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William Botrum, President of Hatterleigh

"Do not weep for the gods of old, for they dance among the stars." –William Botrum

Full Name:

William Chadwick Botrum


President William Botrum
Doge Botrum of Hatterleigh




Head of State of Hatterleigh


March 24th


6'3 (Ft.)





Hair Color:

Light Brown

Eye Color:



Rose Botrum


Mahogany, Hatterleigh


Free Domain of Hatterleigh


Politics, Cinema, Sports, Stargazing,
Cars & Motorcycles

William Botrum is the Head of State in the Free Domain of Hatterleigh, elected by the Hatterleighan Delegation, he is the main figure on the Hatterleigh Political Theatre, and also the de jure head of the military. He is a politician, naturalist, and astronomy enthusiast. Whilst his position is officially called the President, it is traditionally called the Doge of Hatterleigh, a name given to leaders of some pre-enlightenment republics.

William Botrum was born in the suburbs of Meteor City, Hatterleigh. His father was a pilot, and his mother stayed at home. When he was around the age of 12 he moved into a new home on the other side of the city, and would stay there until he was 18. When he was 14 he had his first girlfriend, and when he was 16 he got his drivers license as well as his first job at an edible dough place at a large mall in Meteor City. His grades were very good, and he went to a college where he majored in Political Science and minored in History.

Once Botrum was out of College, he felt like he had no where to go. He applied for some jobs as a History Teacher, but there weren't much empty positions. He eventually chose a new option – to join the military. Training was indeed hard, but he came out of training polished, and was prepared to go overseas, and for that matter over land. He spent 3 years in the Military, which he does not regret. Afterwards he changed his mind completely, and got a pilot's license like his father. He had always had an interest in planes, and knew a few guys from the air force who caught his interest when it came to flying. For many years, he was a pilot which allowed him to go all over the world, and during this time Botrum his 20s well. Being an international pilot meant he could travel to lots of exotic locations, and during millitary time he gained an interest in Photography. Although jet lag weighed his efforts down, he would often avoid sleeping just to get some nice pictures.

However, also during this time, Botrum was very interested in politics. Botrum was a very smart young man, he had always excelled in Math, Sciences, and History as a student and also took some courses on Philosophy, primarily studying ancient teachers. He started getting involved in local politics, and eventually decided to run as Mayor of Fallarbor, the twin city of his home town of Meteor City. At the age of 28 He won the election, and now had important political power. Also at this time he caught feelings for a young woman named Rosaline Sunson, who went by Rose. It was a very good match. He loved her, the people were growing to love him, and the people grew to love her as well.

Now that Botrum was a political figure, he looked for something bigger. He didn't just win an election, he turned a city that hadn't voted the National Party in over a decade into a sizeable victory for the National Party, primarily through his charisma, energy, and less pro-business stance. He applied for the presidency, which was accepted. The nation learned to love Botrum like Fallarbor did. The young men found him relatable, the old men liked his politics, the old women liked his religiousness, and the young women liked his charm. It was a challenging campaign against his opponents, who all saw him for the threat he was and pressured him on all sides, but he simply worked harder and more keenly than the others. Politics and age hadn't whittled him down into a manipulator, a people pleaser, a man who kept promises he couldn't keep. Not only this, but his ideology wasn't predictable. Botrum had ideas from all across the political arena, albeit he primarily focused on right wing rhetoric. Botrum hasn't changed in office. He still likes to be normal like everyone else. He still takes pictures on diplomatic trips, he still lives his life to the fullest, although he is on the grind pretty hard and is not willing to let his people be disappointed.

Personality and Current Life
Botrum's personal life is intertwined with his political life, he treats the people like his fans, his friends. He is usually a bit spiced up or invigorated when it comes to his speeches, but is generally respectful to even his rivals. He's never been overly polite, and tends to be much less bottled compared to other political leaders, more loosened up, never stressed out or afraid that he'll misspeak during his speeches. He is willing to protect Hatterleigh at all costs, no matter the case. He has always had a large imagination, and he prefers not to prepare jokes but rather just see where the wind takes him, he usually unintentionally says something funny once in a while or says something silly during an interview because he doesn't mind being human during his press interviews, but out of all his positives his charisma is what people really enjoy about him. He has a way with words, and is seen as very relatable to young voters. After all, he's a young man himself and lives a life most young men and women dream about.

