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Realm FT-36

Connection: dedicated structures, called "Rift Frames," are the primary means of connection. It is believed by those in the know that Rifts in FT-36 require stabilization equipment (which is what the Frame is) in order to be traversible. For better or worse, they are incorrect. For now, Rift Frames are only present in a single system on the very edge of the Allied States: the open cluster Alessi 19. There is one ship-scale Rift Frame in the void with a radius just under 11.5 km, and about a dozen smaller (~6.63 m radius) Rift Frames are present in the same number of habitats in the cluster. Six have "shirtsleeve" earth-like conditions (for most organics and many synthetics). Four have inert argon atmospheres (for those synthetics who don't want to deal with oxidation). One is a hot flourinated hyperoxidizing hellscape (in case there are Tlik'katska-equivalents elsewhere in the multiverse). And the last is an aquatic environment (you never know - plus it made the Teuthies happy).

Awareness: for now, only those involved in the Interdimensional Communications Project are aware of the Rifts. That will soon change - more by necessity than by choice.

Restrictions: Most forms of magic and technology will work normally. Neither magic nor technology is superior to the other here.

However, pay attention to the "technology factbook" if you come from a realm with permissive physics. If your realm is populated by ordinary sophonts (defined as "anything that isn't a weakly godlike superintelligence"), you will not be able to use technologies I deem equivalent to those employed by the "Higher Minds," as any device simple enough for a sophont to create elsewhere will not have the necessary complexity to perform its designated task here. In general, techs equivalent to something invented by a being one grade higher than your population will become fancy paperweights once you arrive, while anything from two or more grades up will fail spectacularly in a way I determine upon activation.

Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis due to "Rule of Cool," "Rule of Funny," and general ability to contribute to an interesting story. If you can make a case for it, I'll probably allow it.

Conversely, if you have Ascended Grade or higher intellects in your society, but less permissive physics, your technology will be capable of doing more than usual in FT-36.

Moreover, FTL drives that function by altering the topology of space outside of the drive itself will not function. Nor will any sort of magic based on supernatural entities from another Realm - this Realm may or may not have such entities, but they'll certainly be different ones if they do exist.

Hazards: Poorly behaved guests will be forced to leave by Hahoalki Emself. They may or may not be allowed to leave in one piece, depending on how poorly they behaved. Some people would also regard Hahoalki's apparent ability to "see" inside things with subatomic detail somewhat hazardous. Those are the big ones... or so everyone thinks.

Availability: Invite Only for denizens of MG-72. Free Entry for all others... just be sure to pick the right Rift Frame.