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William Botrum, President of Hatterleigh

"The preservation of culture relies on, above all, a populace which is willing to be cultured. My countrymen, be cultured." –William Botrum

Full Name:

Guillhiaume Chadwick Botrum


President William Botrum
Doge Botrum of Hatterleigh




Head of State of Hatterleigh


March 24th


6'3 (Ft.)





Hair Color:

Light Brown

Eye Color:



Rose Botrum


Mahogany, Hatterleigh


Free Domain of Hatterleigh


Politics, Cinema, Sports, Stargazing,
crafts (Carpentry, Metalworking, Masonry),
hunting, meditation

Presidential Homestead

Botrum's dog

William Botrum or Guillhiaume Botrum in Hatterlese is the Head of State in the Free Domain of Hatterleigh, elected by the Hatterleighan Delegation, he is the main figure on the Hatterleigh Political Theatre, and also the head of the military. He is a statesman, a naturalist, and enthusiastic about his own country. Whilst his position is officially called the President, it is traditionally called the Doge of Hatterleigh, a name given to leaders of some pre-enlightenment republics.

The Botrum Family was, for a long time, a family of minor nobility, focused on the practice of law which was passed from son to son, but by the time William was born, this had desintigrated for most of the family lines. William Botrum was born in the suburbs of Meteor City, Hatterleigh. His father was a pilot, and his mother stayed at home. When he was around the age of 12 he moved into a new home on the other side of the city, and would stay there until he was 18. When he was 16 he got his drivers license as well as his first job. His grades were very good, especially in Math, and he went to a college where he majored in Law and minored in History and Math.

Once Botrum was out of College, he had planned to become a lawyer, but was reluctant to it and in had mixed feelings over the ethics of lawyering. As it was law for Hatterlese to participate in a year of civil service once reaching adulthood, Botrum chose to go into the military. He spent 3 years in the Military, and although Hatterleigh was not in intense combat, it was involved in multiple skirmishes which Botrum was involved in. It certainly was not total war. After his time in the Military Botrum learned how to fly a plane from his father.

However, also during this time, Botrum was very interested in politics. During his time in the military he became more invested in politics. He started reading many books and when he got home ran for the office of mayor in Meteor City. He was able to win the vote and became Mayor. Also during this time he met his now wife. Eventually the time came where he set himself up in a position to become president of Hatterleigh, which he succeeded in due to being seen as very qualified and having a much higher expression of vitality over the other, rather old candidates.

Personality and Current Life
"Why would I write a book on politics? I get enough of that every day." –William Botrum
Botrum's personal life is intertwined with his political life, he treats the people like his friends, perhaps even his family. He is usually a bit spiced up or invigorated when it comes to his speeches, but is generally respectful to even his rivals when it's all over. He's always been somewhat 'cool' in his encounters with the media but knows when to turn on his manners. He is both imaginitive and analytical in his approach to things. Botrum has been known for cracking jokes from time to time, but he prefers not to prepare jokes but rather just see where the wind takes him, he usually unintentionally says something funny once in a while or says something silly during an interview because he doesn't mind being human during his press interviews, but out of all his positives his charisma is what people really enjoy about him. However, his laid back persona is in some degree of contrast to his private life. Botrum is not only rather religious but very spiritual as well. Meditating, training is mind and body, denying himself from material bliss in search of metaphysical truths. On top of being a Catholic, like many christians before him, Botrum is openly an admirer of the ancient philosophers. Certain politicians have accused him of devil worship or being a neopagan, however he has denied such and points to his avid participation in the church.

Botrum lives in The Presidential Homestead, and has all sorts of privileges as president. He has a secret service to protect him and ride him places, he could go pretty much wherever he needs to, he has a nice car and he has his own capital ship.

The Presidential Homestead
William Botrum lives in the Presidential Homestead, a captivating manor in the Federal District of downtown Mahogany which many of Hatterleigh's heads of state have lived in. The large house is home to the president's office, where he does all his work, and his living quarters, which contain a large kitchen, a dining hall, multiple large bedrooms and bathrooms, hard to count in fact, a private cinema, and some other features that have been added over the years by presidents and advisors. Built in the 18th century, the building has gone through vast additions and upgrades. In the backyard there is a koi pond, a barn with chickens and quail in it, a Tennis court, and a forest trail that leads to the public plaza nearby. On the front lawn there is a fountain with a statue in the center, with two marble guards standing by the entrance with an eternal glare, and also you can see the garage from here, which actually leads underground as well. The homestead is guarded by armed guards 24/7 and has many people who work in maintenance and service for the manor. The front is open for the public to see, however it is closed with a bar fence. Behind the fence, mighty Baobab Trees line the lawn as well as flowers and two fountains. The baobabs were a choice of the first doge of Hatterleigh. There are also other properties that come with Botrum's title, such as the Doge's Winery, which is out on the countryside, & The Doge's Stables, which house the royal horses that previous Doges used for all sorts of stuff. Botrum and some previous leaders have added a fair share of Cars to the stables, although the horses do not go unused. Botrum has stated that he has learned how to ride a horse thanks to this job.

