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The Enemy

'The Enemy' is not a single entity, organization, or anything like that. 'The Enemy' is in actuality a classification used by the Victoran Empire to distinguish entities, races, nations, organizations, etc. that the Empire considers to be a threat to the stability of the Universe.

The Victoran Empire has embarked on a zealous "Great Crusade" to sweep away 'the Enemy' and erase them from the face of existence. This unwavering desire to totally obliterate the Enemy stems from the fact that many member planets/races of the Empire have been subject to conquest, enslavement, torture, genocide, planetary destruction, etc. by the Enemy. Through the Great Crusade not only can they make the Universe a better place, but exact bloody vengeance upon those that caused them untold suffering.

The Imperial Inquisition was also formed in order to root out the Enemy, their agents, and other threats hiding within the Empire's borders.

Incidentally, many if these so-called 'Enemies' only fight for a twisted sense of survival much in the same way the Empire fights in order to survive the 'Enemy'.

Examples of Enemies

- The Anathema: The Anathema is an ancient evil of unknown origin (perhaps predating the current Universe) that terrorized the Universe during the "Years of Twilight". The Anathema was encountered by the Ancient Gallifreyans who viewed it as a "Devil" figure. Even after the creation of the Web of Time and becoming the "Lords of Time", the early Time Lords still feared the Anathema. Matrix Records indicate that even Rassilon himself was wary of the Anathema.

During the early days of the Time Lord history the Anathema made war against them during the "Twilight War". The war was ended when the Renegade Time Lord known as the Iconoclast defeated the Anathema during the Battle of the Dhells and banished him into the furthest reaches of the Empyrean. Soon history became legend and legend became myth. Things that should never have been forgotten where lost as knowledge of the Anathema disappeared with the passage of time.

At some point, Phoenix's "Dark Design" (the mental manifestation of the darkest parts of a Time Lord's psyche unbound) took physical form within the Empyrean as an unforeseen consequence of the Eye of Equilibrium's activation. It would not be long before this "newborn" Dark Design encountered the vitiated spirit of the Anathema. The Anathema empowered this Dark Design in order to create the entity known as Apollyon. Through Apollyon, the Anathema would continue to influence the Universe long after it's death as it's creation sewed discord across time and space.

'The Anathema, Ancient Malevolence'

- Apollyon, the Archenemy: Apollyon is considered to be the greatest of 'the Enemy' and, according to the Astromatrix Imperialis, poses the single greatest threats to the Victoran Empire and one of the greatest threats to the rest of the Universe. Apollyon is a shape-changer but his most common appearance bears a slight resemblance to the Phoenix's First Incarnation. One of the major differences being Apollyon's eyes, which are a piercing purple color and circled by dark shadows (a conscience choice on Apollyon's part to make his appearance distinct from his progenitor)

At the end of his thirteenth life, the Phoenix's "Dark Design" (the mental manifestation of the dark "Id" portion of a Time Lord's psyche) took form within the Empyrean an unforeseen consequence of the Eye of Equilibrium's activation many millennia prior. It would not be long before this "newborn" Dark Design encountered the vitiated spirit of an ancient evil known as the Anathema. The Anathema empowered this Dark Design in order to create the entity known as Apollyon.

Since part of his origins lay in a Dark Design he is naturally dark, twisted, ruthless, perverse, and every other negative trait you can think of. There are very few truly evil creatures in the Universe, and Apollyon is one of them. Apollyon understands his own natural amorality all too well and simply does whatever he pleases whenever he pleases with a complete disregard for others.

While Apollyon often acts on a whim, he is not without an ultimate goal. Since Apollyon was, in a sense, created from the sum total of all of the Phoenix's darkest thoughts and memories, Apollyon has a seemingly innate understanding of the Universe which stems from the Phoenix's own millennia long experiences. Apollyon became disgusted with what he perceived to be various "flaws" of the Universe. As a result, Apollyon has taken it upon himself to "remedy" the "ailing" Universe in the most logical way possible. By dominating all life and enforcung his own will upon creation. Apollyon sees himself as the only being who make the Universe "perfect". Apollyon views the destruction he unleashes as "removing the plague of weakness from the face of the Universe". Only those that survive his "cleansing" are worthy of "inheriting the New World". Thus one can claim that Apollyon seeks to enact his own version of the Victoran Empire's "Great Crusade"

During his time in the Empyrean, Apollyon slowly amassed a large cult of followers who obey his every command. This group of followers form the Imperium Apollyon, which Apollyon himself rules over as a tyrant.

