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Gyatso-kai National Ice Hockey Team

Gyatso-kai National Ice Hockey Team

Nickname(s): The Ice Bisons
Official Name:
Basic: Gyatso-kai National Ice Hockey Team
Avatarian: 凯海洋国家冰球队(Kaihaiyáng Guójia Bingqiú Duì)
Mando'a: Gyats'kai Tsad droten Cinyc'get'shuk
Association: Avatarian Hockey League (AHL)
Founded: 1902 (17 YRk)
Manager: ISHII Hakoda (2019.1 - Present)
Most caps: ****
Top scorer: ****
Home stadium: Sundari Times Forum
[Sundari, Sundari Autonomous Region, Southern Mandalorian Islands]
Country code: GKI
All-Time Records:
World Cup: 186-24-68
AOHC: 17-1-9
KPB ranking: 1st(After WCoH XLIV)
Highest KPB ranking: 1st (After WCoH XLV)
Lowest KPB ranking: 33rd (Before WCoH XXXIX)
AOCAF rank: 10th (Before AOHC IX)[/size]

First Multi-Verse Game
Cosumar 5 - 4 Gyatso-kai
(Cotdelapoms, World Cup of Hockey XV Qualification Matchday 1, 2011.2)

Largest Win
Gyatso-kai 7 - 1 Illdonya
(Schutzenphalia and West Ruhntuhnkuhnland,
World Cup of Hockey XLIV Qualification Matchday 5, 2022.1)

Worst defeat
Mercedini 8 - 3 Gyatso-kai
(Taeshan, World Cup of Hockey XLI Lower Bracket Game 2, 2020.3)

World Cup of Hockey Record

Appearances: 18 (WCoH XV-XXI, XXIII-XXVI, XXXVIII-Present)
Best result: Champion (3) (WCoH XXIII, XLIV, XLV)

AOHC Record

Appearances: 3 (AOHC VIII-Present)
Best result: Fourth Place (AOHC IX)

(AOHC XI / WCoH LXVI Campaign)

STYLE MODIFIER: +3.0 out of 5.0


Head Coach: ISHII Hakoda
Height: 193cm – Weight: 93kg – Age 46 years old – Team: University of Adirolf, Head Coach

The leader in Caps, Goals, and Assists for the National Team, Ishii Hakoda was selected to lead the Ice Bisons out of The Silence and into the new era! While he has not yet to manage to capture the same magic as the venerable Kad Skirata had when the Ice Bisons first ever showed up on the Multi-Verse Stage, Ishii continues to hold the confidence of the National Sports Council. After a successful Third Place campaign in World Cup XL, the Ice Bisons have continued to advance out of the Group Stage in every edition since; including the first feather in the cap of Ishii Hakoda, the Champions of World Cup of Hockey XLIV. Following that victory, Ishii pushed the Bisons into back-to-back Silver Medals at the Atlantian Oceania Hockey Championships, as well as the second consecutive World Cup Championship at World Cup of Hockey XLV.

Could the team potentially three-peat?

Assistant Coach: Ito Pakku
Forward Coach: IKEDA Kuruk
Defense Coach: KO Piandao
Goalie Coach: SHU Huanguo

Head Medical Officer: Doctor FONG Wuchin
Height: 186cm – Weight: 84kg – Age 52 years old

A graduate of the pristine Royal Academy of Medicine in Imperial City, Fong Wuchin enters his sixth campaign as the Head Medical Officer for the Ice Bisons. Having earned multiple degrees in Sports Medicine, General Surgery, Kinesiology, as well as holding two Traditional Medicine Certifications, 'The Tin Doc' as he is loving referred to as is more than capable of addressing any and all health concerns that can arise with a team as culturally diverse as the Ice Bisons. Much like most doctors for the National Teams, Fong served before college in the Republic Defence Focre; specifically in the Republic Navy as a Corpsman. After his mandatory service, Fong entered in college before earning his intial medical degree from the RAoM; afterwhich, he would accept a commission into the Navy where he would work his way up to the Head of Medicine at the Republic Naval Academy based in Yu Dao. Currently holding the rank of Commodore, Fong oversees much of the education appointments within the Republic Naval services, as well as conducting leading research in the areas of Sports Medicine and how it can be applied on the field.
Rating: A - Team Relationship: A - Morale: A - Confidence: A
Medical Assistants: LEE Haicheng, WEN Jintao, SHU A'dia

