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Enemies of the Empire

Examples of Enemies

- Gods of Chaos: The Gods of Chaos (also known as the Ruinous Powers or the Dark Gods) are the greatest of the Empire's foes. They are powerful entities who inhabit and control the psychic dimension that underlies all physical reality known as the Empyrean (also known as the Warp or the Immaterium).

The Neverborn are creatures born and sustained by the emotions and collective desires of every sentient being across all of time and space. The negative energies of Empyrean is known as "Chaos" and the Neverborn created from it are known as "Daemons". The most powerful and malevolent Daemons become the Gods of Chaos.

Even the best and most beneficial emotion, if taken to its extreme progression, becomes a destructive vice. And extreme, destructive emotions are far more potent than mild, healthy ones. Thus, the beings born from the strongest emotions will therefore be destructive and chaotic. While there is such a thing as a "Holy God" born from more "positive emotions" they are far weaker than the Chaos Gods.

As Neverborn, the Chaos Gods are dependent upon the emotions of mortal creatures for their power and continued existence. For this reason the Chaos strive to convert all mortals to their worship and service so that they may ultimately dominate the Universe. However, if they were to win such an infernal victory, it would likely destroy all of reality as the separation between Realspace and the Empyrean broke down in its wake.

The massive Warp Rift known as the Scar of Sorrow is currently the focal point of the Chaos God's power within the Milky Way. From the Scar the Gods of Chaos extend their malignant influence across the Galaxy. Some groups affected by the Chaos Gods are oblivious to their own manipulation but nevertheless further their infernal goals. Other groups wholly embrace the Chaos Gods and devote themselves to their service, becoming slaves to darkness.

'The Gods of Chaos, the Archenemy'

- Daemons: Daemons are entities born from the tides of the Empyrean and spawned from the power of "Chaos" (aka negative Warp energy). Daemons appear to have some form of "hierarchy", from the Gods of Chaos themselves all the way to Lesser Daemons. There also appears to be various "races"/"types" of Daemons, with each race having appearances, traits, powers, etc. unique to themselves. Some Daemonic races appear more Human like while others are more beast like while others still have a form incomprehensible to the Human mind.

Even the best and most beneficial emotion, if taken to its extreme progression, becomes a destructive vice. And extreme, destructive emotions are far more potent than mild, healthy ones (meaning they are the emotions that manifest into Neverborn). For this reason the Daemons encompass the majority of the Neverborn and are more powerful than the Angels who are born from more "positive emotions".

Since Daemons are born from Chaos, many of them Daemons are malevolent b*stards. However, this is not true for all entities of this classification. Some Daemons (or even entire races) are able to "develope" to the point where they can experience the full range of emotions, good and bad, and are capable of benevolent acts. These Daemons are known as "Ascended Daemons" and are "pardoned" from Enemy status. Many Ascended Daemons have integrated quite well with the rest of society. Even the Emperor himself has numerous Daemonic associates, including Ragnar Helsen (a member of the Inner Circle), and the Gremory Clan (a "royal house" within a society of "evolved Devils").

Some Daemons have seemed to show signs of evolution, settling on a planet and creating a brand new species. A notable example of this is a society of "Devils", among them the aforementioned Gremory Clan.

As for the wholly malevolent Daemons. The Victoran Empire has never faced a threat so numerous.... or so dangerous.

Daemons, Children of the Empyrean

- Chaos Cults: Chaos Cults are dangerous organizations comprised of mortals who worship the Gods of Chaos and give themselves up to the service of the Ruinous Powers. Members of a Chaos Cult are often referred to collectively as the "Lost and the Damned". To the Empire, the followers of Chaos are known as "Heretics".

The Lost and the Damned were once normal individuals who have fallen under the corrupting inffluence of Chaos and pledged their immortal souls to the Dark Gods of the Empyrean. Their mind, soul, and personality has been twisted by the Warp into a darker (often malevolent) version of the people they used to be. The corrupting influence of the Warp often spreads mutation in its wake. Amongst Chaos Cults, being mutated is viewed as a blessing or divine gift.

