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Out-of-Character Introduction

ive been on this site for 10 years omfg what in fuсk have i been doing with my life

also i will never forgive ns for making any sequence with -kіke- "naughty" it made my life with the japanese language utterly miserable

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here have some perturbator music
cover has unclothed lady, proceed with caution!!!!!11!1!11

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apparently as of 8 apr 2021 belgian time this whole article is said to have been created "8 years 308 days ago"

i'm eternally lethargic. the country of Japan is my love. i draw stuff. may be a discount liberal.

Alright, let's pick up from where I left of. Last time I updated this article alone was at least 2 years ago (or, according to the time-scale given by the brilliant NS calculator here, "2 years 264 days ago", as of the time I restarted writing this), so as you can already see, it's was vastly outdated, and most of it is was so inaccurate that I might as well have bashed my head against a wall and the blood coming out would flow more than the whole of the factbook was correct.

Anyhow, hi. I'm Gigaverse. I am most accustomed to the nickname "Giga". Among other things I am known as, in order from "most comfortable" to "acceptable", includes: "Gigi", "NSK", "Tsunahide Minamoto", and "Weeb". Yes, I am a dirty Weeaboo who often squees at cute things, but mostly in private and not as much as some would make me out to be. I am still, first and foremost, a (self-defined) straight male; but I am "straight" in so much that I don't derive any pleasure from seeing burly things - or any traits usually associated with "manliness".

I'm the indoor type, mostly because I find more fun things to do on the Net (BITE ME); as such, you'd be correct to predict I'm neither the strongest nor most athletic individual out there. Not especially since I've just moved from Vietnam to Brussels and in a period where I have to limit my spending. The only types of sport activity I seem to have a genuine interest, enjoyment, or at the very least won't complain if I have to do, are martial arts - more or less because I'm absolutely terrible at anything requiring long-ranged aiming. Waaaaay back in the distant past, I used to "do" basketball... but then that's completely forgotten. I seem to do OK-ish in Futsal however. I'm always somewhere between "Intro-" and "Extrovert"; my ability to be relaxed to people I interact with depending entirely on the general atmosphere.

Three of my biggest hobbies are drawing, writing and studying new languages - especially Japanese. I would very much like to meet others who share these passions with me. Currently, I've been attempting to get artists together to share their works and experience - come, join our community!

Politically, I'm OK-est calling myself a "Liberal", closer to the "Social Liberal" type because I often disagree with Conservatism. Tests have frequently told me I'm "center-left"; other results include "internationalist"/"cosmopolitan" and, to a lesser extent, "environmentalist". I do not find myself entirely agreeing with modern-day democratic systems, though - I am, after all, quite big into meritocracy and pragmatist/soft Machiavellian politics. People who've known me long enough will also notice my pro-Japanese tendencies; though I believe in the tenets of Asian Brotherhood - especially East Asian, that is, Asians should not antagonize/bash/oppress/wrong other Asians (whether out of hatred or vengeance or any other negative beliefs), that's just distasteful in my eyes.

Josip Broz Tito and Napoleon are historical politicians I look up to - honorary mention to Niccolo Machiavelli for having written "The Prince". I don't have any politician I specifically loathe, however, I do resent some more than others.

I'll keep this updated very, very, very, very infrequently. Stay tuned for another 2 years and 264 days. :d


"Humanity has a general trend of equating things, people and groups they dislike with the group they most dislike. Case in point, all three of these groups have been called either 'fascist' or 'communist' at one point in time or another: Hitler, Pol Pot, and the European Union; and, in the first's case, 'Christian', 'Pagan' or 'Atheist'. Make of that what you will."


a list of likes and dislikes because apparently it's a thing i guess
- likes: anime, Japan, people who can keep cool
- dislikes: politics heavily based on the left-right spectrum, those who force their opinions down other people's throats (e.g. the most extreme of totalitarians), weeaboos

(Factbook Forever WIP)

Oh, just leave all disputed territories under UN Administration already!

Also, Kosovo belongs to Rarity and Twilight Sparkle.


I don't have much time to spend with the factbook, so before you go into details with the In-character part, just know that this nation, no, star system/confederation is built upon my dreams for Earth, my political ideals, and overall, Anime.

And also, this is a part of my manga project. (Which is far from complete, don't ask when, especially while I'm extremely busy with other stuffs. Feel lucky I even had time to spare and draw... :P )

(Another, very important military information before RPing with me: I do a little PT, some MT, would like to do a lot of FT + FanT, I RP mostly the battle and might ignore the losses if you don't remind me, and is FULLY ANTI-ANYTHING-INVOLVING-NUCLEAR-OR-ATOMIC-(OR-ELECTRICAL-)ENERGY-AND-WEAPON.)

That's all.

"Try to make sense of my ideological orientation, I dare you."
~ Mefpan.


  • The colors of the Liberal Party are red and azure; Youth Wing of the Liberals are the Pioneers, Youth Corps and Youth Party.

  • If Gigaverse was personified...

    • The Great Gigaversal Confederation - Empire (two different personnel, portrayed as siblings)

    • Gender: A Boy (the Empire) and a Girl (the Confederation)

    • Age (human wise): 15 (the Empire) and 11 (the Confederation)

    • Skin colour: Somewhat tanned but still white (the Empire), creamy-white (the Confederation)

    • Hair colour: Brown (to both)

    • Eye colour: Green (the Empire) and Purple (the Confederation)

    • Personality: The Empire: Over-protective for the ones he cares; the Confederation: Caring, peace-loving, compassionate, cute, naive, humble, friendly

    • Items that make them unique: A katana and a pistol (the Empire); a schoolgirl uniform, a red ribbon and a pet pigeon (the Confederation)

  • When I mentioned "elves" in the Unity, I meant the ones with human-like ones, not like Dobby in Harry Potter nor any variation of that!

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