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[ Third Era ]「 Eros's Adventure Guidebook 」The World of Yverde (Main Focus-Ongoing)

Hello, dear reader! Thank you for purchasing my guidebook! My name is Eros. I may be what you would call a “Succubus”, but I’m different; I don’t really enjoy draining the lifeforce off some randos in the streets, instead I prefer exploring and discovering new things! I’ve been at this for about... a thousand years? Gosh, I feel so old, yet my body never seems to look the part. Throughout my journeys, I’ve met quite a lot of wonderful people, including the two outworlders with me in my current journey, the brother-sister couple Gertud and Ludvig Wallen!

PS Before we move forward, I hid a special discount voucher for my next book. Good luck finding it~ fufufu…
- Eros

Our World, Yverde
Ah, our world~! It is quite simply beautiful, breathtaking, rich in culture, and filled with mysteries at every nook and cranny! We named her Yverde; according to the ancient texts, the name came from the word for “earth” in the early Theodisc, Aenglish, and Skandisk languages—Erthe, Eorde, and Jord. The original inhabitants of this world, however, still call her Jotunheim, the Home of the Giants. While the ancient giants have long since vanished, their successors are still roaming around the land, noted for their sheer brute strength. Yeesh, wouldn’t wanna come across one!

Sometimes, one would feel bliss as he sees the colourful list of amazing people, cultures, landscapes, and architecture—from new outcrops to ancient ruins. Sometimes, however, one can only tremble in terror. Wars between folks who just can’t get along, and if that’s not your cup of tea, really big, ugly, and hungry beasts that kill people for fun. I myself have once been in the maw of a ferocious maneating plant, luckily I was gathering toxic leaves and herbs at the time; I threw those down the thing’s throat, killing it.

Even if it is full of nightmare fuel, it’s still a wonderful place to visit! And that’s why I wanted to write this book, to guide people to the beauties of Yverde and away from the noxious horrors that murder anything and everything they come across. Nobody likes getting mauled to death, right? Or getting eaten alive by angry maneating plants… or getting stoned to death by an angry mob for accidentally insulting their “god” or whatever. Not that I’ve tried those or anything! Ehehe…