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Mandatory Clarification Between Tadekai & Haja-Mishu

Due to nigh constant confusion, I have made this factbook to clarify things:

High Doge A.R.X. Ibranum ( Arotex Ruhiiv Xesiniik) is the leader of Haja-Mishu, A democratic corporatic city-state megalopolis in the middle of the ocean. It is populated by humans.

High Sage Arlavikor is the leader of Tadekai which I really should make as it's own separate nation. It is lead by the Council of Ascended Masters, an eternal council of Living 'Gods' that provide for their people who themselves, are 'spiritual' instead of religious. It is populated by several alien/mythical species.

(FT) Factbooks = Tadekai (Spiritual alien space magic spammers)
(MT) Factbooks = Haja-Mishu (Capitalist Skyscraper-Dwelling democratic humans who live on a secluded, yet important island)

How Haja-Mishu got it's name:

"Haja-Mishu" is the miss-translation of Hajaar-Mi'shuur, a poem by 'Haja-Mishu's founder and prominent philosopher Imodunak Kofenti. It told the tale of the alabaster stingray Hajaar, and it's sibling the onyx stingray Mi'shuur. They manifested out from the 9th dimension. Hajaar represented postivity and Mi'shuur represented negativity. They swam in a stagnant ocean of grey water. It was filled with the thoughts of mankind. Mi'shuur swam to the side of negativity and Hajaar swam to the side of positivity. They built walls around the thoughts they represented and for eons they bickered and argued until they both went blind and senile. For they swam in the same pools of ideas for too long. Hajaar's water was to sweet, the thoughts to nice, with nothing too challenge them. The same went for Mi'shuur's water, it was too bitter and sour, the thought's too grim with nothing to challenge them.
Eventually a great ashen octopus called Tu'Radonu rose from the farthest depths of the ocean tore their walls asunder. It caused a maelstrom that both of the Stingrays were sucked into. Negativity and positivity collided great speeds. The water was sweet but not too sweet, the water was bitter but not too bitter, and the water was sour but not too sour. Once these conflicting ideas impacted each other, the Stingrays' dull minds were awakened once again. They saw things as they really were for they had found enlightenment. Once they thought, they truly thought about these conflicting ideas, Their eyesight and wit returned to them, For they had gotten sight of their minds, and in turn, their eyes. Tu'Radonu disappeared and the water was never unmoving again.