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Phoenix Arcanum (First Incarnation), Lord Emperor of the Victoran Empire

Lord-Emperor of the Victoran Empire
Phoenix Arcanum (First Incarnation)

'The Phoenix in his First Incarnation'

Personal Info

True Name:



"The Phoenix"

Regnal Name:

Phoenix Arcanum


March 29th 2005702.33 RE (3.5 Billion B.C.)




Time Lord


Unknown (18+)




None/"Loom-Born" (Genetically), Bael Thaelixar ("Creator")


None/"Loom-Born" (Genetically)

Lover/Future "Mate":

Hana Belrose

Known Future Offspring:

Lillian, Anduin, Maximus, and Serenity

Ideology Info
[tr][td]Alignment:[/td][td]Chaotic Good[/td][/tr]

"My name is Phoenix Arcanum. I'm a friend. And I'm here to help." -Phoenix Arcanum

"The Phoenix", also known by his regnal name Phoenix Arcanum is a young Renegade Time Lord in his First Incarnation who serves as the Lord-Emperor (Head-of-State and Commander-in-Chief) of the Victoran Empire. He was chosen as the honorary King of Terra after uniting the Victorans of Morhaven and the native Humans. Shortly after the founding of the Victoran Empire, Arcanum was elected by the Imperial Parliament to be the Lord-Emperor since he was largely considered to be the "champion of the people". Scholars of the Church of the Menti Celesti also claim that Arcanum has a "divine right to rule" due to being Hope's Champion. Following his coronation as Lord-Emperor, it was he who had the privilege of activating the Astro Imperialis. This inadvertently caused a "Great Divergence" when the Eye of Equilibrium (core component of the Astro Imperialis) created a "secondary" Web of Time intertwined with the original Web of Time created by the Time Lords.

As Emperor he holds significant power over both domestic and foreign power which is exercised through "Royal Edicts". Royal Edicts pertaining to domestic policy (as defined by the Imperial Supreme Court) can only be vetoed or repealed/abolished by a 2/3 vote in both the Imperial Parliament and Imperial High Council. Even then, with approval from both the Prime Minister and Chancellor, an Edict can go into effect regardless of previous vetoes or repealments. Despite this great domestic power, Arcanum mostly leaves domestic policy up to the Imperial Parliament and High Council, only stepping in to pass basic laws, anti-corruption acts, or when he feels it is necessary.

Most of the Lord-Emperor's power (and attention) is focused on foreign policy (an area Arcanum excels in), serving as the Empire's chief representative abroad and Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Military. When it comes to foreign affairs like war and diplomacy, the Emperor's Royal Edicts are (nigh) absolute and can only be overturned by the Emperor himself, the Emperor's successor, or an agreement from BOTH the Prime Minister and Chancellor

Duties he preforms regularly as Lord Emperor include; addressing with significant or Empire-spanning issues, foreign diplomacy and negotiation, planning and executing war campaigns, offering input during important debates, and checking in daily with the High Council and/or the Prime Minister.

Arcanum has a habit of spending most of his time beyond the confines of the Imperial Palace wandering around looking for those who need his help, whether they are within the Victoran Empire or beyond. Through his deeds Arcanum has become a Universal "hero" and well-respected individual. When asked why he does this, Arcanum responded; "The dark corners of our Universe breed the most terrible things. And they must be fought. I will not allow something as trivial as borders or a crown stand in my way of helping others."

Unlike the other members of the 'Triumvirate of Terra', the Imperial Archives have made a lot of information on Phoenix Arcanum public to citizens and foreigners alike. This was due to the fact that Arcanum's "spatio-temporal adventures" and being the center of a Metaphysical Divergence has allowed many civilizations to gather knowledge on him, thus preventing the Imperial Archives attempts at keeping information about him private. Due to the vast public knowledge on Arcanum, the Imperial Archives have compiled a "brief" summary.

Early Life

'Gallifrey, Home of the Time Lords'

Thanks to the accounts of Katyra and Belial Thaelixar, a brief overview of Arcanum's life on Gallifrey has been compiled.

"Phoenix Arcanum" (real name unknown) was "born" on the planet Gallifrey into the House of Thaelixar. As was custom for Time Lords of the Great Houses, he wasn't born in the typical fashion of the "commoners" rather he was "grown" in a "loom" (essentially a large vat). At some point during his looming, his bio-data developed numerous anomalies that earned him the disdain of many of his peers.

"This little experiment of yours is just like you Bael. A failure." - Cardinal Barcona of the Arcalian Chapter

It would later become known (after his father's "return") that Arcanum was actually a genetic experiment. The Time Lord known as Bael Thaelixar (who was at the time a Scientist specializing in Genetics) interfered directly with Arcanum's looming (essentially becoming Arcanum's "Father") to create an "all-powerful weapon" in order to fight off 'the Time Lord's enemy' (later revealed to be Davros) during the Last Great Time War in Heaven. After which Bael would use Arcanum to conquer the Universe and restore the Time Lords to their former glory. However, time and gain Arcanum failed to live up to the expectations of Bael. However, Bael soon discovered that the more "punishment" Arcanum received the the better he'd preform. Thus Bael sought to "harden" him into the "perfect obedient warrior" through "strength conditioning" (evident by the scar on Arcanum's left cheek).

This "conditioning" formed a notable point of his life on Gallifrey, along with the combat training he partook in. With the help of a nearby Outsider Tribe, Belial would take his brother out into the arid wastelands of their homeworld for hours on to train him in the art of combat and battlefield tactics. Belial hoped that with the training Phoenix would become an actual Gallifreyan warrior and not the mindless tool Bael wished to create.

During his childhood his only friend was Serana Hearthfire, a Time Lady his own age from the House of Hearthfire (which located within sight of the House of Thaelixar).

'The Untempered Schism'

As a child of one of the Great Houses Phoenix was eventually forced to enroll in the Time Lord Academy, where he was placed into the Prydonian Chapter (a Chapter that typically produced Gallifrey's politicians). During his time at the Academy, Arcanum's teachers considered him to "somehow [be] clever and foolish in equal measure". He was also notorious for his "non-conformist attitude", a trait he shared with Serana. After class, Serana and Arcanum would often sneak under the Capitol into Low Town's markets, taverns, bars, and brothels. Despite Katyra's warnings, young Arcanum would often interact with the unsavory LinkShabogans of LinkLow Town.

Phoenix spent 2 years at the Academy until one night, on his tenth birthday, he was inexplicably moved to run away. With the help of his sister Katyra, the two managed to break into a TARDIS junkyard where they found a Type 45 Mark 7 TT Capsule that was somehow left unlocked. Katyra moved the TARDIS a short ways away from the House of Thaelixar where she had been hiding a few "gifts" for her brother. These supplies included numerous books that would allow the Phoenix to complete his Time Lord education on his own (to some capacity) alongside a relic Star Blade (although non-functional, it was meant to be a good luck charm of sorts).