'Apollyon, Arcanum's Inner Darkness'

- Daemons: Daemons are entities born from the tides of the Empyrean and spawned from it's negative energies. Daemons appear to have some form of "hierarchy", from the god-like Archdaemons (also known as the Daemon Gods) all the way to Lesser Daemons. There also appears to be various "races"/"types" of Daemons, with each race having appearances, traits, powers, etc. unique to themselves. Some Daemonic races appear more Human like while others are more beast like while others still have a form incomprehensible to the Human mind.

Since Daemon are born from the negative energies of the Empyrean, many of them Daemons are malevolent b*stards. However, this is not true for all entities of this classification. Some Daemons (or even entire races) are able to "develope" to the point where they can experience the full range of emotions, good and bad, and are capable of benevolent acts. These Daemons are known as "Ascended Daemons" and are "pardoned" from Enemy status. Many Ascended Daemons have integrated quite well with the rest of society. Even the Emperor himself has numerous Daemonic associates, including Ragnar Helsen (a member of the Inner Circle), and the Gremory Clan (a "royal house" within a society of "evolved Devils").

Some Daemons have seemed to show signs of evolution, settling on a planet and creating a brand new species. A notable example of this is a society of "Devils", among them the aforementioned Gremory Clan.

As for the wholly malevolent Daemons. The Victoran Empire has never faced a threat so numerous.... or so dangerous.

Daemons, Children of the Empyrean

- The FALLEN: The FALLEN, also known as the LOST, the DAMNED, or the CORRUPTED, are normal individuals who have been corrupted by the negative energies of the Empyrean. Their mind, soul, and personality has been twisted by the Empyrean into a darker (often malevolent) version. Those with an exceptionally strong connection to the Empyrean have been known to display various physical changes. Some Exorcists within the Inquisition have been trained to spot signs of the TAINT within individuals and cure them before they become FALLEN.

'The FALLEN, Victims of Corruption'

- Bauronthaelixargehenna:
"I will admit, I am not a good man nor am I anywhere close to being a good parent. But everything I did was for a reason. This is the greater good, don't you see! The Spiral Politic as we know it is doomed! I see now that our only salvation lay in a fresh start. A new beginning. A New Order. A New World. Why can't you see that I'm only trying to help? All the destruction I wrought, all the suffering I caused. It could have all been avoided if they had only just cooperated. They were like tantruming children refusing to take their medicine. It is as the old saying goes. Spare the rod and spoil the child" - Bauron

Bauronthaelixargehenna (or simply Bauron Thaelixar ) was a Time Lord visionary, something that was rare among his people. However, like other Time Lord visionaries before him Bauron slowly grew corrupted. He became plagued with "visions of armageddon" and began to focus his lives work on averting this apparent doom

Bauron eventually convinced the Time Lady Barcona, a Cardinal of the Arcaloan Chapter, to assist him in a project to "create a new generation of superior warriors" (essentially the Time Lord equivalent of the Primarch Project). The first of this new generation was created when Bauron directly tampered and modified the Phoenix's genetics during his looming. Phoenix's "superior genetic makeup" was Bauron's magnum opus and greatest pride. However, time and gain Arcanum failed to live up to expectations.

Sometime after Arcanum's "escape", the High Council caught wind of Bauron's actions they put measures in place to prevent Bauron from furthering his "plot". Shortly thereafter however, Bauron gathered a handful of his closest "supporters" from within his own family and attempted to break the time-lock that had surrounded Gallifrey. While Bauron was successful, the stress of such a feat forced him into a hazardous regeneration. To make matters worse, Bauron had entered Realspace within the Cicatrix Dolor (an area saturated with chaotic Empyrean energies) and the nature of the regeneration left Bauron's mind susceptible to aforementioned chaotic energies. Bauron emerged from the regeneration plagued by madness. This new incarnation of Bauron firmly believed that the only way to save the Universe was to simply "start anew"

Despite his seemingly "fractured" mental state, Bauron's intelligence has not been dampened in the slightest. This new incarnation of Bauron is increadibly patient, operating from the shadows whilst using deceit and subterfuge to manipulate his "pawns", often without their knowledge.