'The Lost and the Damned, Slaves to Darkness'

- Apollyon: Apollyon is considered to be one of the most dangerous of the Empire's enemies. Apollyon is a shape-changer but his most common form appears to be a combination of the (First) Phoenix and Mornancar's "Human" face.

Following the activation of the Astromatrix Imperialis, one of the Phoenix's "Watchers" (a manifestation of a Time Lord's potential future) took form within the Empyrean It would not be long before this "newborn" Watcher encountered the vitiated spirit of an ancient evil known as Mornancar the Anathema. After a long struggle, the Watcher and the Anathema merged together, giving birth to the entity known as Apollyon. Unfortunately, Apollyon's presence in the Empyrean left him vulnerable to the ethereal whispers of the Chaos Gods.

Apollyon inherited the Phoenix's desire to help the Universe but also inherited Mornancar's burning hatred for the "current" Universe as well as contempt towards the weak and "undeserving". These conflicting viewpoints combined with the manipulation of the Chaos Gods slowly twisted and corrupted Apollyon's mind. While Apollyon often acts on a whim, he is not without an ultimate goal. Apollyon's corruption made him disgusted with what he perceived to be various "flaws" of the Universe. As a result, Apollyon has taken it upon himself to "remedy" the "ailing" Universe in the most logical way possible. By dominating all life and enforcing his own will upon creation. Apollyon sees himself as the only being who make the Universe "perfect". Apollyon views the destruction he unleashes as "removing the plague of weakness from the face of the Universe". Only those that survive his "cleansing" are worthy of "inheriting the New World". Thus one can claim that Apollyon seeks to enact his own version of the Victoran Empire's "Great Crusade"

During his time in the Empyrean, Apollyon slowly amassed a large cult of followers who obey his every command. This group of followers form the Imperium Apollyon, which Apollyon himself rules over as a tyrant.

'Apollyon, the Anathema Reborn'

- Mornancar the Anathema: The Anathema (known to the Gallifreyans as 'Mornancar') is an ancient evil of unknown origin that predated the current Universe and terrorized the current Universe during the "Years of Twilight". Mornancar was encountered by the Ancient Gallifreyans who viewed it as a "Devil" figure. Even after the creation of the Web of Time and becoming the "Lords of Time", the early Time Lords still feared the Anathema. Matrix Records indicate that even Rassilon himself was wary of Mornancar. Some Time Lord historians believe that Mornancar was a Time Lord of the previous Universe, thus classifying him as a "Great Old One"

Mornancar was in existence long before the birth of the current Universe and looked upon the creation of the new Universe with the utmost contempt. Mornancar's fury fully errupted when the Gallifreyans imposed their Laws of Rationality on the Universe during the Anchoring of the Thread. Mornancar grew dangerously nihilistic about the existence of the current Universe and sought to bring it to a "premature end". Thus the Anathema made war against the Time Lords during the "Twilight War" in an attempt to bring an end to the Universe itself. The war was ended when the Time Lord known as Thaelixar the Iconoclast defeated the Anathema during the Battle of the Dhells and banished him into the furthest reaches of the Empyrean. Soon history became legend and legend became myth. Things that should never have been forgotten where lost as knowledge of the Anathema disappeared with the passage of time.

At some point, one of the Phoenix's LinkWatchers (a manifestation of a Time Lord's potential future) took physical form within the Empyrean as an unforeseen consequence of the Eye of Victory's activation. It would not be long before this "newborn" Watcher encountered the vitiated spirit of the Anathema. The Anathema attacked the Watcher and attempted to steal its form. However, the Anathema did not anticipate the Watcher to fight back. After a long struggle, the Anathema and the Watcher merged as a new entity entirely. This entity became known as Apollyon. The malignant presence of the Anathema within Apollyon would slowly twist Apollyon's mind. Through the corrupted Apollyon, the Anathema would continue to influence the Universe long after it's death as his creation sewed discord across time and space.