The moment Phoenix entered through the main doors after receiving his gifts, the sentient timeship activated itself, taking him far away from his homeworld. After he left Gallifrey, he forsook his birth name in favor of "the Phoenix".

'The Phoenix Leaves Gallifrey in a Stolen TARDIS'

Life Before the Victoran Empire

'Elysia is Devastated by Years of Conflict'

Eventually, the Phoenix came into contact with and was enslaved by the militaristic Aetrian Empire. His new name would not last long as the Phoenix was given the serial code 'XIII-N-VII' (13-0-7) and had it branded on his back left shoulder. For the duration of his servitude, Phoenix was no longer referred to by his "name" and rather by his assigned number.

The Phoenix's Time Lord anatomy piqued the interest of Alaric Kesh, Warmaster of the Aetrian Empire. Kesh ordered that the Phoenix be "fitted" with experimental "combat enhancements". These "Bio-Aigments" where thought to be the peak of Aetrian military science and where the result of centuries of research. The "instillation process" of the Bio-Augments created a 100% mortality rate and left the Aetrians wary of testing it on themselves.

Said "instillation process" involved tearing the young Phoenix open, painfully installing the Augments, and stitching him shut without anesthetic (which hindered the installation). Aetrian technology could easily allow someone to be ripped open and stitched shut with next to no scarring, it was the installation of the Augments that killed the victim

Phoenix's Time Lord physiology allowed him to survive the installation process as he became the first subject to do so. Unfortunately the little "project" seemed to have failed with the Augments being deemed "non-functional" while the Phoenix himself was dumbed into the service of the Penal Legions (slave armies that made up the backbone of the Aetrian military).

Following introductory training, Phoenix was placed in the "Trench Corp" of the Second Penal Legion. Ten Penal Legions (including the Second Legion) were sent as reinforcements to the Aetrian forces that where fighting on the planet Elysia, the last remaining planet of the eponymous Elysian Empire. While serving in the Corps, Phoenix would become good friends with Alex Graham (branded XXII-IV-XIX, or 22-4-19), a "child mechanic" and the two would become combat partners for the remainder of the conflict.

After only a few months, Phoenix, who had been forced to fight in the trenches under brutal conditions all while his commanding officer took a "liking" to him to every kind of abuse under the sun. The Phoenix inevitably broke, assaulting and murdering his commanding officer while she was celebrating the 213th anniversary of the formation Aetrian Empire (December 11th). This caused unrest within his Legion and ultimately lead to the Legion being imprisoned at the Fort Dormstagg Supermax Labor Camp the very same day. For an entire year the "Legionnaires" were forced to do brutal labor; such as excavating the expansive caverns and "bottom-less" mining shafts below the prison or constructing massive war machines. Besides the menial labor, Phoenix suffered torture at the hands of his jailer, Erika Jager (a mere child who was previously the "junior officer" of the Second Legion), and was tormented to near death.

In a near-death dream he was met by the Celesti, and in exchange for being "revived" with a major power boost, he would agree to serve as 'Hope's Champion' and fight against 'the Enemy'. The "power boost" the Celesti promised manifested in both the Phoenix's Aetrian "combat enhancements" and Gallifreyan genetic engineering becoming "fully functional".

Phoenix awoke from his near-death coma in a state of feral blood rage and broke out of his containment. During his rampage he managed to free the inmates, slaughter his captors, and destroy the prison along with the surrounding city. At the climax of the "battle" Phoenix came face-to-face with Jager, the young girl responsible for his death. The two began a brief fight before it was put to a halt as the building collapsed on top of them. Phoenix finally recovered from his blood-lust just in time to shield Erika from falling debris with his own body. They both survived, albeit Phoenix was grievously injured and near death (again). The two were soon pulled out of the ruins by his fellow escapees. Upon recovering his body the escapees presumed Phoenix to be dead and sought to kill Erila whom they blamed for his apparent demise. Before they had the chance they were stopped by Phoenix, whose wounds had "miraculously" healed themselves with minimal scarring (due in no small part to the "Blessed-Curse" of the Menti Celesti). Phoenix "ordered" (i.e. threatened) them to spare Jager and offered the aforementioned girl a "second chance".

The "Sacking of Dormstagg" gave new meaning to the epithet of "the Phoenix", a name "XIII-N-VII" would once again be known as. After the Battle of Dormstagg, the Phoenix lead his followers (which names themselves 'the Liraphim') on an exodus to Satalia, capital of the native Elysians.


During the journey, Phoenix met Elysian Princess Hana Belrose for the first time. The two became fast friends and Hana decided to speak to her parents (the King and Queen of the native Elysians) on behalf of the Liraphim.

The Liraphim found themselves pledging fealty to the Elysian Royal family (with Hana acting as a liaison between Phoenix and her parents). Juniper, a local Nymph granted a small potion of her domain to the Liraphim for them to construct the "city" of Liraphelle (which was nothing more than a large collection of wooden shacks and tents). At some point, the Phoenix was able to recover his TARDIS along with his sister's gifts. Using the knowledge of the Gallifreyan books, Elysian Mage-Smiths were able to reforge Phoenix's Star Blade anew, thus creating the sword Seraphim. Throughout the remainder of the war, Seraphim would be a rallying symbol for the Liraphim.

News of the Second Legion's dissent inspired rebellions and revolutions across the entire Aetrian Empire, quickly snowballing into a massive Aetrian Civil War. Many other former Aetrian Legions who dissented soon joined the ranks of the Liraphim under Arcanum's command. Over the next two years the Liraphim and their Elysian allies were able to slowly wear down Aetrian forces and force their withdrawal from the planet as their Civil War grew worse. On April 10th, 2016, the same day of the Aetrian retreat, the Liraphim and Elysians abandoned the dead planet while a group of Elysians (around %1 of the total planetary population) elected to remain on their homeworld in an attempt to revive it. The Elysian War refugees arrived in Mutter's Spiral (the Milky Way) split off into smaller fleets and colonized planets (including Earth and New Elysia) in the same galactic sector as the Sol System.

'The Ark Victora Flees Elysia

Victoran Empire

'Terra, Throneworld of the Victoran Empire'

One fleet of Elysian refugees (that included the forces of the Liraphelle) arrived on Earth and took refuge around Cnoc Ailinne in Ireland and built the city of Morhaven, a haven for Xenos (non-Terran "aliens") stranded on Earth. The Xenos that made up Morhaven named themselves "Victorans" after the flagship Ark Victora that lead the original Elysian refugee fleet to Earth. Despite not actively taking part in the governance of Morhaven, Arcanum remained an influential figure (especially among the Liraphelle) due to his deeds during the Elysian War. This was displayed when he managed to create a relative peace between the Victorans of Morhaven and the Humans of Terra. Through the Phoenix's efforts, Terra was united under a single planetary government.