Botrum lives in The Presidential Homestead, and has all sorts of privileges as president. He has a secret service to protect him and ride him places, he could go pretty much wherever he needs to, he has a nice car and he has his own capital ship.
Botrum's day usually starts with his breakfast, often cooked for him by his chefs. On Sunday he goes to church, on other days he might work out in his gym. then for the rest of the day he is usually busy with presidential duties, although he has free time. Botrum is accompanied by the Doge's Court, a conglomerate of political affiliates that Botrum uses to help him make decisions, basically his cabinet.

The Presidential Homestead
William Botrum lives in the Presidential Homestead, a captivating manor in the Federal District of downtown Mahogany which many of Hatterleigh's heads of state have lived in. The large house is home to the president's office, where he does all his work, and his living quarters, which contain a large kitchen, a dining hall, multiple large bedrooms and bathrooms, hard to count in fact, a private cinema, and some other features that have been added over the years by presidents and advisors. Built in the 18th century, the building has gone through vast additions and upgrades. In the backyard there is a koi pond, a barn with chickens and quail in it, a Tennis court, and a forest trail that leads to the public plaza nearby. On the front lawn there is a fountain with a statue in the center, with two marble guards standing by the entrance with an eternal glare, and also you can see the garage from here, which actually leads underground as well. The homestead is guarded by armed guards 24/7 and has many people who work in maintenance and service for the manor. The front is open for the public to see, however it is closed with a bar fence. Behind the fence, mighty Baobab Trees line the lawn as well as flowers and two fountains. The baobabs were a choice of the first doge of Hatterleigh.

Political Ideology
"Many of my peers see poverty, capitalism, et cetera as being a product of nature, however humans are not naturally capitalist. In nature we are highly collectivist, and private property was only conceptualized a few centuries ago." –William Botrum
William Botrum is generally considered centre-left when it comes to economic theory. He tends to believe in mixed economics, the implementation of a three-pronged system where state-owned corporations, private companies, and worker-managed guilds compete with each-other. Botrum scoffs at the idea that economic growth determines a countries happiness. Botrum supports environmental regulations, breaking up of monopolies, and workers rights.
"..I am not against the concept of liberty. Liberty is something we are all born with. However, our industrial society has created things humans were never supposed to live their lives around, things that fundamentally make our lives worse.." –William Botrum
Onto social policy, Botrum is very nationalist. He is socially conservative, and has openly called out the far left as being misguided and morally backwards. He is anti-abortion in almost every case, believing in very few exceptions. While he doesn't think Gay Marriage fits within the definition of marriage, he doesn't really speak much with the LGBT community and sees such issues as a footnote on the national level. He believes similarly with Marijuana. He doesn't use marijuana, and thinks it has some negative effects, but thinks that it needn't be dealt with on a national level and doesn't care if it's legal or not. On to immigration, he is against immigration vehemently, and does not want third world populations entering Hatterleigh or really anyone for that matter. He is very traditionalist and thinks technology can be dangerous for the human psyche.
"Democracy is a false god. Almost everyone can find something to hate about democracy subconsciously, and it isn't any safer than other forms of government. Democracy becomes dictatorship. Democracy becomes chaos. It's not some sort of unbreakable fortress." –William Botrum
Botrum believes in partial democracy, with checks and balances to make sure it doesn't become tyrannical. He believes that a legislature should be elected by the people, with a specialized council and testing to decide certain positions. Botrum was elected with meritocratic means and some democratic influencers, as Hatterlese leaders always have been, so he is supportive of meritocracy within high government roles.
• William Botrum was a Quarterback on his high school Gridiron team. He also played Soccer.

• Botrum has a fondness for Hatterlese motorcycles and scooters. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the time to drive them on the open road anymore, as his security guards don't want him in such a vulnerable position.

•Botrum is the youngest leader ever in Hatterleigh

•Botrum carries a 5-shot Revolver on him often. It is small, but it packs a punch.

•Botrum has a tattoo of the Chi Ro, an ancient christian symbol, on his back