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Hatsunese Micronesia

Hatsunese Micronesia* (初音領ミクロネシア Hatsune-ryō Mikuroneshia, "First Sound Territory [of] Micronesia") is an overseas region of Hatsunia consisting of the Caroline Islands, Mariana Islands (except Guam), and Marshall Islands. Some of the territories were purchased from Spain in 1884 to gain strategic positions for supplying merchant ships. The rest were purchased in 1899 after Spain's defeat in the Spanish-American War. The indigenous peoples have been given equal rights and citizenship status, except with more autonomy in government. Today, Hatsunese Micronesia is a major tourist destination, similar to French Polynesia. Saipan is the overall capital and the largest city of the autonomous territories. The flag depicts a stylized version of the katakana for "Mikuro" (ミクロ).

(*pronounced with a "mee" sound instead of "my.")

It is made up of seven autonomous prefectures (自治県):

Saipan (サイパン)
Parao (パラオ)
Yappu (ヤップ)
Chūku (チューク)
Ponpei (ポンペイ)
Kosurae (コスラエ)
Māsharu (マーシャル)