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Wars Of Eustrastan

Invasion of Losari Port

On August 22, 1949, President Rudolph Granger ordered to invade Arbanna Island, Approximately 350,000 Soldiers deployed to conquer Arbanna Island, On August 24, 1946 at 8:56. The vessels and aircraft struck Port Losari Town, Arbanna Island, the plane bombed and seized the city only in run 3 days and the army also built the Fort, named John Fort where.Mayor Rudy Laksan plans to attack the north of Arbanna Island and the City of Layyen. With the army only 211,500 people but with a steady strategy, Arbanna Island successfully conquered.

Battle of a week in Semarang

A week of fighting events in Semarang began on 13 October 1873. On that day, around the Dayne Empire veterans who were hired in a sugar factory about 30 km from Semarang will be moved to Semarang. But, in the middle of the journey, the prisoners fled and asked for protection balalyon almeera kyoin in jatingaleh.

fighting began to break in the early hours of 15 October 1873, when it was about 2000 troops almeera kyoin and captive dayne entered the city of semarang, the troops were confronted by peasants, laborers, youth, people's security forces, and workers, the battle took place at several points, in the area of kintelan, sunggasono, pandananan, and jombang (near the young monument), the battle ended when the main logistics outpost was destroyed with a bomb on 22 October 1873

Jakarta Consultation

In order to reconcile the country, the eustrastan nation regained its diplomacy path, the negotiations held in anteres on 29 december 1899, precisely in the prince residence house deluta resulted in an agreement. Eustrastan erosion led by Prime Minister Nasution Achmad and delegation of the liberation Army of kuching and melle led by Prof Deinchern Olech Ojh reached the following agreement:

1. A Truce between Eustrastan and TPKM
2. Given the exclusive autonomy
3. The army is obliged to hand over weapons