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Emperor Albani Gudmund

Emperor Albani


Albani in his custom-fit formal attire/battlesuit.

Personal Details

Gender: Male ♂

Height: 210cm

Weight: 98kg

Born: 1521


  • Father - Galentine Gudmund
    (1230-1762, 732yrs, emperor)

  • Mother - Auria Templehof
    (1497-1580, 83yrs, concubine)

  • Spouse - Julie Gudmund
    (1996-present, 64yrs looks 25, formerly Julie Hewett, empress)


  • Gudmundian Royal College

  • Gudmundian Research Academy

  • GISP Applied Academics

General Information

Reign: 1762 2060 (current)

Current Age: 539 years (appears 32)

Language(s): Ornetta, Ancient Ornetta, English, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, Latin

Species: Uzith

Nationality: Gudmundian

Nation: Gudmund

Region: The United Federations

Homeworld: Kirion

(Last Update: 12/04/2019)

Character Sheet (Constant WIP)

Basic Information:
Emperor Albani Gudmund is the only child of the previous immortal emperor, who was murdered by his closest consort, and currently reigns over Gudmund. Subsequently, the emperor rules over the other nations on planet Kirion and the rest of the galactic empire as supreme leader, while still allowing and providing support for democratic elections to take place. Those with little interest in politics have the common misconception that the emperor is simply a mascot for the government, with many doubles replacing the previous actors for centuries. However, there is factual data providing proof of Albani's supposed immortality. During an interview with Gudmund News, Albani revealed that he believes his lifespan will cap out at around 6000 years, and made it painstakingly clear that he is not immune to physical damage and is not to be worshipped.

The general public and national polls see Albani as a kind and compassionate ruler, striving to better the empire as best he can. Many also share the opinion of Albani being a wise old man, with hundreds of years in experience, which would be correct. From interviews and national broadcasts, it has been noted that Albani watches over his people like a kind father watching over his children, with no favorites and apt punishments. It also revealed that Albani does not believe in gods, he instead thinks that anomalous and powerful entities just happen to accrue a cult following over time. Albani is also rather cold-hearted, choosing to be more logical and efficient than most rulers, resulting in more death than often necessary.

While speaking with regular individuals he is kind, calm, and rather open. He answers truthfully, but dislikes speaking about politics among friends or unknowns. When speaking with politicians or the media, he never lets slip confidential information, sticking to the point and speaking casually. When threatened, Albani remains quiet, calculative and tries to gain control of the situation. It is unknown how the Emperor treats his close ones, but it is believed that he acts like a loving enthusiastic father.

It has been noted that Albani very much enjoys technology, sponsoring many tech expos and events, while often personally assisting in the various projects of the Gudmundian Research Academy. His vast knowledge on the subject, due to his age, is always welcome among the researchers. However, due to his longevity, he finds it difficult to make friends or forge relationships knowing that he will evidently outlive them all. He shares these concerns with his spouse, who has a greatly increased life-span from genetic alterations, but ultimately loves her nonetheless.


  • Independence.

  • Functional equality.

  • Free speech.

  • Research & development.

  • Advanced technology.

  • Quality over quantity (meritocracy)


  • SJWs, creeps, abnormalities.

  • Blatant exploitation.

  • Unhealthy lifestyles.

  • Primitive technology.

  • Religious practice.

  • Ignorance.

  • Slavery.


  • Free Universal Healthcare.

  • Protection of Privacy & Property.

  • R&D Focus on General Technology.

  • Sustainable & Reusable Energy.


  • No Alien Species Immigration.

  • Ensured Equal Rights.

  • Gun & Illegal Drug Control.

Emperor Albani takes his personal safety to extreme measures, as he realises his death would affect Gudmund for many years. Aside from his longevity, Albani is aware of his weakness compared to other species and creatures, knowing that without indulging in technology, it would be almost impossible for him to defeat anything inherently more powerful than himself. The Emperor has spent billions of his vast wealth ensuring his country remains safe, and that - when the time comes - he will be ready to face any foe with as much brutality as possible.

Albani's Formal Attire/Battlesuit: 40 years ago, Albani and his best scientists began work aiming to vastly improve the heavy Ronin battle armour that most troops wear. The final result was completed after 22 years, and the upgrades were astounding yet costly, with a single suit being worth over 368 billion Credits (or the price of 25 Destroyer class ships). Testing revealed the following results:

    Battlesuit Stats:

  • 12 hour battery life, regardless of usage, and a 40 minute recharge time.

  • Capable of resisting temperatures of 730C and -120C for upwards of 3 hours.

  • Greatly increased strength to the wearer, lifting 9-15 tonnes depending on users prior strength.

  • Enhanced speed and mobility. Wearer is a blur to most opponents. Completed a 10km track in 00:02:30 at 240km/h, wearer untired.

  • Complete resistance to 7.62 rounds and below, plus other bullet sized rounds travelling 600 metres per second (2159km/h).

  • Improved resistance to high explosives (without shields: no damage from grenades 1 at a time, armour scratches and receives fingernail sized dents after 10 grenades simultaneously).

  • Wearer can resist falls of 400 metres unscathed, 1000 metres results in minor strain to the wearers legs, 4000 metres usually kills the wearer but leaves suit undamaged.

  • Built-in exoskeleton essentially removes wearers and the suits on avg. 180kg combined weight.

  • Heavy pulse emitters embedded in the palm can damage most objects no stronger than Zirconium; with stone, wood, and iron often shattering upon contact. Armoured biological targets usually have their insides ruptured and torn without proper protection.