Ironically, Mornancar was only able to "reincarnate" though the indirect actions of a descendent of the one man who had first doomed him. Furthermore, it was the actions of Thaelixar's descendants that would put an ultimate end to Mornancar's evil.

'Mornancar the Anathema, Ancient Malevolence'

- Alaric Kesh: Alaric Kesh is the Master of the Aetrian Empire. Alaric has posed such a threat to the Victoran Empire he has been given his own entry separate form the Aetrian Empire. Alaric loathes the Phoenix above anyone else, for Phoenix's Rebellion lead to the Aetrian Civil War and subsequent decline of the Aetrian Empire. It is this hatred that drives Alaric to destroy the Victoran Empire. This hatred stems from the twos interactions ever since the Elysian War where the two fought in a duel (though it was less of a duel and more Kesh just beating the sh*t out of the Phoenix) before Princess Belrose of Elysia got in between them. During Kesh's brief moment of distraction the Phoenix was able to bring his blade down upon Alaric just as the latter began to turn his head back to the fight. The result was the Phoenix's blade slashing the right side of Alaric's face; leaving a grizzly scar and irreparably damage his left eye. This was the first time any opponent managed to actually hit Alaric, let alone leave a highly noticeable scar. Much later Alaric engaged in yet another fight with Sora, Grandmaster of the Imperial Assassins. The specifics are unclear, but Alaric was ultimately forced to turn to "dark arts" in order to survive. And while he did indeed survive as well as the scars being easily hidden under clothing, the fact he brushed so close to death and was forced to utilize "dark magic" drove him to even higher levels of anger and hatred. Unfortunately, not only did "black magic" save Alaric's life, it made him far more dangerous as well.

LinkLietmotif - Vader's Wrath

'Alaric Kesh, Lord of a Shattered Empire'

- Aetrian Empire: The Aetrian Empire is a militaristic nation formed by the eponymous Aetrians. The "Proto-Aetrians" were created as a result of genetic experimentation conducted by the Third Earth Empire in the late 78th Century. Proto-Aetrians were genetically modified Humanoids with mixed Human-Xenos ancestry that had an innate understanding of warfare seemingly imprinted into their very gene-code. After 200 yeas of servitude, the Proto-Aetrians rebelled against their masters in the late 80th Century and eventually settled upon the world of Aetria Major, becoming the "modern-day" Aetrians.

The innately militaristic Aetrians formed their own Empire on Aetria Major and began spreading throughout the Milky Way's Outer Arm, taking advantage of the Third Earth Empire's collapse. In sense of cruel irony, the Aetrian Empire was build upon the backs of massive slave armies. The most notable of the Aetrians Wars of Conquest was the War against the Elysian Empire. The Aetrians claim that the Elysians where responsible for a terrorist conspiracy that claimed thousands of Aetrian lives including those of the Aetrian Royal Family. The Elysians claim that their involvement in the plot was fabricated by the Aetrians who sought an excuse to invade their world and acquire Anya's Tear, an ancient and powerful superweapon. Regardless of the truth, the Aetrian Empire invades the Elysian Empire and the Elysian War begins.

The Aetrian Civil War indirectly caused by the Phoenix's Rebellion combined with their massive losses during the Destruction of Elysia left the Aetrian Empire crippled. In order to preserve their Empire, the Aetrians turned to "darker powers" and now seek to rebuild once great war machine. When the time is right, Aetrian Emperor Alaric plans to strike against the Victoran Empire and bring it to its knees.

LinkLeitmotif - Domination

'The Aetrian Empire, Superpower Resurgent'

- Hammer Britannia: Do I really need to explain why?

