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TL;DR Info

Victoran Empire: Greater Victora is a star-spanning Empire that grows bigger with each passing day. It currently controls almost half of the Milky Way Galaxy. Almost all citizens are fanatical in their loyalty to both the Empire itself and the Emperor (which is ironic). To summarize this summary; everyone in the Empire is a complete nutter. Due to both it's advanced technology and sheer size it is near impossible to wholly defeat the Victoran Empire. According to this index, the Victoran Empire is a Tier 10, Level 8, Type 9 civilization with a power comparator of 3.9 (however most stellar Empire's Universe are capable of many of the same feats). The current goal of the Victoran Empire is the annihilation of "the Enemy"

"The Enemy": The Enemy is the collective term for any planet, empire, species, etc. that has been declared a threat to the well-being of the Universe.

Astromatrix Imperialis: The Astromatrix Imperialis (AMI), or simply the Imperial Matrix is a massive collection of inter-connected mega-computers and machines located within the Regia Imperialis. The Matric is powered by the "Eye of Equilibrium", an ancient artifact of Time Lord design. The Matrix gives the Empire the knowledge to affect the Web of Time (to a limited degree) while the Eye gives them the power to do so. This ability has been used to; increase industrial productivity (mega-structures can be built in a matter of weeks), access to interdimensional travel, access to time travel, prophecy/divination, scientific advancement, and much more. Perhaps the most bizarre aspect of the Matrix is the fact that it is sapient.

Lord Emperor: The Monarch is the highest authority in the Victoran Empire. The current Lord Emperor is a young Time Lord named the Phoenix. He might be in his late teens or early twenties, it's hard to tell. The Phoenix has proven to be an effective unifying figure, managing to bring numerous star systems into the Empire without conflict. He is also known for championing cooperation and liberty.

Lord Chancellor: The Lord Chancellor is the head of the Imperial Parliament (Legistlative Branch). The current Lord Chancellor is a mysterious being known as Conrad Tepes. While Tepes is lenient with his reign he maintains his rule through brutal punishment towards those who dare step out of line. He is also known to be a champion of hedonism and libertine values.

Prime Minister: The Prime Minister is the head of the Imperial High Council (Executive Branch). The current Prime Minister is an ancient and powerful Nymph named Juniper Weiss, who takes a "hands off" approach when presiding over the High Council. She has grown to be the most beloved leader of the Victoran Empire and alongside the Lord Emperor has become the public face of the Empire. Prime Minister Weiss has somehow avoided having much of her personal information documented by the Imperial Archives and as such not much is known about her at the present time.

Technology: The level of technology at the disposal of the Victoran Empire is so advanced there isn't even a word for it. Comparing Victoran technology to contemporary Human technology would be like comparing a super-computer to an abacus. Most of the technology in the Empire is developed by the Medegard, who treat machines with a religious level of reverence. According to this index the Victoran Empire has high Tier 10 technology.

Arcane: While not "magic" in the traditional sense, many individuals in the Victoran Empire (and indeed the many beings within the timeline the Empire inhabits) make use of Empyrean-based Linkpsionic powers. As such the Empire (and most nations within the Universe) have level 8 arcane abilities.

Empyrean: Spiral Empyrean (or simply the Empyrean) is a psychic plane of reality in which every thought and belief of every being throughout all of time and space (conscious, subconscious, or unconscious) becomes a physical reality. It is known that "similar thoughts beliefs, and ideas" can form bubble realities/sub-realities/sub-dimensions/pocket dimensions/what-have-you within the Empyrean that form follow their own physical laws (some of these "bubble realities" are similar or even identical to our own reality). The Empyrean is often described as the "Realm of Souls" and serves as the origin of "Magic" in the Universe. Some individuals are able to "tap into" the Empyrean and draw upon "Empyric energies" in order to manifest potent psychic abilities.

Navy: The Imperial Navy is the catch-all term for the Empire's space forces. The Navy is most well known for the fact that it's vessels are unreasonably large. Ship sizes range from 'minuscule' transports (750 meters) to the absolutely massive Leviathan Star Dreadnoughts (60,000 meters). Standard warships are capable of operating in a star's corona unharmed and are able to level a continent through bombardment. One of the greatest weapons in the Imperial Navy is the Harbinger, a planet-sized warship capable of destroying Terra; Transduction Barrier and all.

Army: The Imperial Army refers to the Empire's inexhaustible legions. It's soldiers are bolstered with advanced weaponry, genetic enhancements, and cybernetic augmentations. The Empire's many cloning facilities and android foundries ensure that it has an endless supply of soldiers. The Army also includes various tanks, walkers, cannons, etc. There are vary few things in the Universe Victoran weapons won't sunder, melt, or shatter.

Outer Worlds: 'Outer Worlds' (not to be confused with Outer Rim Worlds), also known as Borderland Worlds, refer to planets on the Imperial border regions. Because of there remote location, the 'Outer Worlds' have the least amount of Imperial influence. Currently, the majority of Outer Worlds are either; Backwater Worlds, Agri Worlds, or War Worlds.

Outer Rim: The 'Outer Rim' are Planets and Star-Systems on the very edge of the "Galactic Disc". Outer Rim may also refer to Planets and Star-Systems "beyond" the Galactic Disc but are still considered part of the Milky Way.

Imperial Heartland: The Imperial Heartland refers to the region of space firmly under Imperial control. As such, the Heartland is the most peaceful and politically stable region within the Empire. Notable Heartland planets include; Terra (Imperial Throne World), New Elysia, Medegard, and Nordenheim.