Shortly after the construction of Mórhaven, the Victoran's found an odd curiosity within the Ark Victora's cargo hold, a miniature collapsing star perfectly contained. The Victorans immediately set to work constructing a machine that could harness the power of the star. Phoenix and his "Crimson Company" (which comprised of members of the future Inner Circle) went on an expedition into an "Alternate Reality" in search of an ancient Xenos artifact needed for the completion of the "Astro Imperialis". However, this "expedition" quickly turned into a long sojourn.

The need for resources lead to the Victorans expanding throughout the Sol Sector, even making contact with New Elysia. Terra, New Elysia, and their Colonies formed the "Victoran Confederation". While some planets, like Nordenheim and Medegard, willingly joined the growing Confederation. Other planets greatly apposed Victoran expansion, thse planets were united under the leadership of the planet Concord Vex and formed the Vexian Coalition. Tensions between the Confederation and the Coalition eventually escalated into the Victoran Wars


When the Phoenix returned to Terra, the Victoran Wars had taken a turn for the worst. 'The Enemy' had sometime ago began attacking both times. After defeating a Dalek Army at the Battle of Sollaria, the Phoenix grew irritated at the lack of action against 'the Enemy'. The Phoenix used his influence as 'Hope's Champion' to give a speech outside the newly constructed Regia Imperialis, calling for an end to hostilities and cooperation between the Confederation and the Coalition. He claimed that only united as one did they stand a chance to survive the "evil of the Universe".

A day later, the Phoenix was proven right as 'the Enemy' launched a "Second Wave" and attacked several planets simultaneously. The most brutal of these attacks was the Burning of Luthien. The atrocities committed at the Burning of Luthien were greater than any that had been witnessed in recent years.

The speech was able to convinced the Victoran Council to draft a treaty to officially end the Victoran War. The Treaty of Terra was signed on November 27, 2017 that ended the Victoran War and subsequently created the "Victoran Empire" with Terra as it's Throneworld. For his role in uniting the Victorans and Vex and his previous role for uniting the Victorans and Humans, the Phoenix was chosen to be the King of Terra (a position that has been vacant since the Unification of Terra). Upon taking the throne, he chose the regnal name "Phoenix Arcanum" (based on the pseudonym he adopted whilst residing on an alternate Terra.)

After a stable interstellar government encompassing all the member-worlds of the Victoran Confederation and the Vexian Coalition and a Constitution written, the Imperial Parliament sought to elect a Lord-Emperor or Lady-Empress to lead the newfound Empire. Arcanum was elected by the Imperial Parliament to be the Lord-Emperor since he was largely considered to be the "champion of the people". Scholars of the Church of the Menti Celesti also claim that Arcanum has a "divine right to rule" due to being Hope's Champion.

Immediatley after Arcanum's coronation, he was given the honor of activating the Astro Imperialis for the first time. The Imperial Star became an icon of the Empire and a symbol of it's bright future. An unforeseen consequence of the Star's activation was a Metaphysical Divergence, leading to the creation of a whole new Universe with Arcanum at it's center.

Soon after the formation of the Empire, the Victorans sought to go on the offensive in their fight against 'the Enemy'. Thus began the Great Crusade.

'The Astro Imperialis'

Return to Elysia

'Fall of Satalia'

At some point news had reached the Victoran Empire that the 'Aetrian Loyalists' had emerged as the pyrrhic victors of their Civil War and had ser sights on wiping out the remnants of Old Elysia. Aetrian soldiers went from city to city wiping out the population personally while the Aetrian Fleet encircling the planet turned the abandoned cities to ash. Eventually every city besides Satalia had been destroyed.

The Elysians of New Elysians claimed that the Aetrians where once again searching for Anya's Tear, an ancient superweapon of immense power. However, the weapon was lost decades ago and that the Aetrian's efforts would inevitably be fruitless. Meanwhile, the consensus of the Imperial Parliament was that the people of Old Elysia understood their was a chance that the Aetrians would return one day but remained regardless. Ultimately, the Imperial Military was delegated to "more important conflicts" and Old Elysia was left to its fate.

Phoenix Arcanum, now Lord Emperor of the Victoran Empire was adamant about rejoining the fight, regardless of whether or not he had the support of the Empire. The Fall of Satalia was an utter bloodbath, Aetrian forces mercilessly cut down all in their way while the Elysian Holdouts lead by Phoenix inflected heavy losses on their foes. Despite the efforts of the holdouts, the city fell.

'Last Day of the Elysian War'

During the Fall, Phoenix discovered that although indeed lost, Anya's Tear was still on the planet, locked away in a forgotten chamber within the Apocalypse Arsenal. Knowing that the people of Satalia were doomed and would be subjected to a slow and painful demise (unlike the quick deaths of those in other cities), Phoenix broke into Elysia's Apocalypse Arsenal and stole Anya's Tear. After travelling into the Elysian wilderness he activated the weapon and destroyed Elysia in it's entirety. His part in the Destruction of Elysia remains the Phoenix's darkest and most well kept secret.

In the end; the planet Elysia, along with everyone on it and the Aetrian Fleet in orbit was burned away into oblivion in mere seconds. Around a billion people were killed (1/10 of the total Elysian population). Phoenix somehow survived Elysia's destruction and was found unconcious within the Imperial Palace a day later. How Phoenix managed to survive the utter annihilation of a planet he was present on is unknown.

A small Imperial Fleet was subsequently sent to the "Elysian Graveyard" where it discovered Anya's Tear among the debris field and brought it back to Terra.

To this day Phoenix remains highly conflicted about his choice but remains adamant that the Elysians would have been subject to unimaginable suffering if he had done nothing. He also became me bitter towards Chancellor Veles not using the Imperial Military to aid the Elysian peoples. Many believe that this event is the reason he spends so much time away from the Victoran government, having been disillusioned by the governments apathy towards the Elysian's suffering.

The loss of their forces at Elysia further weakened an already fractured Aetrian Empire, who were forced to turn to "darker powers" in order to rebuild the military might they once had.

'Destruction of Old Elysia'

Reforming the Great Crusade

'An Imperial Warmaster Leading a Crusade Fleet'

Initially, Phoenix was a major supporter of the original Great Crusade, having been full of blood, anger, and revenge. With the haunting memories of the Fall of Satalia and the Destruction of Elysia still fresh in his mind the Phoenix was eager to "take on the Enemy no matter the cost." In the earliest battles of the Crusade Phoenix was the Empire's mightiest Generals, scorching planets and killing billions without a hint of regret or remorse..... or so it would seem. After a long heart-felt conversation with his girlfriend, Akane Kamiya successfully forced Phoenix to reflect on his actions and their consequences.

