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Kingston and Blackforest Castle

Kingston was originally named Konis was founded in 82 AD around a large farm owned by the Von Strausen family who would go on to become the first kings of Havalland But around this time they were still just small settlements. in 217 AD Fredrick Von Strausen became the first official king of the Havallish people, however Konis was not the capital, a city called Elwen was the first capital chosen because it was bigger then Konis.
Elwen remained the capital until 1072 when the Havallish king was exiled, the French southerners destroyed Elwen burning and looting the city would be a cesspool of chaos until the Havallish king returned.
The city of Elwen was beyond repair and king Erik had the capital moved to the first city he captured, Konis which would be renamed Kings Town or Kingston.
Kingston found itself growing larger and larger as the new capital being on the sea it made for a great trading stop.
In 1277 the Blackforest Castle had finished its construction, this castle would remain home to the royal family for generations only receiving slight upgrades.
1444 the stonework was repaired and some replaced
In 1690 cannons were added
1883 more repairs and electrical work added lightbulbs are added
1900 major repairs done to the castle and foundation.
1978 electrical work redone
2000 electrical work redone again and bath house rebuilt after slight damage in a storm
2013 slight repairs to the stone work.