Reality Tear: Reality Tears are area of space where the "border" between Realspace and the Empyrean has been "torn", causing the Empyrean to "leak" into reality. This "leakage" manifests as psychic storms surrounding the Reality Tear, these storms are known as Chaos Storms. As one would expect the laws of physics begin to break down within the Chaos Storm (hence the use of the word "Chaos").

Cicatrix Dolor: The Cicatrix Dolor is the largest "Reality Tear" in the Galaxy, it's corresponding Chaos Storm is also infamously large. The Cicatrix Dolor constantly belches forth horrors of the Empyrean. The "Gate Worlds" (such as Atlas, Twilight, Midnight, Assiah, Gehenna, and others) maintain a constant vigil over the Cicatrix Dolor, seeking to prevent it from bringing further harm to the Universe.

Triumvirate of Terra

'The Triumvirate of Terra' refers to the three most important leaders of the Victoran Empire; the Lord Emperor/Lady Empress, the Lord/Lady Chancellor, and the Prime Minister.

Monarch: The Monarch of the Victoran Empire is the Head-of-State and Commander-in-Chief. The current Monarch is the young Time Lord known as Phoenix Arcanum. As Lord Emperor, Arcanum has defined the Monarchy as being responsible for Foreign Affairs, Policies, and Relations.

Lord/Lady Chancellor: The Lord/Lady Chancellor of the Victoran Empire is the head of the Imperial Parliament and is in charge of Domestic Affairs and Policies. They also appoint Lieutenant Chancellors who in turn are responsible for creating Parliament Committees. The current Lord Chancellor is the mysterious entity known as Conrad Tepes.

Prime Minister: The Prime Minister is the head of the Imperial High Council and deals with both Foreign and Domestic Affairs. The current The current Prime Minister is an Elysian Nymph named Juniper Weiss, the most respected and influential person in the entire Empire.

Imperial Political Factions

Below are Major Political Factions within the Victoran Empire that are active on a Galactic scale.

Grahamian Faction; +DEFUNCT+
Color: Amethyst
Ideology: Jingoism, Military Spending and Expansion, Material Acquisition, Territorial Expansion, Mixed Economy, Hierarchical Society, "Omnipotent" Central Government
Note: Disbanded following the exile of Joseph Graham from the Victoran Empire

Sovereign Faction;
Color: Navy
Ideology: Centre-Right, Nationalism, National Conservatism, Social Conservatism, Fiscal Conservatism, Corporatism/Aristocracy (rule by the rich, nobles, or both), Military Spending, Strong Central Government

Phoenician Faction;
Color: Gold
Ideology: Egalitarianism, Meritocracy, Mixed Economy, Devolution, Free Speech, Defense Spending

Social Faction;
Color: Crimson
Ideology: Centre-Left, Social Democracy, Social Justice, Progressivism, State Capitalism, Equity, Egalitarianism, Higher Tithes, Labor Unions

Monarchist Faction;
Color; Gold (sometimes uses Indigo to distinguish themselves from the Phoenician Faction)
Ideology: Seek to make the Monarchy the "supreme law of the land".
Note: Currently the fastest growing Political Faction in the Empire.

Imperial Planet Classifications

Throneworld: A Throneworld refers to the capital planet of an interstellar empire. Terra serves as the Throneworld of the Victoran Empire

Forge Worlds: Forge Worlds are planets dedicated to entirely to manufacturing. Many Forge Worlds in the Empire are under the control of the MEDEGARD.

Agri Worlds: Agri Worlds are low-populated planets dedicated to food production.

Fortress Worlds: Planets that are heavily fortified and are essentially planet-sized fortresses.

War Worlds: Also known as Contested Worlds, War Worlds refer to planets that are not fully under the control of the Victoran Empire and are sites of active combat.

Death Worlds: Death Worlds were the environment is detrimental or deadly to most Humanoid life.

Dead Worlds: Dead Worlds are barren planets with little to no atmosphere. Luna (Terra's moon) and Pluto are classified as Dead Worlds

Prison World: Also known as Penal Worlds, Prison Worlds are planets that are home to massive prisons (or sometimes the whole planet is a single prison). The greatest Prison World in the Empire is Menagerie, "residence" of the greatest and most dangerous beings detained by the Empire. A subgroup of Penal World is an Asylum World, an entire planet turned into a massive mental institute.

Backwater Worlds: Isolated planets with a low-level of Imperial influence. Typically a den for criminals, gangsters, and other unsavory characters.

Gate World: The Gate Worlds are Fortress Worlds located around the Cicatrix Dolor and are charged with defending against Daemonic threats that emerge from the massive Reality Tear.

Enemy Worlds: Enemy Worlds refer to planets under the control of the Enemy

JOJO Stands

Imperial Explorators discover a number of asteroids comprised of some type of material that is lethal to most humanoid life that is "pierced" with it. Some notably "strong-willed individuals" have been shown to survive contact with this material. Those that do survive appear to manifest a sort of unique "supernatural" ability. It would also appear that if one member of a bloodline gains supernatural abilities, the rest of his bloodline gains supernatural abilities as well (or they die if their "willpower" is too weak). It was also discovered that several arrowheads had been fashioned from the same type of material found in the asteroids.

Currently, seven of the "arrows" are known to be in the possession of the Victoran Empire. Four arrows are in the hands of the Triumvirate of Terra (one is held by the Lord Emperor, another is held by the Lord Chancellor, and two are kept by the Prime Minister) and the other three are in the hands of the MEDEGARD for study.

Apparently, the Lord Emperor stabbed himself in the heart and lived. He subsequently stabbed his "Right-Hand" (Alexander Graham) who also lived. Meanwhile, Conrad Tepes stabbed his brother (Grigori Tepes) with his own arrow, and his brother lived.

Essentially, JOJO Stands are canon within the Victorans Empire's Universe

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