Security Chief: First Lieutenant BEVIIN (CL-23-0192)
Height: 180cm – Weight: 84kg – Age: 18 years old CHRONOLOGICAL (28 years old BIOLOGICAL)

Given the occurrence of Atlantian Oceania's regional tournaments for both football and gridiron - both of which Gyatso-kai as sent delegations - at the same time as the World Cup of Hockey, the usual assignment of Captain Akaan and his detachment of 'Security Assistants' was not available to Head Coach Ishii and the Ice Bisons. Instead, First Lieutenant CL-23-0192 of the Besh Company within the First Avatarian Guard was assigned by The Avatar to oversee security for the Ice Bisons as they travel to the Anaia Region for the first time since the Foxchester Declaration.

A younger trooper than Akaan, CL-23-0192 (known as 'Beviin') is what is called a "standard trooper', in that his armor and training is not as specialised as that which Akaan -- being a Commando -- received. His personality is also a bit less 'militarised'; this leads to a bit more 'personal approach' to the job, which Beviin took with delight whereas Akaan often looks to the security detail jobs as "calm" and "boring". Nonetheless, should any issue arise that Beviin feels uncomfortable, Akaan will be but a comline away for advice.
Rating: A – Strength: A – Tactics: B+ – Skill: B+
Security Assistants: CT-01-2221, CT-9833, CC-04-0110, RC-12/4-1789, RC-12/4-1988, RC-15-3302, RC-8826


.:: FIRST LINE ::.

[u]Position #	Name		Age	Hand	College				Current Team[/u]
GK	88	MING Zhanshi	25	R	University of Omashu		Itakawai Lightning	
DEF	32	WATANG Kouji	28	R	Univ. of Kibago			Omashu Badgermoles
DEF	77	HED Torvik	30	L	Univ. of the Northern Tribes	Itakawai Lighting
OFF	79	Barc’ay GORODOW	28	L	Univ. of Enceri - Keldabe	Itakawai Lightning
OFF	21 	HOSAKA Severi	24	R	Drotenfao College		Seifoss Miners [img][/img]
OFF	49	SONG Unataq (C)	36	R	University of Adirolf		Gaoling Bears
After a regrettable showing in the 2021 AOlympics – going 4-1-1 and allowing six goals in the team’s silver-medal finish against unranked Efnakia – Head Coach Ishii Hakoda has shocked the Avatarian hockey world and replaced “The Permacrete Wall of Shu” with the young Norgbralan Ming Zhangshi, who has only played in four games in his career with the Ice Bisons up to his first start at World Cup of Hockey XLIV. Of course, the rest would be history with Ming, putting up a 0.942 Save Percentage and being the winning goaltender for the 44th World Cup, and helping the Ice Bisons go to their second consecutive AOHC Final.

If he keeps this up… Shu might be out of a job sooner, rather than later…

The defensive pair for the first line remains the same since WCoH XLI, with Omashu-fan-favorite Watang Kouji paired with Hed Torvik of Itakawai fame. A defensive line with over 200 kilos is somewhat of an Avatarian tradition, where speed is often sacrificed for power, though even for their size, Avatarian hockey players tend to be faster than one would expect. Watang, out of the Fire Nation, is known for powerful forechecks and his insane speed on the backskate; while Hed, otherwise known as the “Mandalorian Shield”, is just as impressive at generating offence as he is pushing another player into the boards.

