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The Free Domain of
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Overview (Constant WIP)

The Free Domain of Hatterleigh


Motto: Liberty through Strength

Population: 157 Million+
-Density: Medium

Capital: Mahogany
Largest City: Castellia

Official Language: Hatterleighish

National Language: Hatterleighish

Demonym(s): Hatterleighish, Hatterlese, or Hatterleighan

Government: Partial Democracy
- President: William Botrum
- Vice President: Timothy Brandonson
- First Leader: Thomas Fauss

Legislature: Hatterlese National Diet
- Upper House: Senate
-Lower House: Chamber of Delegates

Establishment: from Berussia
Independence: March 7th, 1763 in Earth Year
Founder: Thomas Faust

Land Area: 2.978 million mile▓
4.793 million km▓

Highest Point: 18,362 Feet Above Sea Level
Lowest Point: 218 Feet Below Sea Level

Tallest Structure: Spotpass Tower, 819.7m

GDP (nominal): 3.265 billion USD
GDP (nominal) per capita: 41,336.98 USD

Human Development Index (NS Version): 59.84

Currency: Hatterlese Shoal

Subunits: Argow (plural: Argowon) (0.5 of a shoal)
Mint(s) (0.25 of a shoal)
Token(s) (0.10 of a shoal)

Time Zone: Varies

Drives on the: Right

Calling code: +71

Internet TLD: .hat

The Free Domain of Hatterleigh
The Free Domain of Hatterleigh, occasionally known as the Imperium of Hatterleigh, is a comfy, somewhat relevant, large nation lead by William Botrum. It resides in the Aurora Isles and is quite active in International Politics, despite it's economy being more on the Isolationist side. If you would like a quick overview on the nation, you've come to the right factbook.


History of Hatterleigh
Hatterleigh was once baron, with only a few tribes sprawled over it, it had mostly lost contact with the continent by antiquity. It remained, almost completely null of civilization, with a few small towns which kept ties to the outside world, until the early middle ages. After the Empire fell, the kingdoms of the west plunged into darkness. A splinter state of the old Latin-speaking Empire, Bistopius, had hit the black sands of the land. A monastery and a few barracks and docks were set up, but still, almost no settlement took place until the fire of exploration was reignited after times of dark. Hatterleigh grew exponentially, but was squabbled and warred over by different powers. Bistopius, now Berrusia, was getting old and weak, and when a massive war broke out, the Hatterleighish rebelled to create their own nation. On march seventh, Hatterleigh, surprisingly victorius, won their independence, and were ratified as a nation on March 7th. Unfortunately, this war killed Bistopius, the last surviving splinter state. This left Hatterleigh as the sole heir to the classical empire. In the meantime, Hatterleigh has industrialized moderately, although it has stayed primarily agrarian. It fought in the two great wars and before those it's own series of wars, The Hatterlese Wars, a devastating affair for Hatterleigh.



Hatterleigh's name seems to be derived from the Old Berussian word Hat˘r, meaning Above, as some of the first arrivers in Hatterleigh saw the Aurora Borealis, and the suffix -leigh.
There are 3 Demonyms for Hatterleigh; Hatterleighish, Hatterleighan, and Hatterlese. Hatterleighish tends to be the most common for the language and Hatterlese is the most common for everything else. Some say that the Hator turned to Hatter because Hatterleigh became known for it's dye harvested in the early Cuttelcove colony, which gained notoriety for old world hat makers.



Hatterleigh is a fairly isolationist country so it keeps it's economy inside it's borders mostly. Hatterleigh is an overlooked powerhouse for finance and industry, with Hatterlese companies reporting comfy earnings, and the investors bearing fruitful gains. The most powerful sectors in Hatterleigh include Nuclear Energy, Retail, Agriculture, and Transportation, however the Hatterlese economy is widely varied and cannot be confined to a small portion of industries.
Hatterlese Work Culture
Hatterleigh's work culture is very influential on Hatterleigh and the psyche of it's people. The Hatterlese are taught to befriend their coworkers, and the Hatterlese workforce focuses especially on team building activities. The 19th century Hatterlese economic philosopher Samson King emphasized the importance to be intact with your fellow workmen, for it increases production and gives meaning to work. It gives power to the common man over his daily grind. Many historians believe this culture comes from the influence guilds had on the early Hatterlese economy.