- Death Lords and Elder Gods: Great Old Ones are ancient 'deities' that are all that remains of the 'previous universe', a state of reality that existed before the Time Lords created the Web of Time. The Death Lords are unabashedly malevolent Great Old Ones that seek to spread nothing but death and discord to the four corners of creation. While not inherently evil, the Elder Gods meddle in mortal affairs for their own entertainment. The "games" of the Elder Gods are detrimental to the 'greater good' of the Universe and as such the Elder Gods have been classified as 'Enemies'

Death Lords, Phantoms of the Pre-Universe

- Daleks: Daleks are a militaristic race from the planet Skaro, a mutant species forever locked in cold metal shells. They were created c. 4000 B.C. by the scientist Davros to be the ultimate lifeform. Davros' people, the Kaleds, were fighting a never ending war against their rivals, the Thals, on their shared homeworld of Skaro. Davros believed that the only way the Kaled race could survive was through the Daleks, and the only way the Daleks could survive was through ultimate supremacy in the Universe. For this reason he engineered the Daleks to be incredibly xenophobic and genocidal, seeking to wipe out any non-Dalek life-form in the Universe.

The Daleks have terrorized the denizens of the Universe for more than 14 millennia, only growing emboldened by the formation of the Cicatrix Dolor. The Empire's first encounter with the Daleks was through the Solyrian Crusade, in which they obliterated the Daleks that had taken root on Solyria. Despite their defeat, the Daleks continue to be a threat to the Empire and the people of the Milky Way at-large. Every time the Daleks are presumed destroyed by the Empire they always manage to return in greater numbers than before.

There have been many Dalek Empires over the millennia. The Daleks most encountered by the Vicotrans typically belong to the so-called "Restoration Empire". The casings of "Restoration Daleks" are similar to the original silver and blue casings of days long gone but far more advanced. Unlike any of its predecessors, the Restoration Dalek Empire possesses reliable time travel technology and thus poses a grave threat to the Empire.

'The Daleks, Hatred Made Manifest'

- Cybermen: The Cybermen are a "race" of cybernetically augmented humanoids. They varied greatly in design, with different factions originating independently by parallel evolution on planets throughout time and space. Some Cybermen were born out of an instinct to survive, others hunger for immortality because their civilisations were dying out and they wanted to survive, and some the intent to "upgrade" themselves and everyone around them.

Despite their many different origins, there were similarities between most groups of Cybermen. For the most part, they lacked individuality or names. Cybermen had no emotions and viewed them as a weakness. They frequently attempted to physically and mentally re-engineer humans and other humanoids into Cybermen, via a process called "cyber-conversion".

Though the Cybermen varied greatly in design over time, the many versions had several things in common. The Cyberman form was known as a Cyber-Suit, a silver body made (almost) entirely of cold metal.

There have been at least two major conflicts between the Empire and the Cybermen. The first was in the Empire's early days when the Solar Cyber Legions awoke across the Sol Sector. The second came during the Atanaxes Crusade. In both cases, the silver menace was driven back by the forces of the Empire.

Other names for Cybermen include Cyber-kind, Synthetic Men, the Borg, Technosapien Marauders (or simply Technosapiens), and Inanem Magnanime Milites (Empty-Hearted Soldiers).

The Silversmiths' Coterie are a group of Posthumans from the Far Future that have converted themselves into a hyperadvanced form of Cybermen. The Silversmiths' Corerie has access to reliable time travel, allowing them to launch attacks against the Empire.

'Cybermen, Legions of Silver'

- Ice Warriors (Xalaal Faction): Prior to the rise of the first Human interstellar empire, the planet Mars was home to a few sentient species. One of these were the Ice Warriors (also known as the Neo-Saurians), a reptilian warrior race notable for their cybernetic biomechanical armor. In ancient times, the Ice Warriors carved out a mighty Martian Empire. But as the Martian atmosphere began evaporating and the planet became a Dead World, the Ice Warriors were either forced to go into subterranean hibernation or flee out into the Galaxy.

Centuries after the collapse of the Martian Empire, the Humans began to colonize the Sol System, starting with the Red Planet. By the dawn of the 22nd Century, Mars was fully colonized and considered an independent Human kingdom. When the First Earth Empire was formed in 2150, the fate of Mars became tied with the fate of Earth.

Sometime after the formation of the First Earth Empire, the Ice Warriors were awakened. Some remained on Mars as subjects of the Earth Empire while others left to colonize a new homeworld the called "New Mars".

