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The unifitore ideology: rebirth (WIP)

The unifitorist beliefs


Unifitore is a form of benevolent dictatorship government type, very close to the Brazilian intetgialism.
It is kind of an ideology which opposes Nazism, fascism, communism, and liberal democracy, believes that there is "other way" for a nation to succeed in the way for national sovereignty, good environment and spiritual stability.
The unifitorist point of view believes that all the other ideologies have been failed helping humanity to reach national sovereignty, spiritual stability and connection with nature.
The ideology views democratic elections as danger for the safety of the people and liberal democracy as a tool for corruption and instability, believes that one political Party system is the best to achieve stability and progress.
Very traditional in it nature, eco friendly and promotes conservative values.
The term has been used to describe a government that combine religious elements with statism and democarcy.

Meaning of the term:

A unifitorist government type is an unique event, since for now, it exists only in Gospel power.
The meaning of the word "unifitore" is:
"Sharp victory".
it is a combination of the English word uni, meaning sharp, and the Albanian word, "fitore", which means a victory,
To symbolize the victory over all the other political positions, the victory of the "fifth position", that's is the unifitore.


Conservatism is the core belief of the unfitorist ideological system, it important even more then the religious parts:
patriotism, traditionalism and family values are always promoted within the unifitorist ideology.
Abortion (in most cases), drugs, and broken families are not.
Women rights end when she needs to give a birth, for every human deserves to live! her poor choices are not the fault of the baby.

Unifitorist Economics:

As economical opposed to capitalism, communism, and even corporatism, the Unifitorist economic system is clear:
The state needs a mixed economy.
controling the unemployment rate is more important than controlling the inflation.
Businesses which mislead the public will face harsh regulations.
Worker unions and strikes are encouraged.
Wealth gaps are encouraged, but they must not be high.
In every unifitorist economical system you will find out that atleast half of the economy is state owned.
Universal healthcare is a basic part in every unifitorist government.


The ideology is very religious, views divorce as a bad thing, encourage religion and science to work together, to find balance.
Religious symbols adorn many public buildings and promoted as art.
All religions can fit into this ideology (in one way or another), especially Islam, Judaism and Zoroastrianism.


The Unifitore views the military as essential force, made to protect the people.
Military spendings and trainings are encouraged, but the military is there only for one purpose:
To protect the people.
The ideology opposes imperialism, jingoism and colonialism and views those system as immoral and tools of murder and oppression.
The only war which have a justification as a defensive kind of war: protection of the motherland.


The ideology is very environmental, every healthy unifitorist government encourage
pro-environmental policies to protect the environment, for it views humanity and the environment as one.
Encouraging using green energy.


In the ethnic espact, the ideology views humanity as a family and all human races as equal, but opposes mass immigration.
Nationalistic in a sense of promoting national interests before the interests of the world, not by ethnicity or race.

The unifitorist symbol:

Unifitorist quotes:

"Unifitore: The lost brother of the Brazilian intetgialism, the unpleasant uncle of theocracy, and the friend of conservative modernism".

"We created the fifth position not because we think that we are better then others, but because the others have been failed".

"Democracy is optimism, totalitarianism is pessimism, mix them together in one big glass".

"The 20th century is the century which proved us the failures of all the other system:
Fascism gave us death and hatred.
Communism gave us starvation and atheism.
Monerchism lost it efficiency.
Democrscy worked only in encient Greece.
The 21th century is the century of unifitore:
Either it will work, or the other systems will come back again, and humanity will face total destruction".

"Because of our failures, we have ideologies"

"For we know that we can fail, but all the others think that they hold the meaning of life within their bare hands"

"God, Environment, and national sovereignty are within the soul of unifitore".

"The only legitimate war: protecting your home".

"Every human deserves to live, but he must not forget that life is a struggle".

"The fifth position is unstoppable, for too much lives have been lost by the four others".

"Unifitore can work".

"I've got news for you:
I don't support any ideology which you have to offer, I am a radical centrist:
I hug trees, carry a weapon for self defense and believe in a higher force"

"A human cannot live without some sort of spiritual life, cannot live alone, and cannot live without nature".

"We have seas and oceanes as reminders that we are only humans".

"Help your state, then help your neighbors".

"Nature is stronger then us".

"One day more will join us, we don't care, we have enough troubles".

"Without some socialist policies, even Hercules would collapse on his way for redemption, it's air for the people".

"Socialism and capitalism are two very, very dangerous brothers, but when they work together: you get a paradise on earth".

"We must to fulfill our purpose".

"Single Party system promotes stability"

"Free speech is the corner stone in our point of view about the subject of freedom"

"in the same way as it tempting not to believe in a God, it is tempting to believe that there is God"

"Sometimes, statism is needed"