Recently, the Time Lady Seranahearthfirelunara escaped imprisonment on Menagerie and infiltrated the Imperial Palace, using the Eye of Equilibrium to bring Gallifrey into Terra's orbit. Bauron took control of the Eye from Serana and attempts to use Gallifrey as the "centerpiece" of "Rassilon's Ultimate Sanction". The Sanction would bring about the end to time itself so that the Universe can begin again. The Phoenix and Serana work together to sever the link between Gallifrey and Terra, foiling the Ultimate Sanction. Serana stabs Bauron, causing him to Regenerate. Yhe Regenerating Time Lord is dragged back to Gallifrey as the planet disappears from Terra's orbit and returns to it's original location.

'Bauron, Demented Renegade'

- Alaric Kesh: Alaric Kesh is the Master of the Aetrian Empire. Alaric has posed such a threat to the Victoran Empire he has been given his own entry separate form the Aetrian Empire. Alaric loathes Phoenix Arcanum above anyone else, for Phoenix's Rebellion lead to the Aetrian Civil War and subsequent decline of the Aetrian Empire. It is this hatred that drives Alaric to destroy the Victoran Empire. This hatred stems from the twos interactions ever since the Elysian War where the two fought in a duel (though it was less of a duel and more Kesh just beating the sh*t out of the Phoenix) before Princess Belrose of Elysia got in between them. During Kesh's brief moment of distraction Arcanum was able to bring his blade down upon Alaric just as the latter began to turn his head back to the fight. The result was Arcanum's blade slashing the right side of Alaric's face; leaving a grizzly scar and irreparably damage his left eye. This was the first time any opponent managed to actually hit Alaric, let alone leave a highly noticeable scar. Much later Alaric engaged in yet another fight with Sora, Grandmaster of the Imperial Assassins. The specifics are unclear, but Alaric was ultimately forced to turn to "dark arts" in order to survive. And while he did indeed survive as well as the scars being easily hidden under clothing, the fact he brushed so close to death and was forced to utilize "dark magic" drove him to even higher levels of anger and hatred. Unfortunately, not only did "black magic" save Alaric's life, it made him far more dangerous as well.

LinkLietmotif - Vader's Wrath

'Alaric Kesh, Lord of a Shattered Empire'

- Aetrian Empire: The Aetrian Empire is a militaristic nation formed by the eponymous Aetrians. The "Proto-Aetrians" were created or genetically modified by an unknown race many millennia ago. The Proto-Aetrians were utilized in massive slave armies and had an innate understanding of warfare seemingly imprinted into their very gene-code. After millennia of servitude, the Proto-Aetrians rebelled and exterminated their masters in the late 18th Century and eventually settled upon the world of Aetria Major, becoming the "modern-day" Aetrians.

The innately militaristic Aetrians formed their own Empire on Aetria Major and began spreading throughout the Milky Way's Outer Arm. In a cruel irony, the Aetrian Empire was build upon the backs of massive slave armies. The most notable of the Aetrians Wars of Conquest was the War against the Elysian Empire. The Aetrians claim that the Elysians where responsible for a terrorist conspiracy that claimed thousands of Aetrian lives including those of the Aetrian Royal Family. The Elysians claim that their involvement in the plot was fabricated by the Aetrians who sought an excuse to invade their world and acquire Anya's Tear, an ancient and powerful superweapon. Regardless of the truth, the Aetrian Empire invades the Elysian Empire and the Elysian War begins.

Through a series of linked events stemming from the Elysian War, the Aetriand could be considered responsible for the creation of the Victoran Empire, the concept of the Enemy, and the Great Crusade. The Aetrian Civil War indirectly caused by the Phoenix's Rebellion combined with their massive losses during the Destruction of Elysia left the Aetrian Empire crippled. In order to preserve their Empire, the Aetrians turned to "darker powers" and now seek to rebuild once great war machine. When the time is right, Aetrian Emperor Alaric plans to strike against the Victoran Empire and bring it to its knees.