In the 100th Century, Humanity's interstellar Dominion collapsed and Mars was isolated. By this time, the Ice Warrior population on Mars was dwindling.

Things would change when the "Victorans" settled on Terra and began the arduous reunification of the Sol System. During the annexation of Mars, the 'Victoran Republic' sent the Phoenix to deal with what little Ice Warriors remained. Despite his young age, the Phoenix was able to best the Ice Warrior's representative in ritualistic combat. With this display of 'martial prowess', the Ice Warriors willingly pledged themselves to the burgeoning Republic. The Ice Warriors later became members of the Victoran Empire after its formation.

Following the formation of the Victoran Empire, the Imperial High Council invited Ice Warriors from across the Galaxy to "come home" and resettle on Mars. The actions of the Empire earned it the loyalty of Ice Warriors everywhere. Many Ice Warriors have found successful careers within the Militarum Imperialis.

The most notable Ice Warrior in the Empire is Lord Marshal Xalek of the 1st Martian Army Group. The Ice Warrior Xaszryd serves as the Governor-General of Mars. The Ice Warrior Kasrkrar acts as the de facto representative of his entire race within the Empire.

Despite the loyalty of most Ice Warriors, there were some that despised the Empire. These 'anti-Imperial' Ice Warriors formed themselves into a faction known as the 'Xalaal'. Xalaal Faction considers itself the Government-in-Exile of the 'Second Martian Empire' and seeks to topple the Victoran's hegemony and "reclaim" the Red Planet.

In late 022.M11, the Xalaal Faction was directly corrupted by the Gods of Chaos. Fueled by the powers of the Ruinous Powers, these "Chaos Ice Warriors" launched a successful coup against the Imperial-aligned government of New Mars. From New Mars, the Chaos Ice Warriors launch innumerable raids against the Empire.

'Ice Warriors (Xalaal Faction), Harbingers of the Second Martian Empire'

During the Mesozoic Era the Silurians (Homo reptilia) were the dominant lifeforms on Terra alongside their cousins the Sea Devils (the two were collectively known as the "Earth Reptiles"). The dominion of the Earth Reptiles came to an end when Silurian Astonomers predicted that the planet would be struck by a comet causing a mass extinction event. In order to survive this catastrophe the Silurians and the Sea Devils entered into a subterranean hibernation.

In the absence of the Earth Reptiles, the Human race would evolve and become the new 'Masters of Earth'. There had been several small-scale "awakenings" over the centuries, from individuals to small settlements to entire cities. Often times, when an awoken city would come into contact with Mankind conflict would break out. When this occurred, the Earth Reptiles either returned to hibernation or where forced to remain underground. Some Silurians made a life for themselves working with the surface dwellers.

Over time, awakenings grew larger and more common. As the centuries progressed, so too did the conflict between the Humans and the Earth Reptiles. These conflicts seemingly came to an end in the 26th Century. Silurians and Sea Devils were accepted into Earth society as sitizens of the First Earth Empire.

When Humanity's interstellar dominion collapsed in the 100th Century, many Earth Reptiles fled their homeworld to escape the devastating civil wars that broke out across Terra. Some Earth Reptiles refused to leave their homeworld and instead went into subterranean hibernation like their ancestors had millennia ago.

When the Victorans arrived on Terra they united the various Techno-Barbarian nations under their banner. With order restored on Terra, many Earth Reptiles returned to their homeworld once more. These Earth Reptiles pledged their allegiance to the 'Victoran Republic'. When the Victoran Republic became the Victoran Empire, the Earth Reptiles renewed their vows of loyalty. "Imperial Silurians" are represented by the highly influential Kahla.

The Imperial City expanded significantly to fit the needs of the growing Empire. The construction of massive mega-structures lead to the awakening of the Earth Reptiles that remained on Terra. This group were less pleased with the Empire's existence and formed the Lernean Syndicate, a terrorist organization aimed at restoring the 'Rule of Reptiles on Earth'.

