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Legality and Laws of Havalland

The following is a list of legal ages and regulations that apply to citizens of the Kingdom of Havalland. Havalland and her subjects are required to follow these laws or be judged by the courts under the eyes of Jesus Christ. All persons are innocent until proven guilty by trial or by the Goddess herself.

Marriage and sex

Marriage - Marriage is a sacred thing according to Havallish law, a person may have one spouse and may only remarry after a divorce.

Homosexuality - Legal since 2009 as love is love and it is believed that A sin of love is forgiven.

Polygamy - Illegal

Gender identity - Under Havallish Law there are three genders. Male, Female, and Aphrodite(A/M/F). An Aphrodite is described as a person who is supposed to have the opposite or both genitalia, all surgeries are available and registrations will list you as an Aphrodite.

Incest - Illegal unless it is a far distant relation

Pedophilia - Illegal

Soft and Hard Pornography – Legal, but websites showing pornography must be password protected. Sex shops are prohibited all adult items must be sold online and packages must be delivered discreetly or disguised.
Minimum age to watch:15
Minimum age to participate: 20.

Child Pornography - Illegal

Prostitution - Illegal

Personal freedom

Human trafficking - Illegal

Use/consumption of harmful objects/substances

Weapons - possession is legal, a license is required for anything above 10 rounds. Weapon building is illegal without a permit.
Sword ownership requires no paperwork and is seen as a hobby.

Drugs - Mixed

Marijuana - restricted for religious ceremonies.

Tobacco - legal must be 20 to purchase.

Alcohol - Legal, must be 15 to drink and purchase wine as it is a holy drink, all other alcoholic beverages require you be 20.

Religion and other personal convictions

Religion - Religions are free except for a select few. Banned religions are: Satanism, Shia Islam, The Cult of the Red Lamb, and Jehovah’s Witness.

Other - Legal, as long as The freedom of others isn’t being Violated

End of life

Abortion - Legal only if the mother is at risk or the child is a product of rape, in which a priest will beg the lord to not punish the tainted child for the sins of the father.

Suicide - Suicide is a sin, though at the funeral a family member may drop to their knees and swear to give up their spot in heaven for the dead Infront of a high priest. King Leon I did this for Maximus IV his father.

Assisting with suicide - illegal, considered murder. The culprit will be given life in prison and be damned to hell, the priests will then beg the goddess to take the victim for their sins were not their own.

Euthanasia - Legal, but must have family permission and a priest blessing.

Death penalty - Legal, Euthanasia is the most common however hanging and beheading are options if the individual wishes.

Legal ages

Adulthood – 20

Compulsory education – 5-18

Criminal responsibility – 10 criminal law on minors, 15 normal criminal law

Identification obligation – yes. Passports can be obtained when a citizen is 15 years old.

Legal sex – 15

Moped driving licence – 13

Car driving licence – 15

Motorcycle driving licence – 17

Truck driving licence – 22

Military conscription – Service is voluntary however a citizen must sign up for the draft at 20

Marital age – 20

Eligibility for public office – 30

Working age – 14, minors can only work on weekends or night shifts.

Pension age – 68