The forward line, albeit a bit old, is anchored by the youthful Hosaka Severi, who recently was traded from Gaoling to the Seifoss Miners in the Imperial Hockey League in Arendalle; with his blinding speed on the ice, Hosaka has been a great asset for assisting on the wings and driving offense with the Avatarian standard of dump and play. Kobushi Kaede, unfortunately, suffered a season-ending concussion shortly after the AOlympics, and was not cleared for World Cup play. In his place, Bar’cay Godorow has been promoted from the Reserves to take the place of such an integral part of the Ice Bisons’ success over the years. Godorow is a very physical defenseman who plays remarkably aggressive for his age; he is as adept at boarding an opponent as he is taking a puck deep in the opponent’s zone and firing off a one-timer which finds the back of the net more frequently than not. Song Unataq, who has always been more defensively-minded, continues the trend of the line to be more interested in keeping puck possession and breaking up offensive rushes through size and determination. While Song stated in many an interview before World Cup XLIV that he would be retiring from multiverse play, scoring the tournament-winning goal and bringing home the World Cup rejuvenated the Elder Song, and he decided to return for chance of a repeat.


[u]Position #	Name		Age	Hand	College				Current Team[/u]
DEF	26	HITEKI Kia (A)	42	R	Uni. of the Southern Tribes	Southern Polar Leopards
DEF	81	Ero’ki NACER	23	R	Hatsu University		Omashu Badgermoles
OFF	18	WANG Torsti	28	L	Adirolf State University	Si Wong Beetles
OFF	86	Nestori HUAN	31	R	Ba Sing Se Univ.		Shu Jing Dragons
OFF	19	CHEUNG Sepi	30	L	Saigon City College		Kelita Riverhounds

With Hiteki Kia having over a century of caps on the Ice Bisons under his belt, he is the most seasoned player on the team, and rightfully wears the first A. With age and skill, Hiteki is renowned for his ability as "damage control" through the last four World Cups he played in. Given the retirement of two of the four “Old Masters” of the Bisons, many were expecting Hiteki to announce his own retirement; especially at the age of 42. Yet, Hitkei has dodged the question of retirement time and time again. Having changed up his usual pairing from Hed Torvik to Ero’ki Nacer, the young right defensemen from Hatsu University and second year Badgermole finds himself yet again beneath the wings of “Sifu Hiteki” as many of the younger players respectfully refer to him as such. Nacer, who graduated right out of Hatsu University to sign an entry-level contract with the Badgermoles, found his number being called in the final games of the 2020.2 Regular Season, when last season’s first pick Hu Jiaozi was taken out of the season with a bad trip that saw him slide skate-first into the boards and break his tibia in two places. With an impressive season in the Republic Hockey League underway with the Humoki Huangdogs, he made the transition to AHL-level play with ease, and scored his first AHL goal against the Itakawai Lightning in Game One of the Finals.

On offense, Wang Torsti from Si Wong finds himself on the left side of the ice, after a renewed contract with Si Wong has been paying off for him. Opposite him we find Cheung Sepi who has continued to carve his name in the banks of the Kelita River. Even though he has been moved from the first line, Cheung is not taking it as an insult, and instead, viewing it as a chance to sharpen his own skills on the off-handed plays. In the middle, another once-first-liner Nestori Huan finds his return to the line better known for damage control rather than scoring. However, with his impressive knowledge and vision that had earned him his spot on the first line last World Cup, Huan may very well prove his doubters wrong and bring some glory to the second line… or find himself fading into obscurity…

.:: THIRD LINE ::.

