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The Corporate State of
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Corporate State of Hedelia
Корпоративное состояние Геделии
Korporativnoye sostoyaniye Gedelii


Motto "Будущее принадлежит нам!"

Location of Hedelia (green)

Capital Moscow

Official language English
Recognized regional languages


Demonym Hedelian

Government Federal government under
one-party corporate state
Corporate Director of Hedelia Triangle Triangulum

  • Hedelic Rebellion - 1709

  • Independence from Russia - 1710

  • Independence from the Swedish Empire - 1926

  • Declaration of the Corporate State - 2123

Area 3,992,500 km2

Population [TBA]

Currency GD Corp Standard Credit

Time zone (UTC+3 to +5)

Drives on the right

Internet TLD .hd
Hedelia, officially known as the Corporate State of Hedelia, is a sovereign country in Eurasia. It's quite a large nation, at least in the top 10 largest ones in its planet. It's also quite populated. Perhaps in the top 20. I dunno. We're not all about making exact numbers in the department of factbook making. The capital of Hedelia is Moscow, and it's quite a large city. One of the largest in the world, in fact. We're all about large things here in Hedelia.

As it's quite large, Hedelia spans a lot of time zones. They use those as well. They also border a lot of countries as well. In its north and west it borders Scientificum and Nordenstoniya, and also shares borders with Lithuania, Ukraine, Transcaucasia, Turkestan, and Russia.

The Hedelian economy mostly revolves around creating incredibly useless gadgets and also other random stuff. It also has a bunch of nukes it stores safely somewhere in case of war. Hedelia is also part of some alliances. Can't really tell which ones.

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The Corporate State of Hedelia