With a renewed sense of vigor Phoenix locked himself and the entirety of the Imperial government and Military High Command. After a lengthy exchange of unknown contents, Phoenix managed to successfully reform the Crusade and shift its goal from 'raw galactic conquest' to 'liberating the Galaxy from the Enemy'. His argument was that not only has the Empire grown strong enough to fight 'the Enemy' long ago, and that by actively seeking to subjugate peaceful worlds they had made themselves no better than those they claim to hate. He sited the recent atrocities he himself committed in the name of the Great Crusade were eerily familiar to the actions of Alaric Wolfgang, Kaiser of the Aetrian Empire. Thus the Great Crusade was no longer a war for "revenge", but a war for "freedom".

Downfall of Chancellor Veles

'Imperial Coliseum World'

Phoenix had often came into conflict with Chancellor Veles when it comes the latter's dealings with foreign nations. Veles believed that Phoenix is to weak and isn’t "putting enough pressure" on the Empire's enemies. Alternatively, Phoenix believed that Veles had begun to act in an increasingly authoritarian and hostile manner not befitting a leader.

As the two of them attempt to out-do each other, they consistently end up as equals in nearly every respect. Although Phoenix could never fully best Veles, he was still able to significantly disrupt the Chancellor's activities.

Eventually, it would be revealed that Veles was far worse than anyone had originally believed. In secret, Veles had been conquering and exploiting neutral planets in order to grow and expand his own personal Army.

When Veles was captured and brought to Terra for judgement, Phoenix personally oversaw his trial. The Emperor claimed that since Veles had violated numerous Royal Edicts it was his right as Monarch to determine the condemned parties fate.

Phoenix ordered that Veles be removed from the office of Chancellor and exiled from the Victoran Empire. Before the final judgement could be officially passed, Veles challenged Phoenix to a duel (knowing full well that the Time Lord rarely ever turns down a direct challenge). Veles proposed that should he win he would avoid exile, whereas if Phoenix should win he would accept exile without resistance. Much to the chagrin of his friends, Phoenix accepted Veles' challenge.

During the duel on the Imperial Coliseum World, the Emperor and Chancellor were once again evenly matched, neither one able to overpower the either. Halfway through the duel, one of Veles' sycophants in the crowd shot Arcanum in the knee effectively bringing him down while Veles moved to eliminate his opponent. Before he had the chance however, Conrad Tepes emerged from the crowd and used his "shadow tendrils" to wrap up Veles and crush his body, slowly killing him. After Veles passed out but before he was killed, Prime Minister Juniper Weiss intervened and restrained Tepes. In the end Weiss declared Arcanum the "victor", since the fact that both parties having outside aid "cancelled each other out" (while the rules officially state that in this instance the duel should have been a tie, Weiss ruled otherwise in order to prevent a subsequent fight).

In accordance to the agreement, Veles did not resist as he was escorted to the world of Aria IV for his exile. However it would not be long before Veles went back on the agreement and successfully escaped Aria IV, subsequently disappearing into the Empyrean.

Time on Alternate Terra

It has recently been revealed where Phoenix had been constantly disappearing to over the past couple of years.

'Tranquility of Alternate Terra'

Apparently, when the Victorans first arrived on Terra and began to construct the Astro Imperialis, Phoenix traveled to an "Alternate Terra" (a timeline in which the Victoran Empire would never exist) in search of an artifact. While searching Japan for an ancient Xenos artifact he came into numerous conflicts with other factions also after the artifact. One of his battles against a Dæmon Lord was witnessed by a Human girl named Akane Kamiya who proved to be a tremendous fighter in her own right when she bested the Dæmon Lord herself. As the two spent more time together they eventually fell in love and began a close romantic relationship. Phoenix would spend the next few years living in the "Alternate Terra" under the name 'Phoenix Arcanum' (which he would later use as his regnal name) with Kamiya even after he was elected Lord Emperor.

As his relationship with Kamiya grew and progressed, Arcanum would begin to slowly let go of the anger and revenge he had carried with him for many years. Although it was a rather slow and difficult process, Kamiya was able to mold Arcanum from a choleric person hellbent on vengeance into the heroic person he is known as today.

'Akane Kamiya'

Eventually upon Akane's own request, Phoenix brought her to the Victoran Empire to prepare her for when she became "Lady-Empress". Akane and Phoenix both partook in the Ixon Crusade (first battle of the "reformed Great Crusade") against the occupying Dæmon Hordes. At the climax of the battle, the Dæmon General managed to mortally wound Phoenix. But before the Dæmon could land the killing blow Akane Kamiya stood defiantly before the Dæmon and took the hit for her boyfriend. Phoenix used the last of his remaining strength to incapacitate the Dæmon before turning his attention to the dying Kamiya. After saying her last words and drawing her last breath, Akane Kamiya died in Phoenix's embrace. Filled with such rage and sorrow, Phoenix fell in nto the throughs of his greatest blood-rage yet. He subconsciously activated Wargod and engulfed the entire Ixon System in a mighty psychic storm.

Distraught by the destruction he wrought and emotionally devastated by his lovers death, Phoenix pledged to learn to keep his blood-rage under control (partially achieved with the aid of a leather belt-like choker/collar which exudes a psionic field).

Return of Bael Thaelixar

Bael Thaelixar created Phoenix Arcanum to be an "all-powerful weapon" in order to eliminate anyone and anything that could pose a potential threat to the Time Lords' dominion. According to Bael's journal, part of "protecting his race" involved returning Gallifrey to it's "former glory". This likely meant using Arcanum to wage numerous Time Wars and conquer the Universe the same way the Time Lords had millennia ago under Rassilon. When Arcanum failed to live up to expectations Bael would simply neglect him, sometimes slipping into abuse (evident by the scar on Arcanum's left cheek). Bael's treatment was a leading factor in Arcanum's desire to run away from Gallifrey. Sometime after Arcanum's "escape", the High Council caught wind of Bael's actions they put measures in place to prevent Bael from furthering his "plot".

Shortly thereafter however, Bael gathered a handful of his closest "supporters" from within his own family and attempted to break the time-lock that had surrounded Gallifrey. While Bael was successful, the stress of such a feat forced him into a hazardous regeneration. To make matters worse, Bael had entered Realspace within the Cicatrix Dolor (an area saturated with chaotic Empyrean energies) and the nature of the regeneration left Bael's mind susceptible to aforementioned chaotic energies. Bael emerged from the regeneration plagued by visions that drove him mad. Upon entering the Universe, Bael immediately set to work attempting to prevent his vision from becoming a reality.