[u] Position #	Name			Age	Hand	College			Current Team[/u]    
DEF	37	DEGOUR Niyan		23	L	Royal Fire Academy		Kyrimorut Ramikade	
DEF	34	Jaster KAL'OKI	22	L	University of Adirolf		Itakawai Lightning
OFF	71	RELICYC Tho-An		23	L	Republic City State Uni.	Itakawai Lightning
OFF	33	SOUMA Shichiro		29	R	Yokoua State Uni.		Senlin Archers
OFF	17	KIL’OR Alecyc		27	L	University of Kom’rk		Itakawai Lighting
After the retirement of Kuang Deniigi with the AOlympics, the young Degour Niyan has been called up from the reserves to take his place. A scrappy young Mandalorian from the eastern reaches, Degour is incredibly volatile and prone to egging his opponents on to get into their heads. The fight finally left “The Master of Dengal”, and Ki’an Losow announced his retirement following the Bisons’ defeat in the AOlympics Finals. To replace such a veteran is no small task, yet many in the hockey community feel as though Jaster Kal’oki is up to the task. An impressively-sized Mando defenceman – one who can rival Hed Torvik on the scales – Kal’oki is known for his speed more than he is known for his brawn. Much like Losow, Kal’oki is quick to poke the puck away from any forward, bring it back within his wide reach, and pass it out to centre ice to any open forward with a surprising level of accuracy.

Offensively, the third line is filled with strong passers and even stronger shooters. Both Relicyc Tho-An and Souma Shichiro have done amazingly well in skills competitions involving accuracy and shot speeds; both players are younger and wanting to make a name for themselves. However, what is unique on the third line is the arrival of Kil’or Alecyc, an impressive power forward who saw his name behind many a goals in the last three tournaments as well as strong postseason play for the Lightning. Given the emphasis that Coach Ishii has put on slotting so many Lightning players into the third line, someone like Kil’or – a second-line Lightning player – paired with players from both the top line (Relicyc) and the bottom third (Godorow), many are calling for Ishii to simply make the entire line an Itakawau Convention.

Expect the third line to be more adept at cleaning up and bringing a more physically-minded offence to bear on their opponents.

.:: RESERVES ::.

Position #	Name		Age	Hand	College				Current Team[/u]   
GK	30	SHU Pianhuo	27	R	Republic City State Univ.	Omashu Badgermoles
GK	70	Dang Mun-Hee	28	L	University of Adirolf		Foggy Swamp Catgators
DEF	02	SHAO Lee	34	L	University of Omashu		Republic Capitals
DEF	49	ARPAD Roku	20	R	Ba Sing Se University		Ba SIng Se University
DEF	11	GOLAN’IK Gal	19	L	Royal Fire Academy		Royal Fire Academy
DEF 	29	TREDU Merc’ak	23	R	Imperial College (Yu Dao)	She Jing Dragons
DEF	42	SHANG Koma	20	R	Ba Sing Se University		Ba Sing Se University
OFF	28	Taneli SANTTU	25	L	University of Kirachu		Whale Tail Whalers
OFF	12	Samuli YANG	28	L	Humoki Tribal Univ.		Crescent Islanders
OFF	35	Rikuto ADORJAN	25	R	Royal Earth Univ.		Ember Redhawks
OFF	20 	MANCOLE Kaleb	24	R	Keldabe State Univ.		Ba Sing Se Bears
OFF 	97	CHAO Tu-pao		21	R	Univ. of Keldabe	Univ. of Keldabe
OFF 	11	Gyorje KOP'KI	23	R	Kyoshi State Univ.		Crescent Islanders


First Unit

Second Unit

Penalty Kill
First Unit

Second Unit

Three-Man Team
First Unit / Overtime Start
77 --- 17 --- 21

Second Unit / 5-on-3 First Unit
19 --- 32 --- 49

Third Unit / 5-on-3 Second Unit
81 --- 71 --- 86


The Ice Bisons will wear the uniform set debuted at the last AOlympics; a LinkNEW VERSION of the same uniform they have worn since World Cup XXVI, while the inner collar details commemorate the World Cup victories at World Cup of Hockey XXIV, XLIV, and XLV.


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes, so long as they are reasonable.
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out penalties to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, so long as they do not effect the overall game

If you have any questions at all about players, coaching staff or what you can do with my team, please feel free to telegram me. I will answer as soon as I am able to. Also, do not use pictures of any RL players to represent GKI.