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Lore Sources for digging deeper prior to 4E201/4E202. [And obligatory just-in-case disclaimer.]

A variety of lore sources I have used in the past have been listed bellow to help the uninitiated understand the Elder Scrolls lore which is the backbone of this nation, I hope this factbook proves useful. Know to take every link bellow, apart from the Imperial library, with some amount of salt and cross-check between them. [And in fact, take whatever I say or write in my factbooks regarding established canon lore within the TES universe with salt. If you know I got something wrong, please TG me! This does not include any fill-ins I've included in areas established lore does not cover, or anything left ambiguous by established lore. Also note I cherry-pick any lore from TES Online, due to the game's questionable canonicity.]

Shoddycast ES Lore season 1:

Shoddycast ES Lore season 2:

Shoddycast Skyrim Storyteller season 1:


Elder Scrolls Wiki:

Decadence Night, Elder Scrolls lore:

Imperial Knowledge:

TESLore Reddit:

The Imperial Library:

Zaric Zhakaron's lore series:

Leftover Pat's "Leftover Lore":

It goes without saying you can learn lore by playing the Elder scrolls games made by Bethesda with quests, dialogue, and books.

All images and artwork belong to their respective creators, all content from mods belongs to the respective mod creators, and the Elder scrolls series is owned by Bethesda Softworks and Zenimax Media.