Bael's three children left behind on Gallifrey (Katyra, Belial, Whynnedotta) were also able to escape through the "hole" Bael left behind before it "snapped shut". Bael's children were able to reunite with their long-lost sibling (Phoenix Arcanum) and begin working towards stopping their delusional father. According to Katyra Thaelixar, if Bael succeeds, not only would he bring suffering, but he'd cause severe damage to the Spiral Politic (aka History) itself.

Currently, Arcanum has been given "official leave of duty" in order to take care of "family matters".

As time went on Bael's plans became ever apparent to the Empire. Apparently Bael had forseen an "inevitable doom" in the future that he believed could only be stopped through Rassilon's Ultimate Sanction.

The Ultimate Sanction involved creating a paradox so large it would tear the Time Vortex to shreds and by extent destroy "cause and effect". No longer bound by causality Bael would be able to "circumvent fate itself" and "save the Universe".


Since his "return" to the Universe, Bael managed to manipulate the Time Lady Serana Hearthfire into carrying out his goals for him, convincing her to "save Gallifrey" by using the Eye of Equilibrium to bring Gallifrey into the "present". Serana was able to infiltrate the Regia Imperialis and use the Eye of Equilibrium to bring Gallifrey into Terra's orbit.

It was then that Bael appeared within the Regia Imperialis and confirmed his plans for the Ultimate Sanction. He attempted to persuade his children and Serana into giving him the Eye of Equilibrium and aiding him in his cause by detailing the horrifying visions he had received of the "Universe's end". When his children and Serana ultimately refused to join him or turn over the Eye of Equilibrium, Bael forcibly took control of the Eye from Serana and prepared to carry out the Ultimate Sanction anyways.

Through a combined effort, Serana and Phoenix were able to destroy the "link" between Terra and Gallifrey, thus foiling the Ultimate Sanction.

Bael was left disoriented by his plans failure and was stabbed by Serana Hearthfire who was overcome by a fit of rage forced to regenerate. The regenerating Bael was dragged back to Gallifrey as it vanished from Terra's orbit returned to it's original location.

The regenerated Bael was "healed of his madness" by the Time Lords and later returned to his children "in good faith". He pleaded once more to his children to do all in their power to prevent the fate that he had forseen.

The Watchful Peace

Sometime after the "Bael Thaelixar Incident" the Victoran Empire successfully united the Milky Way Galaxy. The Empire soon set their sights on stopping their "oldest enemy", the Aetrian Empire, under which the remaining "Enemy" forces had rallied under.

The Aetrian Empire which was weak and long in decline could not hope to stand against the might of the Victoran Empire. On May 4, 2023 AD, the Victoran Empire finally defeated the Aetrian Empire in the Battle of Aetria and bring an end to the First Great Crusade.

The time between the First and Second Great Crusades is referred to as the Pax Vigilans, or the Watchful Peace.

- Phoenix Arcanum proposes to Hana Belrose on December 16, 2022 AD (the "8th Anniversary" of their very first meeting) and the two get married a year later (December 16, 2023 AD).

- By the age of 26, the Phoenix and Hana have had at least four children; Lillian, Anduin, Maximus, and Serenity.
- Lillian and Anduin were twins born October 8th 2023 AD (with Lillian being the older twin), Maximus was born March 23rd 2025 AD, and Serenity was born February 14th (Valentine's Day) 2026 AD
Serenity and Maximus Arcanum are gifted with tremendous psionic power that far surpasses anyone else in the Third Millennium. Coincidentally (or perhaps not), both Maximus and Serenity develop "arcane mutations" at a young age causing feathered 'retractable' wings to grow from their backs.

- The Phoenix's and Hana's children form the first generation of the "Neo Chronarchs", a "new breed" of Time Lords that are hybrids between Gallifreyans and another humanoid race. While Neo Chronarchs are only half-Gallifreyan, they will only pass their Gallifreyan genes to their children (meaning that the descendants of the Neo Chronarchs will also be half-Gallifreyan). With the exception of the inability to regenerate, Neo Chronarchs have the biology, abilities, powers, and longevity (~1,200 years) of a "High-Born Time Lord".

- The Phoenix is eventually cured of the V-Factor Mutation at somepoint, thus being freed from the blood thirst. This also means he loses his Heightened Healing abilities.

Second Great Crusade (FUTURE)

In the year 2057 AD, when Arcanum was 55 years old, 'the Enemy' returned to the Galaxy in full force, this beginning the Second Great Crusade. This time the 'Enemy' was united under the banner of Apollyon who finally made his first major appearance in the Universe. Apollyon had spent years rebuilding Enemy forces after they were decimated at the end of the First Great Crusade around thirty years prior.

'The Enemy Warpath Devastates Many Imperial Worlds'

Apollyon's goal was to try once more to acquire the power of the Eye of Equilibrium on Terra, the heavily fortified Throneworld (capital) of the Victoran Empire. With the power of the Astro Imperialis, Apollyon believed he could ascend to "True Godhood". Apollyon tried in the past to use deceit and subterfuge in an attempt to gain control of the Eye of Equilibrium to no avail. This time Apollyon intended to use brite strength and lead his host into a full-scale assault against the Victoran Empire.

After a decade of grueling warfare, Apollyon made one final push for the Empire's Throneworld, leading to the Battle of Terra. At the climax of the Siege Apollyon was able to successfully possess his progenitor. Before he could take full control however, Phoenix pierced his right heart with a piece of psyfulgerite causing him to regenerate. While Apollyon attempted to take over the dying Phoenix's mind, he was unable to cope with two different versions of the Phoenix at the same time and was forced out lest he be destroyed, healing Phoenix back to his first incarnation. Apollyon's hasty "expulsion" left him vulnerable, allowing Phoenix's wife, Hana Arcanum (nee Belrose), to harness the power of the Astro Imperialis ("burning up" half her lifespan as a result, reducing it from 1,200 years to 600 years) and "shatter" Apollyon into numerous "shards". Apollyon's "shattering" also sent out a psychic shockwave obliterating his host, effectively "defeating" the Enemy (by reducing them to "maintainable levels") and finally ending the Second Great Crusade.

'Battle of Terra'

Immediately following the Second Great Crusade, the Phoenix saw his "duty to the Empire" as being fulfilled and passed the Imperial Crown to his daughter Serenity Arcanum (who was 41 years old at the time).

After Hana Arcanum preformed her ritual, the power of the Astro Imperialis began to fade. It would take over five centuries for the Astro Imperialis to truly fade away. By the time Hana Arcanum passed away at the age of 600, the Astro Imperialis had "burned out". Once the last light of the Imperial Star had flickered out, the Universe was "reset". Those who were alive during the reset where transported to the new Universe while those who died in the old Universe were dead in the new Universe as well. In this new Universe; the Victoran Empire nor the Astro Imperialis ever existed, and 'the Enemy' was far weaker than they were in the old Universe. Non time-sensitive individuals and races (such as Humans) perceived the events of the old Universe as "mere dreams".