'Silurians, Ancient Masters of Earth'

- Sontaran Empire: The Sontarans are a race of belligerent and militaristic clone soldiers from the planet Sontar. The Sontaran Empire is engaged in an endless war against the rest of the Galaxy (with exceptional hatred directed towards the Rutan Host). They make no effort to change this nor do they ever want peace for they desire nothing more than to partake in glorious combat. Sontarans have also begun developing primitive forms of time travel and are classified as a 'Time Sensitive Species'.

The Kaveetch where an ancient race from the Dark Times and were the original inhabitants of the planet Sontar. Sometime after the rise of the Time Lords and the Anchoring of the Thread, the Kaveetch went to war against the Rutan Host. When the Kaveetch began to loose the war, they decided to clone themselves in order to create vast, inexhaustible armies. These clones were genetically modified to be 'perfectly suited' for warfare. Eventually, these clones overthrew the Kaveetch, becoming the new masters of Sontar and continued the war with the Rutan Host.

With the formation of the Cicatrix Dolor, the Sontaran Empire has grown even more belligerent. Their attacks have grown more bold and daring while their wars turned brutal and savage even by their own standards. Some rogue elements of the Sontaran Empire have gone so far as to embraced Chaos, pledging their allegiance to Khorne the Blood God.

As the Victoran Empire expanded, the Sontarans began to respect the prowess of the Militarum Imperialis. It is because of this 'respect' that the Sontaran Empire has declared war on the Victoran Empire.

On occasion, elements of the Sontaran Empire will work with the Victoran Empire in order to overcome a common foe. However, such alliances are often short-lived as the Sontarans turn against the Victorans as soon as their common enemy has been defeated. A rare few Sontarans, such as General Vangrim the Honourable, commonly make alliances with the Empire and actusllt honor them, agreeing to fight the Victorans "some other time".

'Sontarans, Clone Warmongers'

- Faction Paradox: Faction Paradox is a temporal terrorist organization and crime syndicate made up of voodoo cultists. Faction Paradox has it's origins in the 'House of Paradox', a former Great House of Gallifrey. The House of Paradox was banished from Gallifrey for committing "heresy", leading to the creation of Faction Paradox. Despite originally being made up entirely of Gallifreyans, beings from other races have since joined the Faction. Faction Paradox delights in the creation of temporal paradoxes and twisting their own History into knots. Faction Paradox goes out of its way to offend the Time Lords and their Protocols.

Faction Paradox technology runs almost directly opposite of the Time Lords as an act of spite. An example of this is the use of esoteric magic and voodoo rituals. The signature weapons of Faction Paradox are 'Shadow-Weapons' (or 'Sombras Que Corta'), weapons bound to (and wielded) by the users own shadow. Members of Faction Paradox wear ritual skull masks and their soldiers are dressed in armor made from Vampire Bones.

The headquarters of Faction Paradox is the 'Eleven-Day Empire' which was constructed from the eleven days 'lost' when Britain switched from the Julian to Gregorian Calendar in 1752 (September 214). The Eleven-Day Empire appears as a 'replica' of London with a mishmash of time-zones, with streets, buildings and landmarks taken from periods earlier or later than its 18th Century foundations. The authenticity of this 'replica' was irrelevant: what mattered was its symbolic weight as London had a certain geographical continuity (which is to say, the street layout rarely changed over two millennia). Within the Eleven-Day Empire it was possible to walk along a lane which switched from Enlightenment to Victorian to Roman and back again within the stretch of a few yards. 360 'Godmothers' and 'Godfathers' sat in the House of Commons at the Palace of Westminister. The Speaker's chair was symbolically left empty for Grandfather Paradox (though Godfather Morlox sometimes sat here to address the Faction)

The existence of Faction Paradox is kept secret from the general public through the efforts of the Imperial Inquisition. Amongst the Inquisition, it is feared that agents of Faction Paradox have managed to infiltrate the Throneworld, perhaps making it into the Imperial Palace itself. Members of Faction Paradox might be able to slip from the Eleven-Day Empire's version of London and into the Imperial Palace (a section of which was built over the City of London).

