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Large (400+ kg), flightless, pseudo-avian species. Amniote-convergent, lays eggs normally. "Founding Species" of the Allied States. Warrior-poet culture. Typically patient and stoic. Have an intellectual blindspot that prevents them from learning the secrets to FTL/interdimentional travel and communication. Most are heavily modified, genetically and otherwise. Most populous organic race in the Allied States, numbering 2.508 quadrillion.

Relatively populous Karigai clade. Makes up about 19% of the Karigai population (404 trillion). Competitive with some medium-grade synthetics in terms of physical prowess. Strong emphasis on the "warrior" part of "warrior-poet." More boisterous and sanguine than "baseline" Karigai. The most loyal friend you'll ever have - or the worst enemy.

Pseudo-arthropods hailing from a hot, fast-paced deathworld (known as Chitek'ks) with a flourine-containing hyperoxidizing atmosphere. Despite origins, very calm and collected, with strong diplomatic tendencies. Creative thinkers, capable of solving urgent problems quickly. Tlik'katska have a population of about 1.18 quadrillion, having been the first xenosophont race encountered by the Karigai.

Bioengineered variant of the Tlik'katska capable of surviving in low temperature atmospheres lacking flourine. Due to the destructive nature of Chitek'ks' atmosphere, this clade has been very successful, capable of living where other descendants of the Tlik'katska would freeze or suffocate - or, to put it another way, capable of utilizing habitats that would be destroyed by Chitek'ks' conditions. Slower-thinking than their ancestors (though on a par with most other organic species), but retain the calm disposition and tendency towards diplomacy. Make up about 30% of all Tlik'katska (354 trillion).

Reproductively convergent on pre-amniotic tetrapods (amphibians). Female stores fertilized egg in a moist "pouch" until offspring is mature. Mature form superficially convergent on Terran felids. Eloquent, cunning, and shrewd, very skilled (though occasionally harsh) negotiators. Population of 639 trillion.

Superficially convergent on reptiles, but metabolically convergent on birds. Standard amniote-convergent reproductive cycle. Quiet and reserved, but very insightful. Have an innate magical ability that they develop in secret. Population of 295 trillion.

Finely-haired, tailess mammalian species. Placental reproductive cycle. First species encountered by the Allied States with any real degree of technological advancement - had already developed an interstellar civilization with beamrider network by the time they were first encountered over 3000 years ago (5307 AD by their calendar). Temperament highly variable, much more so than any other species in the Allied States. Cultural and social factors appear to outweigh biological ones in determining individual behavior sets. Population of 197 trillion.

Squid-like species encountered during human expansion. Reproductive cycle similar to that of the Terran octopus, but both partners survive through many reproductive cycles, and only three to seven eggs are laid per cycle. Require either aquatic habitats or mechanical environmental suits ("walking fishbowls"). Communicate almost exclusively through chromatophore displays, require extensive translation services to interact with other sophonts. Inquisitive and gregarious. Find novelty fascinating, easily befriend outsiders. This can be a blessing and a curse. Population of 98 trillion.


Synthetic sophont with dedicated "intelligence core" that can be set in a variety of different chassis and equipped with a variety of effector arms. Typically own a "wardrobe" full of parts that they can fit to themselves as needed. Often view a "large wardrobe" as a sign of status. Somewhat flighty, but quite adaptable. Population of 8.148 quadrillion.

Synthetics composed entirely of nanites or other smart matter. Appear to have a maximum size of about 2 tonnes (though Ascended designed individuals can be considerably larger). While capable of "merging" bodies, brains appear to be impossible to merge without insanity resulting. Limited assembler/disassembler capabilities. Capable of taking on almost any shape and appearance consistent with their size. Even more flexible and adaptable than the modulars. Distaste for rules and rigid structures. Population of 6.014 quadrillion.

Synthetic sophont, originally of Ascended design. Consists of a core and dedicated chassis, combined with a locomotion unit (the exact nature of which varies from synth to synth), and a number of fractal-branching "limbs" whose outermost tips are composed of Ascended Grade nanotechnology. Assembler/disassembler capabilities far more advanced than those of typical amorphs (though amorphs descended from Ascended designed synthetics can be similarly capable). Typically no-nonsense and goal-oriented. Tendency to like to do things in an orderly fashion. Can be overly rigid at times. Often the "yin" to the amorph's "yang." Population of 4.85 quadrillion.

Synthetic of Transcended design. Essentially amorphs made of pure, adaptive hyper-muscle. Extremely physically capable, utilizing advanced boron-carbon-nitrogen allotropes to apply tensile or compressive forces in the GPa range, or produce anchoring structures capable of handling forces in the tens of GPa. Often powered by femtomatter flywheels attached to a conversion reactor. Typically have large glowing "wings" that serve as radiators for the (often significant) waste heat produced by the hyper-muscles. Psychologically convergent on the Skreetai. Population 388 trillion.


[OOC Note: postsophont entities are only able to achieve higher modes of thought due to certain idiosyncrasies of FT-36. Such modes of thought are only achievable in those realms with a sufficiently robust connection to FT-36. For details, contact me via DM.]

The Ascended
A being with higher modes of thought than an ordinary sophont. The minimum processing power required to access these higher modes of thought appears to be approximately 1E20 bits per second, though there appears to be no guarantee that a being with such processing power will ascend. Technologies invented by the Ascended may or may not be replicable by ordinary sophonts. Usually mobile. Often incomprehensible to ordinary sophonts. Population of approximately 9.755 billion.

The Transcended
A being with even higher modes of thought than an Ascended. The minimum processing power required to access these transcendent modes of thought appears to be approximately 1E30 bits per second, though there appears to be no guarantee that a being with such processing power will transcend. Technologies invented by the Transcended may or may not be replicable by the Ascended, and are almost never replicable by ordinary sophonts. Appear to be more capable of relating to ordinary sophonts than the Ascended, though still unpredictable in behavior. Population of 9,583.

The Postsingular
Being capable of what appear to be the highest modes of thought available to embodied minds. The minimum processing power required to reach the Singularity appears to be 1E50 bits per second, though there appears to be no guarantee that a being with that processing power will reach the Singularity. Technologies developed by Postsingular beings are almost never comprehensible to the Transcended, and never replicable by lower minds. Appears to be capable of relating to any lower mind on their own level, though still highly unpredictable in behavior. Multiple attempts to create Postsingular beings have always resulted in an exponentially self-improving entity that converges on a very specific point in mindspace - that of Hahoalki. It is unclear whether Hahoalki is a single individual, a community of individuals, or something in between.