It is interesting to note that during the Phoenix's "aborted" regeneration, his second incarnation was seen long enough for witnesses to describe his appearance. According to witnesses, the "Second Phoenix" was a young man with platinum blonde hair and piercing blue eyes.

After the Second Great Crusade

- The First Phoenix was called upon by the High Council of Gallifrey to fight in the Last Great Time War. However, the First Phoenix refused and instead continued to live a peaceful life with his wife and family.
After being rebuked by the First Phoenix in the "present", the High Council sought to recruit one of the Phoenix's future incarnations. It was the Phoenix's twelfth incarnation from the "far future" that heeded Gallifrey's call and fought in the Time War.

- Hana Arcanum passes away at the age of 600 due to the effects of the ritual she preformed centuries earlier to defeat Apollyon and end the Great Crusade. At the time of her death, Hana had the appearance and vitality of a forty-year-old woman and showed no signs of illness, poor health, nor any physical or mental deterioration.
[tab=20]- Once the last light of the Imperial Star has flickered out, the Universe is "reset". Those who were alive during the reset where transported to the new Universe while those who died in the old Universe were dead in the new Universe as well. In this new Universe; the Victoran Empire nor the Astro Imperialis ever existed, and 'the Enemy' was far weaker than they were in the old Universe. Non time-sensitive individuals and races (such as Humans) perceived the events of the old Universe as "mere dreams".
[tab=20]- Following the death of his wife, the Phoenix took up the archetypal nomadic lifestyle of a Renegade Time Lord.

- During a battle against a Shard of Apollyon, the First Phoenix suffers from psyfulgurite radiation poisoning after saving one of his Companions. The radiation causes the Phoenix to regenerate into his Second Incarnation


If Phoenix's personality were to be condensed into two characteristics, it would be "hot-blooded" and "compassionate". Above all, Phoenix is driven by a 'duty of care' and a strong sense of genuine compassion; he seeks to help and protect anyone he comes across or hears about no matter the cost. In conjunction with his cheeky attitude, Phoenix has proven himself to truly be a kindhearted person who cares about those around him and is very loyal and highly protective (to a fault) of those he is close to. He seeks to support, encourage, and generally help others any way he can. This can lead to conflict when Phoenix continues attempting to help others even when his offer has been continuously turned down. LinkWhile Phoenix will (affectionately) tease everyone relentlessly, he often goes out of his way to make the people around him happy. While he is still cheerful, enthusiastic, eccentric, and childish, he has significantly "mellowed out" over the years.

Arcanum is described as being "Chaotic Good", maintaining his own moral compass that he holds himself accountable to above all else; whether it be the laws of Man or God. In his eyes, there is nothing in Heaven nor Hell that can cause him to stray from it. His moral code centers around being "good" and ultimately doing the "right thing" at all costs, even when everything else is stacked against you. Arcanum is so adamant about his morals that he once not only disobeyed the orders of the Gods, but went as far as to threaten them when they suggested destroying a mostly innocent realm just to eliminate a single 'Enemy'. The most prominent part of this moral code is the concept of 'Mercy'. When an enemy lies broken, defeated, and humiliated at his feet, Arcanum will sometimes (though not always) offer them a "second chance", refusal results in death and "wasting" the second chance results in brutal death.

Phoenix is noted for typically confronting many situations (especially dangerous ones) with a highly facetious and humorous attitude. However Phoenix is more than capable of quickly dropping his flippant behavior and "happy-go-lucky" demeanor, becoming serious when the situation demands it. During these moments of seriousness he is renown for giving inspiring and often emotion-filled speeches, his words sometimes causing enemies to back down or retreat entirely.

Phoenix suffers from two "fatal-flaws"; Hubris and Impulsivity

Phoenix's first fatal-flaw is his "God-Complex"; He attempts to take control of many of the situations he finds himself in, he feels it is his place, duty, and obligation to "administer justice" to those who commit "horrific acts", he often views himself to be in a higher position of "cosmic authority" than he actually is, he sometimes believes himself to be the strongest/smartest/best person in the room, and he regularly uses his own name as a form of threat. His over-confidence in his abilities has landed him in "sub-optimal situations" on many occasions. An example of this includes refusing to use the abilities he has been gifted with, stating that it "wouldn't be as fun that way."

Phoenix's second fatal flaw is his reckless and impulsive behavior. The Phoenix is a very "emotion-driven" person, compelled to act upon his instincts, diving head-first into situations before even considering the consequences. While this has lead to him preforming numerous feats of awe-inspiring bravery, it more than not leads to "less-than-optimal situations". The worst of these situations usually involve the bloody and excruciating injury of himself as well as massive collateral damage devastating the surrounding area. Phoenix never backs down in the face of adversity even when posed with devastating conflicts. His impulsive actions are usually driven by anger. The one thing that makes drives him into a blinded rage of the highest degree is the insult or injury of those he cares about. An example of this was when Akane Kamiya was injured, causing Phoenix to enter a berserk fury and aimlessly lash out against the enemy. In the end the surrounding area was irreversibly devastated while Phoenix; lost an arm, broke all his ribs, and suffered near-total organ failure.


Phoenix has a very youthful appearance, stands at just over six feet tall, has a light/fair skin tone, and displays a strong/well-built physique. He has medium-length dark brown hair that is described as perpetually messy and highly unkempt while his eyes are also a dark brown. Due to trace elements of the V-Factor in his bio-data, Arcanum displays sharp, pronounced canine fangs while his eyes glow a bright crimson when he's angry/irritated or suffering from the "Blood Rage".

Arcanum has a small scar on his right cheek, an "x-shaped" scar on his left peck, several scars across his abdomen, and numerous scars on his back, arms, and legs. "XIII-N-VII" (13-0-7), the Phoenix's slave brand, has been branded on his back left shoulder since he was ten years old.

His normal attire consists of an unbuttoned black long-coat, a t-shirt (typically blue or purple in color), worn-out jeans, and old black converse shoes or brown leather boots. On some occasions Arcanum will wear a white buttoned-up shirt in lieu his normal t-shirt.

Sometimes Arcanum will wear a brown leather belt-like collar around his neck. This collar exudes a light psionic field that is intended to ameliorate the effects of the blood-thirst and stave off the blood-rage.