The Doge's Guard
The Doge's Guard is a term for what some would call the "secret service" of Hatterleigh, although they do much more than that. The term originates from when the Doge of Gurgoerde hired a company of mercenaries for the protection of his city, his palace, his land, and other things operated by him. After the revolution they continued to protect the Doge's (President's) properties, although became far more incorporated into the Hatterlese government and also protect many other high up politicians as well. The Doge's guard wears ceremonial getup, but only for ceremonial events and at the front gates of the properties of Mahogany (Mainly for tourism attraction & Aesthetic Purposes). Otherwise they wear suits, military garment, or disguises.

Political Ideology
"Although I do not think economics is the only thing that matters, I am of the belief that economics is certainly important. However, i'm not an economist, so I like to fill my life with associates of mine who are somewhat more educated on economics than I am, and I also like to look at examples from other countries and from other periods." –William Botrum
William Botrum is generally considered corporatist when it comes to economics. Companies are private, but the state can command certain orders from them. The state also promotes alternative economic unions such as Guilds and Syndicate-like organizations. Botrum is always looking to expand Hatterleigh's economic power so that it isn't taken advantage of as well. He seeks to promote a good degree economic freedom, but also makes sure that if something dire happens the Hatterlese government has the power to control the corporations of the country in order to get good results. Aside from all that, Botrum supports social welfare programs and well funded institutions, so long as those institutions make good choices with their money.
"The modern man, whose reign takes up a miniscule slice of history so far, does not get to be judge and jury in the trial of whether hundreds, perhaps thousands of generations beneath our feet were evil." –William Botrum
Botrum generally is socially conservative, and a traditionalist, however he strays away from the title of reactionary. He is against several modern social justice movements such as the LGBTQ pride movements, anti-western and anti-colonialist movements, and modern femenist movements. He does support the notion of progress, but in a less social sense and more in a sense to adapting to new technology which will help Hatterleigh compete on the world stage, and may improve peoples lives. He is a "proponent of the institution of the church", by which he means not just the Catholic Church but all churches and, to a degree, parallels in other religions. He views these institutions as fundamental for local communities. Despite his conservative beliefs somewhat stemming from his Catholic faith, Botrum is mostly a secularist and supports freedom of religion. His family is rather religiously plural, having a catholic father and an uncle whose a protestant pastor. and argues that his conservative beliefs are not contingent on his religion, as God's rules do not exist all for naught.
"Democracy acts like a test for the homogeneity of a society, I think. Not as in ethnic or racial homogeneity, although often that is included, but rather whether a people's interests, culture, and values are all similar. I think that makes it successful in small scale communities where people all have similar lives and are close, and where a single person is more powerful. This is how it was in pre-industrial democracies." –William Botrum
Botrum believes in some degree of democracy, but not the whole package. He believes that democracy on a large enough scale is no longer meaningful, but democracy on a small scale is very important.
Other Beliefs/Trivia
•Botrum is a strong supporter of Nuclear Energy, as Hatterleigh is one of the most nuclear energy dependent countries in the world
•Botrum is a supporter of gun ownership, and has worked to make buying many varieties of firearms easier while still having an efficient system of background checks
•Botrum supports school choice, although the Hatterlese government funds public schools to a high enough degree that they can reasonably compete with private or religious schools.
• William Botrum was an avid sportsman in his early days. An avid wrestler and fighter, a player of both association and gridiron football. During his presidency he has taken some interest in "HEMA". He is still interested in sports, and in one of his books claimed that a healthy society must have sports and games. As a man of his word, he has promoted local leagues of several sports all across the country not just for children but for adults, taking inspiration from the many great Hatterlese Football (soccer) clubs who started out as just some men who worked the same shift at the factory or went to the same church looking to play some games.

• Botrum has a fondness for Hatterlese motorcycles and scooters. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the time to drive them on the open road anymore, as his security guards don't want him in such a vulnerable position.

•Botrum is the second youngest leader ever in Hatterleigh