  • Micro shield emitter defends against explosive shrapnel, energy based attacks, plasma, EMP, and mitigates increased temperatures by a further 300C and -80C. Shield also charges battlesuit by absorbing energy based attacks (i.e. heat, lasers, electricity), cannot absorb a current higher than 1.3 terawatts.

  • Also includes infrared and night vision, echolocation, assistive UI, minor attack prediction, and aim assist. also built-in bluetooth for playing your favourite tunes

Albani's Custom Plasma LinkFauchard: Inspired by the previous emperor's ceremonial sword, Albani personally crafted a plasma tipped fauchard to use in actual combat. A fauchard features a curved one-sided blade atop a long pole, with most examples being almost too heavy to carry, let alone use for the average person. Albani's fauchard isn't used often, but Albani continues to train with it either way. It's not a damn sword

    Fauchard Stats:

  • The halberd-like weapon is made of the same material of his battlesuit

  • Built-in RCS thrusters can literally fly the weapon back to the user, but only works when paired with the battlesuit.

  • Can be used to easily deflect incoming fire from infantry while paired with battlesuit.

  • The high quality material allows for a much higher plasma temperature, with Albani's suit providing extra battery life.

  • 40% increase from the standard plasma blades (25,000C increases to approximately 35,000C).

  • Wounds are cauterised making bleeding out opponents difficult, however, it does improve cutting/slicing ability greatly.

  • Steel, concrete, stone, iron, zirconium, obsidian, granite, diamond and various mixed metals have been either melted or sliced through. Thicker materials melt around the plasma blade and impede movement.

Albani's Firearm Kit: It is common knowledge that Albani also has access to most weapons owned by the military. He personally uses a standard plasma rifle, a heavy pistol, and a grenade launcher if needed.

Fully Equipped + Battlesuit:

  • Capable of easily crushing and tossing objects weighing over 10 tonnes (like small trucks and lightly armoured vehicles).

  • Capable of shrugging off heavy fire from assault rifles and multiple high-explosive strikes.

  • Capable of safely landing from a drop of 400-500 metres.

  • Vertical jump over 75 metres, horizontal jump of 90 metres.

  • Pulse attacks released from the palm can shatter 2 metre by 2 metre concrete structures and disable other armour and weaponry.

  • Transparent full-body shield greatly assists in reflecting or absorbing energy, kinetic, and explosive attacks.

  • Improved ability with most weapons.

  • Extremely enhanced stamina.

  • Plasma tipped fauchard easily slices through steel, capable of deflecting and slicing oncoming fire due to its hardiness, can be recalled to the user if disarmed. Not always equipped.

Without Battlesuit:

  • Capable of lifting objects weighing over 1 tonne (like a large cow or a small car).

  • Has learned over several different martial arts.

  • Has adept acrobatic skills.

  • Has 32 wins 3 losses in the gladiator ring (120 years ago).

  • High skill with over 30 different weapons.

  • High mental fortitude due to age.

  • Plasma tipped fauchard, can't deflect most oncoming fire without suit assistance, cannot be recalled without suit. Not always equipped.

  • 2049 - After diplomatic relations with a large alien cult resulted in over 20 murdered Gudmundians and 8 kidnapped, Albani tailed the escaping ships in his personal Destroyer class ship. Upon arriving, the Emperor infiltrated the enemy outpost alone and personally disposed of the 278 heavily armed cultists. Albani was unhurt, despite the enemy force being fully equipped with advanced mechs and battlesuits. Investigation teams were later quoted describing the aftermath "It's almost as if a meteor shower passed through. The metal walls are full of holes, the enemies have been torn apart, the Emperor might as well have rammed his ship into the base and activated the self-destruct."

  • 2051 - Personally attending the Annual Battlebot Championships, wherein advanced civilian-made droids compete to determine the most powerful, Albani announced the winner would combat against him. If it knocked him from the ring, it would go on to become a new mass-produced military droid. Albani discarded his armour, only bringing his fauchard. Of the 26 competitors, only one droid survived and managed this feat, eventually becoming the Sentinel droids commonly seen within the army.

[quote="The Zravvisk";p="35215876"]"Without his equipment, I'd be favored to win because of my great strength and durability. With his equipment it is harder to say. His armor is about as tough as a zravvisk's hide and he's about as strong as us as well. My ability to fly and higher weight would give me the edge in leveraging my strength, but his palm pulses can do serious harm if he lands them. He also has that full energy shield that can deflect or absorb my plasma breath, question is how long it'd be able to last? It'd be a much harder fight, but I think I would be likely to win due to my abilities to fly and use the spike on my tail to help keep me out of range of his pulses." -[url=]Valstrath Dragua[/url][/quote]

[quote="Fallen Albali";p="35220686"]Ugh, obviously Albani would win if he were in his god-armour. Without equipment though? Amaki would have a very good chance.[/quote]

Due to all personal information regarding the emperor being highly classified, a majority of the medical data (height, weight, etc.) is based solely off educated estimates. All other information was mostly gathered from public assumption and eyewitness reports or old military records, meaning it may not be entirely accurate or up to date.

The following strengths, weaknesses, and abilities have been made in conjunction with what is technically possible within this nation's timeline and abilities, based off other nations, and has been balanced in terms of other Future Tech nations capabilities to not make it completely batshit unfair. For example, Albani's battlesuit cannot/will not be replicated or mass-produced due to the difficulty and expenses to manufacture. It's major weakness is that it can't be worn permanently (due to maintenance and living standards), that great heights can kill the wearer, and that it runs out of power after 12 hours. Creatures, objects, concepts, or locations with anomalous reality shifting abilities cannot affect this nation in any way unless agreed to (meaning your OC cannot snap his fingers and erase my nation at any point without my prior acknowledgement).

The Empire of Gudmund