Combat Capabilities

The greatest weapon in Phoenix's arsenal is his evolved Gallifreyan mind. His schemes are considered just as devastating if not more devastating than his combat prowess, he has even become known as "the man who will collapse Empires through words and words alone" and "the man whose name will turn entire armies around." Together, with his clever plans combined with his combat prowess, there are few situations the Phoenix cannot overcome (with a little help of course). Like all Time Lords, Arcanum seems to possess "passive casualty manipulation" in the form of the "Deus Ex Machina Effect". This means that most of Arcanum's plans work out in the end (or backfire stupendously).

Due to Bael's genetic engineering, Phoenix's strength is naturally around Link7-C (further increased to Link7-A via Aetrian Bio-Augmentation). Phoenix can consciously shift his Aetrian Bio-Augments into "overdrive" and push his strength into Link5-B+ or higher. However, doing this extensively is incredibly draining, oft painful, and physically taxing; leading to drowsiness, extreme lethargy, and/or significant pain after the fact (making the effort barely worth it, if at all). Attempting to use 'overdrive' for extended periods of time may cause Arcanum to pass out (other symptoms include vomiting blood, organ rupturing, skeletal fracturing, crippling agony, etc.).

The Gallifreyan Genetic Ebgineering an Aetrian Bio-Augments were both initially "non-functional" before being "fixed" by the Menti Celesti as part of their bargain

No serious attempt has been made to calculate Phoenix's speed, but as a Time Lord is believed to be at least LinkRelativistic with LinkFTL+ reflexes.

Phoenix (like many people in Victora's Universe) is also able to make use of Empyrean-based (soul-based) Link"psionics". Phoenix's psionic capability is rated approximately Link5-B+. His psionic power is potent enough that a powerful 'daemonic entity' known as Apollyon was born in the Empyrean from the darkest parts of Phoenix's psyche.

The most used methods of combat utilized by Phoenix is hand-to-hand or swordsmanship. Phoenix's primary melee weapon of choice is the master-crafted sword Seraphim, a weapon imbued with raw psychic power whose blade emits a blazing corona of light. The might of this nigh-mythical sword is such that even the toughest of bulwarks are sundered by it's touch. Seraphim was artfully wrought and enchanted by the greatest of the Elysian magesmiths as a gift for Phoenix's heroics during the Elysian War. Due to the "quasi-magical" nature of the sword, the blade can be 'retracted' into the hilt so that the weapon can easily be placed on the belt or in a (dimensionally transcendental) coat pocket.

He is famous (or rather infamous) for hurling himself into the thick of battle, meeting his enemies head-on, sometimes using nothing but his bear hands (or even his fangs) to beat his foes into submissions or otherwise tear them apart.

Recently, after a visit to Skyhooked, Phoenix has developed an interest in 'ranged weaponry', much to the chagrin of Juniper Weiss. With this new-found interest the Phoenix sometimes carries a varied arsenal of firearms into battle (storing them in the dimensionaly transcendental pockets of his coat) even though he normally would not require them.

Wargod Full-Power Tiers

Grade 1: Link4-B
Grade 2: Link3-C
Grade 3: Link3-A, possibly LinkLow 2-C
Transcended: Unknown (can fight against LinkTier 1 entities)

Phoenix Arcanum while utilizing Wargod Mode

- For reasons unknown, Phoenix's hair turns a bright white, his eyes glow crimson (something that sometimes happens in base-form), and he is surrounded in a blazing golden-yellow aura while Wargod is activated.

- Due to the difficulty to both trigger and sustain the transformation it is seldom used and generally reserved as a final resort.

- Unlike his base form, his physical strength, durability, and psionic power are automatically equalized when using Wargod Mode.

- As of 2020 (nearly a decade of training and experience) Arcanum, with difficulty, is only able to use Grade 1 with any form of effectiveness.

As a result of Bael adding a V-Factor mutation to his bio-data, Phoenix has a heightened healing ability beyond that of ordinary Time Lords. It is such that the most grievous of wounds heal in a few weeks with only minimal, minor, or even no scarring. So long as he remains "alive" in some capacity Phoenix is able to heal from nearly any injury including dismemberment, being torn in half, pulverization, immolation etc. During the healing process, the wound will glow a light gold/yellow color alongside the presence of smoke (or steam) and a slight hissing noise. According to Phoenix, the healing process is painful and, to quote, "feels like cauterization but a hundred times worse."

One benefit of the this healing process is that he gets slightly stronger every time he does heal.

Ideology and Style of Governance

Much of Phoenix's personal beliefs stem from his own experiences in life. Even as a child on Gallifrey, he never supported the expressionless conformity displayed by Time Lord society, going as far as to intentionally break as many rules as he could as an act of "rebellion" against the Academy and his family. After being enslaved by the Aetrian Empire he experienced true oppression first hand. This fostered a free-spirited mindset centered on liberty and individuality. For this reason he resents the title of Lord Emperor, but believes that if he is not in that position than it is possible that the power will fall into the hands of a complete tyrant.

While Phoenix would much prefer to take a diplomatic approach before resorting to violence as the "final option", he understands that bloodshed is sometimes inevitable and that the ends justify the means. If negotiations breakdown to the point of no return the Phoenix's reaction is considered to be brutal. have been exhausted.

Phoenix is a major supporter of devolution, believing that planets/sectors should be granted autonomy and ultimately left alone so long as they still contribute to the Empire in some way (via tithes/taxes).

As Lord-Emperor he holds significant power over both domestic and foreign power which is exercised through "Royal Edicts". Royal Edicts pertaining to domestic policy (as defined by the Imperial Supreme Court) can only be vetoed or repealed/abolished by a 2/3 vote in both the Imperial Parliament and Imperial High Council. Even then, with approval from both the Prime Minister and Chancellor, an Edict can go into effect regardless of previous vetoes or repealments. Despite this great domestic power, Arcanum mostly leaves domestic policy up to the Imperial Parliament and High Council, only stepping in to pass basic laws, anti-corruption acts, or when he feels it is necessary.

Most of the Lord-Emperor's power (and attention) is focused on foreign policy (an area Arcanum excels in), serving as the Empire's chief representative abroad and Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Military. When it comes to foreign affairs like war and diplomacy, the Emperor's Royal Edicts are (nigh) absolute and can only be overturned by the Emperor himself, the Emperor's successor, or an agreement from BOTH the Prime Minister and Chancellor.

One of the Royal Edicts passed by the Emperor involves the prohibiting the invasion of peaceful/passive or neutral planets. Former-Chancellor Veles Graham, who had developed militaristic and oppressive tendencies, was exiled for violating this Edict (among other things).

