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Flag of Heloin

Flag of Heloin

Use National flag and ensign

Proportion 1:2

Adopted 7 June 2018

Design Three horizontal stripes of
red, white, and green with a black
vertical rectangle on the hoist side bearing
the national symbols of Heloin with a thin
white stripe separating it from the tricolour

The national flag of Heloin is a tricolour of red, white, and green with a black rectangle containing the national symbols of Heloin at it's base separated from the rest of the flag by a thin white strip. The present design was adopted on 7 June 2018 as part of a long process to end what remained of Heloin's per Bush War apartheid system. The national symbols of Heloin, as they are called, seen on the hoist of the flag are a Lion, a Prince's Flag, and a Nguni shield.

The flag of Heloin has always been a continuous issue to the people of Heloin. Following independence in 1971 Heloin's white minority government adopted a flag identical to that of Rhodesia with only a different coat of arms to seat them apart. Following Lancaster house in Rhodesia there were hopes from Heloin's black community that the flag would see changes to reflect the changing times. Forty years on and three civil wars and Heloin's green and white flew on, a symbol of pride to her British and Afrikaner subjects while a source of shame and hatred among Heloin's black majority and Indian and Coloured minority. On January 28th, 2018 Prime minister Emily Smith announced a vote on changing the flag of Heloin for March 30, 2018, forty seventh anniversary of UDI. With the vote passing with 72% of voters saying yes. The new flag was chosen on March 30th and adopted on June 7th, 2018.

Design and symbolism
The colours of the flag of Heloin are made up of Pan-African colours and the National Colours of Heloin. The colours of the tricolour hold a important place in Heloin's past. The Green represents the prosperity of the country and it's history before the Bush Wars. The Red for those who lost there lives for Heloin in all wars and Heloin's future that was accomplished by their sacrifice. The White for the end of War and the start of a new Heloin. The Black rectangle at the flags base is for the black majority and the white stripe stands for the white minority. The national symbols of Heloin that are contained in the flags hoist each represent one of Heloin's main ethnic groups. The Lion with an Ivory tusk for the British Empire that once ruled the land. The Prince's Flag for the Dutch Voortrekkers who built the cities and carved the land among themselves. And a representation of a Nguni shield to show the history before the arrival of Europeans.

National Flag of Heloin