by Max Barry

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16 October 1072917

A great threat looms within the realm of Greater Cosmicium, and many other countries...

A menace greater than the Universal Federation, the Cosmician Rebellion or the Horde...

A bogeyman so silent and so friendly-looking, yet responsible for more death and destruction than everything else combined on Terra alone. The bubonic plague, World War III, and the Cosmician invasion, these are nothing compared to THIS dangerous, shadowy object.

And this entity, that jeopardizes the security of everyone, is called...


Worse, they are affiliated with the World Census, a terrorist organization that appears friendly at first, ostensibly analyzing your nation's situation for you, but in reality... being just a front to absorb your nation into the hivemind that helps this entity propagate through the omniverse, using your nation's people as its processing power.

It is therefore imperative for everyone affected by them to join in our effort to eliminate them completely, and for good.

Beware, this is not your typical threat. You cannot destroy it with spaceships, throw it into black holes, or do a wobbly dimensional shift to eliminate them from reality. They will contaminate everything. EVERYTHING!, then they will continue their endless rampage upon helpless nations while others just watch, or even try to embrace them. You must eliminate them with your mind, with your willpower, for their real living place is inside your brain, not outside in the world.

By wiping your mind of this dreaded monster, you will put the universe one step closer to an eternal peace, prevent untold numbers of deaths, and make your contribution to the...

We believe you may want more detail about this MENACE. Well, for first, so many nations are trying to save themselves by using this ENTITY, that shall not be named outside the two mentions above, but they are being played for! Once the day will come, this THREAT to universal peace will brutally kill everyone in those nations! They will be skewered, boiled, burned on the stake, and so many other unspeakable crimes will happen, under the influence of THEM. By the Great Gods, the MENACE may even open a portal to a dimension way worse than XXAAAAAAA, then there is no hope for anyone anymore! THEY will unleash so much more of THEMSELVES that the whole omniverse will fall under their control, and then not even the Gods will be safe from THEIR destructive power.

THEY have already done irreparable damage to Greater Cosmicium. Once upon a time, we were foolish enough to embrace THEM as well. That was our greatest mistake of all. The raising of taxes on already rebellious areas that led to the Great Cosmician Rebellion don't even make 1% of the scale of the mistake we made. In response, THEY killed 700,000 vigintillion people in our universe, and as sacrifice, THEY ate Mortheus Valixor's only son. Over the span of 1 million years! While he was suffering all that time!

THEIR destruction doesn't even stop in our timeline. Across untold trillions of timelines and dimensions, THEY have attempted to consume everything in sight, to feed THEIR undiluted rage. Sometimes, THEY have even succeeded in doing so. One hundred trillion years ago, THEY nearly caused the end of time and existence when THEY entered Galthara, a peaceful, nearly utopian dimension, united under one nation. Unfortunately, Galthara was fooled into embracing THEM, soon, endless wars started that tore apart the nation, letting THEM open up the portal that would end all existence! THEIR attempt was thankfully foiled by a brave warrior who tore through the MENACE's infinite army and destroyed the portal, but THEIR attack had done an irreparable damage to Galthara, whose ruins remain a symbol of what THEY can do if you take them in.

THEIR devastation has even creeped into NationStates itself; this incident involving a nation, a wholly new star in the constellation of the NS multiverse, when THEY forced THEIR way into a thriving Physalias that had not a chance to shine yet, and unleashed hordes of THEIR apparitions, bringing the unfortunate nation the wrath of the golden badges and killing... not even the gods may know how many. This victim of THEIR intentional obliteration may have been driven to extinction, was it not for the intervention of the Intelligence Above that worked hard to drive out THEM and let the nation shine again.