Phoenix is quite pro-active about his duties as the Imperial Military's Commander-in-Chief, often working closely with Erika Jager, Lady Commander of the Imperial Military. Phoenix spends a lot of time planning out military campaigns and managing the logistics of the Empire's forces. He also goes out of his way to lead the Empire's most gruesome military campaigns directly, such as during the Ixon Crusade. Entire Armies are known to turn around at the mere mention of the name Phoenix Arcanum

Arcanum also focuses a lot of his attention on diplomacy and ending conflict through negotiation. In his eyes, total war should only be reserved as a "final solution" after all other options have been exhausted. Of course, Arcanum's actions have spawned great outcry from within his own government, however major protesting was largely silenced when Arcanum successfully managed to "talk down" an 'Enemy' state and set them on the path of "atonement and penitence." Despite governmental protests, Arcanum's actions have proven to be incredibly popular among Imperial citizens (especially those outside of the Imperial Heartland), causing the Emperor's approval ratings to rise drastically. Not only does Arcanum have the support of the citizenry, he has also gained the support and loyalty of foreign non-Imperial planets, some of which voted to join the Victoran Empire. Despite his diplomatic approaches, one must not mistake Arcanum for a pacifist. When negotiations break down Arcanum is not above declaring war, personally leading the fight against his opponents at the front of battle formations.

Despite his young age Phoenix has received nearly a decade of "diplomacy education" from both his family and the Prydonian Chapter, served for two years as the chief representative of the Aetrian Traitor Legions to the Elysians, and has already served for almost three years as the Lord Emperor of the Victoran Empire. In terms of military affairs, Phoenix along with Lady Commander Erika Jager, is responsible for the leading the entirety of the Imperial Military. The Phoenix often makes it a point to fight alongside Imperial Troops in notably gruesome campaigns and lead them in person. His experience in military affairs consists of nearly a decade of combat/military training with his brother on Gallifrey, a few months of training and service under the Aetrian Empire, fighting for two years alongside the Elysians, serving as Commander-in-Chief as well as partaking in "miscellaneous combat situations" for the past three years.

Despite his utter disdain for his position, he tries his best to act as a good unifying figure and does in fact perform numerous duties as Lord Emperor. These include; dealing with significant or Empire-spanning issues, foreign diplomacy, leading war campaigns, offering input during debates, and checking in daily with the High Council and/or the Prime Minister.

Pro and Anti

  • Pro: Essential Liberties, Self-Determination, Mixed Economics, Limited Regulation, Egalitarianism/Meritocracy, Devolved Governance

  • Neutral: Great Crusade, Military Spending, Territorial Expansion, Monarchy, Intervention

  • Anti: Military Aggression, Heavily Centralized Government, Totalitarian Ideologies, Extremism, Oversized Bureaucracy.

Five Dimensional Political Compass
Collectivism score: -83%
Authoritarianism score: -100%
Internationalism score: -17%
Tribalism score: 33%
Liberalism score: 33%

8values Test [OUTDATED]

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Miscellaneous Info

A Dark Design is an amalgamation of the darkest parts of a Time Lord's psyche. Phoenix's history and life experiences have kindled a many deep-seeded negative emotions within his hearts, creating one of the greatest "Dark Designs" in Gallifreyan history. The Phoenix's Dark Design is so great in fact that it manifested into a powerful Daemonic entity known only as Apollyon.

Physically, Apollyon is nearly identical to the First Incarnation of his "progenitor". The only major difference between the two are Apollyon's eyes; which are either a piercing purple color and circled by dark shadows. Apollyon's personality is dark, twisted, perverse, debaucherous, and maleficent. To put things simply, Apollyon appears to be evil for the sake of being evil, the Hyde to Phoenix's Jekyll. He understands his own nature all too well, a nature he has wholeheartedly embraced with childish glee and sadistic amusement.

APOLLYON, Arcanum's inner darkness made manifest

Contrary to popular belief, Arcanum is NOT a Vampire, he is a pure-blood high-born Gallifreyan (Time Lord). However, part of Bael's "genetic tampering" involved "lacing" Arcanum's bio-data with a modified V-Factor. This V-Factor caused Arcanum's Gallifreyan genes to mutate giving him traits present in Vampiric specimens. The most notable of these traits are sharp, pronounced canine fangs and the fact his eyes glow a bright crimson when he's angry/irritated or suffering from the "Blood Rage".

The other vampiric trait Arcanum displays is a "mild" Red Thirst. This means that Arcanum has both deeply rooted aggressiveness and a thirst for blood. Both of this aggression and desire for blood remain deep within the subconscious and only emerges during combat or in cases of extreme anger. Fortunately Arcanum is usually able to control the Red Thirst whenever it crops up, but should he fail to do so he would suffer from the subsequent Blood Rage.

Failure to control the Red Thirst leads to the Blood Rage. During the Blood Rage the victims mind is reduced to a near feral state as they are overcome by unforgiven fury as they relentlessly seek to butcher their enemies, imbibe their blood, and consume their flesh. One so-called "benefit" of the Blood Rage is that the victims natural abilities (such as strength, speed, perception, etc.) are increased to ludicrous levels. Victims will eventually "calm down" in their own, but the collateral damage they inevitably cause during their berserking fury makes it far more effective to simply knock them out or chain them up until the Blood Rage subsides.

- The Thirteenth Phoenix (Arcanum's thirteenth incarnation) was initially supposed to die during the Battle of Edanore which desolates the planet's surface. Following the battle Phoenix is "buried" within his TARDIS, which serves as a massive monument at the center of a vast graveyard. However, the Time Lords (at the behest of the Menti Celesti) intervene and grant Arcanum another regeneration cycle.

- Phoenix's time-weary "final incarnation" (whose lifespan is longer than all previous incarnations combined) comes to an unnamed lushly viridescent and serene planet (which may or may not be Edanore aeons after the Battle of Edanore) and peacefully surrenders his life at long last, with his ancient TARDIS serving as his final resting place. The TARDIS (now a simple stone obelisk) stands in a idyllic glade between two other graves; one marked "Akane Kamiya" and the other marked "Hana Belrose".

- In an LinkAlternate Universe, Phoenix Arcanum's "final incarnation" returns to the Victoran Empire many millennia into the future to find it dissolved and Terra in shambles. Arcanum takes up the duty of restoring Terra to it's former splendor. After uniting Terra (again) 'Emperor Phoenix' seeks to once more conquer the Galaxy and reclaim the Victoran Empire's former territory. A century-and-a-half or so (~150 years) into the (Second) Great Crusade Linkeverything is going fine until Linksh#t suddenly hits the fan sideways and Arcnum is forced to ascend to the LinkInfernal Throne until "further notice". For the next 10,000 years or so the body of 'the Lord Emperor' (Arcanum's name having long ago forgotten, those who still remember it dare not speak it) has sat silent until it Linksuddenly starts talking again.



"The only fate I believe in is the one which I have made for myself. It is a fate which need not be tempted, only proven to 'people' like you!" -Phoenix Arcanum