Hatterleigh has always had a unique culture, not like much other places. Hatterleigh is highly nationalistic. A big part of Hatterlese culture is pioneering and exploration, which is why the Hatterleigh Space Program is so heavily worked upon. Tourists have described the people of Hatterleigh as simple easy to understand on a personal level. Hatterleigh's people tend to be somewhat social, but not to an exceptional extent. Hatterlese tend to be less talkitive, but are reported to be generally content with life. Hatterlese love sports and other games, and are more traditional than most cultures.



The Hatterlese Government is comprised of the Presidency, the National Diet, and the court. The President is elected by Electors who judge the candidate by merit, personality traits, popular approval, work ethic, charisma, and intellect. whilst the Diet is bicameral, being comprised of the upper house, the Senate, and the lower house, the Chamber of Delegates. They are elected by vote every 2-6 Years. The Court is a judicial system appointed by The President with approval from the National Diet. The President is occasionally called the Imperiator. Within the past 20 years, Hatterleigh's government tends to lean to the right wing. It is socially conservative, however economically Hatterleigh tends to lean centre to centre-left lots of the time.


While education does tend to depend on where you are in Hatterleigh, on average Hatterleigh a very excellent education system. In Hatterleigh, school has shorter hours and not much homework. Elementary school mainly focuses on getting children interested in learning. Children get recess breaks twice a day where they are able to loosen up and get physical activity. Children are taught the basics during elementary school, such as basic arithmetics, grammar, reading and writing, while subjects like science, history, music, and art are more based on getting the children interested in aspects of these subjects. Mid-Level school is more branched out. It focuses on a healthy blend of learning more complex subjects as well as teaching children responsibility. High school focuses primarily on what will be useful in the real world, while focusing less on more specialized subjects. That being said, students that excel often take classes on these specialized subjects while average students are directed more practically. College is still private in Hatterleigh, but it stays at a moderate and affordable price range due to government restrictions on student loans, subsidies given to colleges, and light but still present inspection of how much colleges cost their students.

Climate, Wildlife, & Landscape
Hatterleigh is located very far up north, although the south is considerably warmer than expected due to the warm waters that flow from the North Atlantic Current. This difference in temperatures, plus the fact that a large and sometimes volcanic mountain range splits through the middle of Hatterleigh, gives Hatterleigh lots of seperate biomes to work with.

The entire northeast quadrant of Hatterleigh is mainly temperate forests, although there is a considerable amount of conifer forests and volcanic plains. The Northwest is much more dominated by conifer forests, and the volcanic plains are less present. The southeast coast is dominated by a rather humid coastal lowland, although when you go inward it is replaced with a dry, open steppe. On the other side of the mountain range there is a sister grassland, the western prairie. At the very bottom tip of Hatterleigh, there is a very dry arid climate, and this climate lingers into the southwest coast. This region is dominated by a very light, dry chaparral with small areas of what could be considered desert in some places. The mountain range that has been spoken of is called the Corona Mountains, and it is dominated by steep, arid mountains, and in the north it gets very cold. Hatterleigh is quite volcanic, so there are plenty of lava flows near the mountains. Finally, the southern islands are small islands off of Hatterleigh. They are mostly lush with greenery and warm.

Hatterleigh has lots of biodiversity, not only due to the many different ecosystems, but also because during the ice age, many animals from both the eastern and western hemispheres arrived in Hatterleigh. Northern Hatterleigh is dominated by animals one might expect to dominate it. Wolves, Boars, Bison, Elk, Caribou, etc. although there are some unique ones. The Mountain Lion is rare, but some can be found in the mountains of Hatterleigh. The Rhaunroch, national animal of Hatterleigh, is migratory, and they can be found all around. In the south, there is a bit more action. There is a place where the prarie, the mountains, the coastal lowlands, and the arid region all meet, and there is a large amount of biodiversity here. In the watering holes, you will find Rhaunrochs cooling in the water, with the Hatterlese River Crocodile basking on the shore, with eagles, foxes, and wolves on the prowl. In some of the northernmost parts of this region, there might be a very rare occasion where a Bear or a Mountain Lion comes onto the scene. The Crocodile, however, dominates the watering hole. It is believed that Crocodiles arrived on the mainland from the southern islands, and this breed can grow very large, with males almost always breaking 10 feet in length and the largest growing 15 feet in length.



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