t' Herrebrugh Isl' of
Liberal Democratic Socialists

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Government of the Herrebrugh Iſlands

Welcome to Government.hb, the official internet portal and online point of contact of His Majeſty's
Government. This ſite alſo offers general facts and information and information on the Herrebrugher
legiſlature, His Majeſty's General Council, for countryman and foreigner alike. Furthermore, you may find
here touriſt information and the web page of His Majeſty's Particular Council for Foreign Affairs.

Tweets from His Majeſty
Z.M. Jozef III - S.M. Joseph III.

There's a bomb threat at every school in the
country. Now get out and enjoy your weekend!

Mar 29, 2019

Z.M. Jozef III - S.M. Joseph III.

Look @AHORS, I frankly don't care whether
you're public broadcasting and how big the
"government crisis" is you're whining about this
time, questions happen AFTER I've had my
coffee. You may try again next week.

Mar 26, 2019

Z.M. Jozef III - S.M. Joseph III.

TFW you walk into some @McDonalds for a
mediocre fish sandwich, and the hamburger
person tries to give the damn thing away for free.
I come waltzing in here, a crown on my head,
and you think I can't pay for 1/8 of a cod
strapped against its will to two decaying
sponges? Keep it

Mar 25, 2019

Z.M. Jozef III - S.M. Joseph III.

I really loved that comment my finance counsellor
made about my face in #HCOlatenight. FYI it's
literally worth money you little sh*t

Mar 24, 2019

Z.M. Jozef III - S.M. Joseph III.

can't believe these idiots actually voted @ABUhb
in... lucky for them i can veto their asses #work

Aug 27, 2018

News - Rijkspersagentſchap/Reichspreſſe-Agentur

27-08-18 - The Soedo cabinet is inſtalled by His Majeſty King Joſeph III.
26-08-18 - Soedo finiſhes the formation of the new cabinet.
22-08-18 - ABU leader Soedo is appointed as informateur.