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The Unitary Republic of
Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

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18th First Reshuffle Goverment 2019



President: Declan Wisconsin
Vice President: Diana Matranov

Cabinet Of New and United

Minister of Industry: Judy Hales
Minister of Economy: Trevor Noah
Minister of Finance: Sarah Weather
Minister of Trade:Dr. Lauv Lozario
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Mabel Winchester
Minister of Internal Affairs: Carrie Etros
Minister of Transportation: Pierre Lodranov
Minister of Politics and State Law: Hadiman Fatimah
Minister of Human and Natural Resources: Naruta Than
Minister of Education: Said Vila
Ministry of Tourism: Olivander Souva
Ministry of Culture: Mahkota Laksana
Minister of Agriculture: Dominic Foster
Minister of Fisheries and Maritime: Jacobus Giome
Minister of Religion: Daniel Rusuma
Minister of Social: Octa Roviana
Ministry of Sports: Zuma Petrosenko
Minister of Healthcare: Cornelius Lazetta
Minister of Public Services and Technology: Tonoko Marokoto
Minister of Infrastructures and Employment: Dennis Montana
Minister of Human Rights: Peter Amarald
Minister of Energy: Samantha Lase
Ministry of Urban and Rural Development: Angelina Fifty
Ministry of Transmigration and Urbanization: Valerina Mccogan
Ministry of Emmigration and Immigration: John Fitzer Diamond
Ministry of Innovative and Creative Thinking: Nadiem Makariem
Ministry of Digital & Green Revolution: Edward Raffles
Ministry of Forestry and Plantation: Nice Zemma
Ministry of Defence: Arjuna Patria


Head of Departement of Defense: Jenderal Hyatt Couldron
Head of Departement of Social: Amelda Gustivano
Head of Departement of Energy:Li Bin Hajjad
Head of Departement of Trade:Salsabila Agustinne
Head of Departement of Import and Export:Judy Vierros
Head of Departement of Foreign Trade Relations:Alice Alfa Savary
Head of Departement of Customs:Ben Alpha
Head of Departement of Economy:Jacob Litoz
Head of Departement of Foreign and Domestic Currency Exchange: Fiona Dimne
Head of Departement of Market Affairs: Sam Louis
Head of Departement of Subsidies: Jacob D'genezia
Head of Departement of National Budget Supervisor:Rupert Grint
Head of Departement of Investment : Fifi Diaranena
Head of Departement of Creative & Innovative Economy: Lee Young
Head of Departement of Crisis:Sabrina Petrov


Chairman of the Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat: Dennis Octobahn
Chairman of the Majelis Permusyawaratan Rakyat: Jyna Merkel
Speaker of Freedom Hall: Journalist Nancy Peliceton


Chairman of the Constitutional Court: Judge Ruby Water
Chairman of the Judicial Commission: Judge Nicolas Flavel
Chairman of the Supreme Court: Sofia De'Glass
Chairman of Anti Corruption Commision: Suzanna Wayze
Chairman of Human Rights Protection Commision: Hubert Nicholas
Chairman of Election Commision: Fierras James


Government: Unitary Presidential Democracy
Ideology:Leaning Social Liberal
Constitution of The Freedom Act 2017

Youth Goverment


President:Rakha Landika
Vice President:Daniel Dikran Manik