LinkLeitmotif - Domination

'The Aetrian Empire, Superpower in Decline'

- Hammer Britannia: Do I really need to explain why?

- Death Lords and Elder Gods: Great Old Ones are ancient 'deities' that are all that remains of the 'previous universe', a state of reality that existed before the Time Lords created the Web of Time. The Death Lords are unabashedly malevolent Great Old Ones that seek to spread nothing but death and discord to the four corners of creation. While not inherently evil, the Elder Gods meddle in mortal affairs for their own entertainment. The "games" of the Elder Gods are detrimental to the 'greater good' of the Universe and as such the Elder Gods have been classified as 'Enemies'

Death Lords, Phantoms of the Pre-Universe

- Daleks: Daleks are a militaristic race from the planet Skaro. The Daleks are incredibly xenophobic and genocidal, seeking to wipe out any non-Dalek life-form in the Universe. Billions of years ago they fought the Time Lords during the Last Great Time War in Heaven but were ultimately defeated. While the Daleks once posed a major threat, their presence in the Milky Way Galaxy has been significantly reduced as a result of the Sollaria Crusade.

'The Daleks, Hatred Made Manifest'

- Cybermen: The Cybermen are a "race" of cybernetically augmented humanoids. They varied greatly in design, with different factions originating independently by parallel evolution on planets throughout time and space. Some Cybermen were born out of an instinct to survive, others hunger for immortality because their civilisations were dying out and they wanted to survive, and some the intent to "upgrade" themselves and everyone around them.

Despite their many different origins, there were similarities between most groups of Cybermen. For the most part, they lacked individuality or names. Cybermen had no emotions and viewed them as a weakness. They frequently attempted to physically and mentally re-engineer humans and other humanoids into Cybermen, via a process called "cyber-conversion".

Though the Cybermen varied greatly in design over time, the many versions had several things in common. The Cyberman form was known as a Cyber-Suit, a silver body made (almost) entirely of cold metal.

'Cybermen, Silver Horrors'

- Faction Paradox: Faction Paradox is a temporal terrorist organization made up of voodoo cultists. Faction Paradox has it's origins in the 'House of Paradox', a former Great House of Gallifrey. The House of Paradox was banished from Gallifrey for committing "heresy", leading to the creation of Faction Paradox. Despite originally being made up entirely of Gallifreyans, beings from other races have since joined the Faction. Faction Paradox is known for two things; creating paradoxes and performing esoteric voodoo rituals. Members of Faction Paradox are identified by their dark/black robes and skull masked. All-in-all Faction Paradox is pretty creepy.

'Faction Paradox, Temporal Terrorists'

- Skaevos Empire: The Skaevos Empire is was made by a race of sentient combat androids whose prime directive was corrupted by a Daemonic Techno-Virus, causing them to turn on the race that built them, slew them, and took their place as the "True Skaevos Race". Ever since, the robotic Skaevos have followed their twisted goal of conquering the Universe and exterminating organic life. Their Empire has since expanded to the size of a Sector. Despite it's small size is known to instigate conflicts of awesome proportions.

'Skaevos, Mechanical Imperialists'

- The horde of one

- Orkoids: Orkoid refers to numerous "Orc-like" species that vary in appearance and culture. Most Orkoid races are unevolved, savage, and brutal, existing solely to wage war against the rest of the Universe, their love of bloody combat directly encoded into their DnA.

Only a select-few Orkoid species have evolved past inane violence and are capable of co-existing alongside other civilizations. These rare species are not condemned to "Enemy-status" alongside the rest of their kin.

'Orks, the Savage Horde'

- Sontaran Empire: The Sontarans are a race of belligerent and militaristic clone soldiers from the planet Sontar, created by the Kaveetch. The Sontaran Empire are engaged in an endless war against the rest of the Galaxy. They make no effort to change this nor do they ever want peace for they desire nothing more than to partake in glorious combat.

'Sontarans, Militaristic Warmongers'