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The Grand Diarchy of
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[ Fourth Era ]「 Ase's Diary 」Diary of the Lost Children (Construction)

Long ago, Five Drakenmenn were begotten into this world by the almighty King of the Sky and his Human wife. Each one of them represented a hope for this world, but as they grew and faced hardships together, the malignant chaos also grew within all of them, slowly corrupting them with greed, wrath, and selfishness. As they fought amongst themselves for gold, glory, and fame, the two eldest siblings banished their younger brethren and erased them from history, never to return to their former glory. Those happened so long ago, some dismiss that as myth or legend, but I know. I was there. We were there. We won’t forget. We mustn’t forget. I’m writing this for you, so you could remember what they did to us. Remember. Gunhild Rosenberg. Asger Ovruntosson. Those names. They were the f-ckers who did this to us. They were the bastards who made us like this. And we will find them later, but now, we have to survive. Rest your trust in me, and I shall protect you.

Another reminder—Hrothwulf Oswald. Seems to be “your” husband or lover. He is to you what he is to you; as for me, I see him as my companion in battle, and nothing more. He bought us another book to write this diary in after the last one was burnt to bits after some thugs raided our turf. Hrothwulf came in really late, and though he did manage to drive them off, our diary was irrecoverable. F-ck, thinking about it makes my blood boil. Word of advice, put this book in the safest place you can think of. This is perhaps the only link between me and you. It is yours as much as it is mine, so maybe you can add something else while I’m trying to patch up your head. If you ever forget about our “companion” or even me, read the notes I left here for you.
- Ase Sandrael -

Year 2052
For the sake of your crumbling memory, here is another note. If this is the newest entry, we are living in the year 2052. Lots of things happened in the past few hundred years. That cursed Caserine of Destruction went away to rule Heaven. If you look outside, you’ll see a sprawling city with tall buildings and wide slums… lots of slums. The road to progress is really scary, you know? Today, there’s a family-run coffee shop; tomorrow, it gets demolished by city planners and they put some random business chain on top.

Ase, you work as a free mercenary and bounty hunter. I don’t think I need to remind you this. You’ve more than enough cash already, so you’re using the money to tend to those poor little sh-ts in the slum. These savages always get harassed by the cops and tax collectors, but your cause is purer than the f-cking Rosenberg Foundation, so you’ve got that going for you. Curse them and their f-cking founder. There’re also a bunch of folks after our heads, a mixture of mobsters, thugs, revenge-seekers, and hitmen from a whole bunch of places.

I can feel it. There’s going to be a big war. A really big war, just like the Ylva’s Great War against the forces of Heaven. Remember when that sh-t went down? Early 20th century, Ylva f-cked around with the temporal gates, got so drunk on her power, and declared war against Heaven. Millions upon millions upon millions would die. Now imagine the next one will be worse than that. This time, it’s going to be her children. One c-nt abused the position of power she was in, while the other dipsh-t spewed retarded bullsh-t about some so-called “democracy” to gain support against the former. It’s only a matter of when another f-ggot will pop up. And when that happens, leave everything to me and your “lover”. We’ll find the cure ourselves. F-ck, if Ostsee were still here, maybe they could cure us.
- Ase Sandrael -


[ Month 1 ] Reminders for a Forgetful Mind
starting from scratch since the old one burned down

People to remember [ Delayed until Day 15 ]