'Faction Paradox, Temporal Terrorists'

- Necrons: The Necrons are an ancient race of mechanical skeletal humanoids that have laid dormant for aeons, sleeping away the centuries deep within their tombs. The activation of the Astromatrix Imperialis inadvertently triggered the the reawakening protocols of several Necron Tombs across the Galaxy. Further tombs have been awakened by forced seeking to bring down the Victoran Empire.

Upon their awakening, the Necrons have turned their gaze upon the Victoran Empire and seek to tear it asunder. Due to appropriating regeneration technology from the Time Lords, the living metal body of a Necrons is capable of self-repair, allowing the fallen warrior to come back from the dead

Long ago the Necrons were known as the 'Necrontyr', a race of flesh and bone originating from a planet bathed in cosmic radiation. Because of this radiation, the Necrontyr lived short painful lives. The brevity of their lifespan encouraged the Necrontyr to do as much as they could with what little time was given to them. This attitude allowed them to advance quite rapidly. Eventually the Necrontyr managed to develop rudimentary time travel and came into contact with the LinkOld Ones Time Lords. The Necrontyr coveted the regenerative abilities of the Time Lords and waged war against them to acquire it. Despite their frailty, the advanced technology of the Necrontyr was more than enough to compensate.

Depsite their advanced weaponry, the Necrontyr were fighting a loosing war until they came into contact with the Star Gods (also known as the C'tan). The C'tan aided the Necrontyr in acquiring the secrets to regeneration. However, the C'tan betrayed the Necrontyr. Utilizing a reverse-enegineered process of regeneration, the C'tan transmuted the entire Necrontyr race into the mechanical immortal Necrons. The living metal bodies of the Necrons were capable of perpetual regeneration, allowing fallen warriors to come back from the dead. The servants of the C'tan continued to wage war against the Time Lords for centuries to come.

The strain of the continuing war threatened to cause Civil War amongst the C'tan. As the Star Gods turned against one-another, the Necron leaders (who retained their sentience) rose up against the C'tan and overthrew their former masters. The C'tan were shattered and their shards enslaved by their former servants. However, the enslaved power of the C'tan and their new metal bodies were still not enough, and after centuries of fighting, the Time Lords pushed the Necrons back. The Necrons were forced to go into a deep hibernation in order to avoid total destruction.

For aeons, the Necrons have slumbered in their ancient tombs out of the sight of the Lords of Time. The activation of the Eye of Victory (a Time Lord artifact) sent out a psionic wave across the Universe. This activated the re-awakening protocols of several Necron Tombs across the Milky Way Galaxy. One by one, the Necron Vanguard forces awoke. The Necrons recognized the Astomatrix Imperialis as a work of Time Lord engineering and set their sights on destroying the Victoran Empire. Their ancient war against the Time Lords had begun again.

'Necrons, Ancient Mechanical Horrors'

- Skaevos Dominion: The Skaevos Dominion is a militaristic Sector-sized empire known Galaxy-wide for their combat automatons of various shapes and sizes. Despite it's small size the Skaevos are known to instigate conflicts of awesome proportions with their armies of potent and innumerable "battle droids".

'Skaevos Battle Droids, Robotic Conquerors'

- The horde of one

- Hostile Orcoids: Orcoid is a classification of species identified by "Orc-like" appearances. The various species classified as Orcoids all vary in appearance, culture, and origin. Many Orcoid species are considered unevolved, savage, and brutal. It is these "Hostile Orcoids" that are counted among the Empire's enemies

Of course, being Orcoid does not preclude a race to violence and not all Orcoid races are enemies of the Empire. Indeed, there are many Orcoid races within the Empire that conduct themselves as productive members of society. "Kernel Krakkajakk" and his "1st Greenskins" are an example of Orcoids that fight in the name of the Emperor.

The two most common species of Hostile Orcoids encountered by the Imperium are the Uruks (pictured top) and the Greenskins (pictured bottom).

'Hostile Orcoids, the Savage Hordes'